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Young Teachers

In this day and age, we have a wave of young people becoming teachers and I really salute them. The problem that parents have with the teachers, is that the only reason you have taken on this job is because they feel you were forced at a young age to go to college. So, instead of staying in a toxic household and being labeled as lazy person you made a choice that you felt was right. Which I am perfectly okay with, but the problem lies more when the teacher isn’t even interested in teaching. Now, I know this isn’t every teacher’s problem because you have you people who chose to be a teacher because they wanted to be different from those who taught us.

And for those of us that are black we seldomly fail to recognize how powerful education was and is this day and age. That doesn’t mean that we have to acquire a degree, but just common sense and the basic fundamentals of life can a long way. I noticed that when most people desire some form of a change they always based their change off what someone else isn’t doing. I’m not saying you’re wrong for starting off that way but trying to compare your beginning to someone else’s history is something that’ll make you lose sight of the goal. Especially if you always base change off the negatives someone else does because in order to have the bad you have to have the good in something at one point. Whether it be for selfish reasons or not.

Teachers fail to recognize what is important for the kids, now granted I know you have to deal with your day-to-day drama on the job. A messy coworker, unruly boss, challenging students, and parents who lack basic comprehension skills. That it can become challenging while doing your job because if you are passionate about doing what is you are doing you would want others to do the same. Which in most cases some people do not and in the other cases you barely make enough to survive financially? I mean warehouse workers get paid more than you guys, unless its some charter school or private school. And most people who desire some form of change really take jobs at public schools especially in more urban areas.

Why, you ask because change is needed, and in most urban areas education is the last thing people feel that children don’t need. This is why sports is more highlighted because it can be they meal ticket out of the hood and to get their family out of poverty. Right, right. But this blog isn’t about that, it’s about kids being bullied and teachers basically ignoring it. The lack of sexual education children don’t have, the lack of outrage that teachers don’t have with their principals, and the lack of standing up for what is right is the problem. Since social media has become more trendy I have seen more teachers shame students, relationships, hair, speech, body size, body odor, and nudge on bad behavior because they feel they don’t get paid enough.

Well, think about that the next time your standing in line at your local grocery store and the lady is giving you sass because she isn’t paid enough, has a crazy schedule, and kids to feed as well. Everything isn’t about you, for me the outrage I have is that most teacher don’t even come up with a developmental plan for the children to grow. I mean think about the No Child Left Behind Act it’s basically saying come to school, do the bare minimum, and will pass you. I mean school is supposed to be fun, boring, and tad bit of exciting even on the most hardest days of your life.

But these kids don’t even have that experience to be able to escape from the world and live amongst those that are around them. Because those same catty teachers who are always in drama and always on social media shading people do the same thing these kids do at school. I mean granted we had bullies, problems at home, and dealt with the clicks but we still had a human experience. What do these children have, like what do you to help them notice that they are different even if they like the same things. How are you, we are challenging these kids to be better. Now I know parents can be a problem because they were once kids as well. But how do you get to know them without getting to know them.

By that I mean without getting up all into their business by trying to figure out how you can empathy that is masked as sympathy to make yourself feel superior to them.. I mean don’t say you haven’t done that before where you feel like your situation is better than someone else so, you feel sorry for them and give the pity help. Like we give our local homeless person a dollar, clothes to the local Salvation Army, and feeding the homeless. We all have done it at some point in time in our life. Now I know it’s some kids that I would DDT the shit out of if it wasn’t going to be some consequences for my actions.

But I do also know that your average 13- 18-year-old is still a child they have never been that age before you have. We don’t grow old just so we can be grown, we grow old to become leaders to help others navigate their path a little better. I know life can be challenging at times so we can become jaded by our experiences, and it can cut us off from life that it causes us to treat others as such. I just wanted to say that when you find yourself in challenging blocks of your life, you either find a way to figure it out or adjust to the pain. But treating others how life treated isn’t going to work on this new generation baby they gone lead us to the promise land or the lake of fire.



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