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Working on Communication


Is something we are going to be working with this week and for my people who are casting spells and talking to people telepathically we ain’t talking about y’all ass, we are talking about the conversation we have with ourselves. The things we say before we get out of bed and even the ones we hold with people in our lives. Some people don’t know how powerful their throat chakras are and sometimes we don’t see until it lands us in tricky situations. Think about a gossip who goes around spreading people business and giving out false information, if you don’t think they have a powerful throat chakra I don’t know what to tell you. Because in order to work on your throat chakra you have to affirm what it is you know even having faith when you don’t know in yourself.

I'm not saying you have to be a liar but knowing that you are ready to acquire some form of change starts with the mind before it starts with your actions. This is why I am annoyed when people be talking to people about they problems all of the time because sometimes they don’t even see that a person isn’t ready to accept the reality that is going on. So, they’ll constantly bring something up and say you need to do this, you need to do that, or go off and do it for you. Some people don’t understand that what works for them doesn’t work for you. That sometimes it may take you a longer time because talk therapy maybe something that it is you need before you go off doing things that don’t serve you. Have you ever seen a lazy person get excited about something only for it to not be what it is cracked up to be.

They'll give up and walk away with disappointment only for you to say go try again when sometimes it isn’t what they aren’t doing. It is about what they were searching for emotionally in response to what it is they were going to do. Like someone starting a new hobby, a job, going back to school, repairing a relationship, or going on that back-packing tour they set out for themselves. Some people are more emotionally codependent than psychically codependent in relationships, and this can be labeled as lazy or a tasky challenge. These sometimes can people who need that reassurance when it comes to things and without boundaries it can become draining when someone is always looking for emotional support from you. That is when the element of air is needed because that is a form of communication that is needed to be had with you and someone in your life.

Some people feel like anger is the only way they can get out what it is need they to say to some people when they need to go old school method. Count your triggers, figure out who or what you can be exposed to for periods of time. Being honest with people when you say I need a minute, I don’t feel like talking, or I’m not up for it today. Society has made it seem like its some vulnerable, sucker ass shit, or needy ass shit to tell your friends that today is a bad day for me and I just want to be left alone. It doesn't mean it is a mental health scare, but it is normal to feel like shit sometimes. Where you ask yourself what the fuck am I doing with myself? You can have a nice car, nice job, got to church, praise Jesus, run a marathon, eat right, be substances free, and take care of your kids. And still can a have a moment where you feel overwhelmed with things going on in your life.

It's not about gratitude for some people, it’s about needing a damn moment to figure some shit out. To get the noise of the others out of your head. It is time for you to work on creating the emotional body you need for you to be able to survive, thrive, and live in this so call world.

So, ask yourself what it is that you need in your life, that will be long term? If, you have tried to manifest or obtain this what was the emotional block for you? Is it unwillingness to change or accept something for what it is? Was the goal too big or did this come from a place of lack? Why does this serve you and how will this make you better? And no, I'm not talking about a relationship but if you want to make I that then go right ahead. What is the longest thing you have had in your life, and did you appreciate it? How do you nourish it and how does this make you feel?

Does this correlate to any emotions you have had come up before at a point in your life? Is there a running theme when it comes to certain things in your life connected to your emotions? Have you figured out or at least tried to get to know you a little better to understand your own actions? Remember every action has a reaction? So, if you are not cognizance of your own behavior the majority of the time you can probably be difficult when it comes to someone trying to recorrect or call out what it is you have done. The story of the week calls out what you are not and affirms what you are trying to be. If it is healthy, driven, happy, and smiling at least.


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