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Witchy Drama i.e., Spiritual Attacks

Life After Magical Attacks:

A lot of the times it can become difficult to navigate life when you have been under heavy attack with spell work on a constant basis. Some people find themselves lost to the point they develop addiction, loss of self, self-respect, and dignity that at times it can be hard for the individual to get up and try at life again. Because when you have people who want your calling, destiny, life path, soul essences, and even your light it can become challenging when you are existing with humans. On the contrary you have people who know about spell work that can be done to said individuals and can still lack empathy to give grace to those who are lost in this world. They could've been the guiding light for someone to come out of tumultuous time but you have those that are so aware they know nothing about life and existing with it. And these people don’t recognize how they can make life harder for those who are already trying to exist on this shitty planet at times.

Because as a person who has been under heavy attack, I haven't even had the luxury of asking myself why. I ask myself how the hell can I get this bitch up off of me and I spare no mercy because they didn’t do it for me. See, a lot of people find themselves lost when it comes to spiritual warfare because they be so prepared for the fight that they forget to check their ego at the door. Because being at war with someone when your ego is all over the place, that is the quickest way to lose a battle because you don’t know how to quit. That the sorrow seems endless for those who go off and start countless of wars on people who only wanted peace on this earth. Sometimes I thank God for my strength but somedays I do despise the battles that comes with being strong because to have so many people count you out, play in your face, and the while the elders tell you destined for greatness can seem tiresome to hear all of the time.

Because those who seem to have bad character flaws, think on impulse, lack remorse when it comes to the pain they bestow onto others, and be dismissive to other people’s plights sure do seem like they get ahead rapidly, “don’t it”. And as I much as I talk about keeping the cosmic balance going in the universe child, some light workers do need to fuck some shit up. Because the constant being in a position where people only take can grow tiresomely. Because if I am being honest the dark workers haven’t been doing their job, they’ve been too busy trying to be light workers, and pushing agendas to affect those who embody light’s essence. And it gets tiring because as a fellow light worker who charges you up when you need you? I noticed that most people who operate in light are the most sought after and, in most cases, it's not for their good, it's for your bad. It's too see how much can you take until you back down in coward away. You know the weak souls who gave up on life and adapted to a paradigm that don’t even work with them that try to be bullies.

The ones that try to tell people you too bad to change or life is always going to be like that for you, like nawl nigga you feel that way about you stop making it a group thing. You think like that, change and love is the only thing that’s free in this economy but you have people thinking that it comes with a price. You decide if you want to change and you decide your concept of love. So, you can decide what it is you want out of life but when you have people who are so gluttonness and don’t care about nobody but themselves these are the people who try to kill off your dreams. I believe people can change because if it hurt bad enough a motherfucker gone either quit and go in another direction, or just basically give up. Now I don’t think that everybody is going to have that miraculous change where they go off apologizing for every wrong that it is they have done. No, some people will just basically learn from their mistakes and possibly teach other people from there. But enough of that I just want to give you some light tips and let me know if they apply.

NUMBER 1: Make sure to always stay hydrated when it comes to your body. Some people can be under attack so bad that they can develop some form of a mental illness and this can cause you to not take care of yourself. If this requires you to go the doctor, then do so and make sure you go for the follow-ups until your guides or you feel it is safe to stop going. Sometimes treating some health issues with holistic approach can cause some form of a larger issue in the body. Because you don’t know the spellcasters intent they had for you. And when I say spellcaster I'm talking about the person who paid for the root on you. Just because they ain’t dressing up candles and putting you in dirt, doesn't take away the title caster from their names. But for the ones who are more experienced in this area. Time management would be best for you. There is no need to get back out there so fast to be in a rush to give all of your good energy away. Enjoy the quietness after the storm, access what was is left in you and outside of you.

NUMBER 2: PLEASE STOP SLEEPING WITH THE PERSON WHO PUT A DAMN ROOT ON YOU! THAT IS THE QUICKEST WAY TO LOSE YOUR PROCTECTION AND CAUSE BLOCKS IN YOUR PROTECTION! Yes, I said it. You, don’t know the countless of times people have went to go get a spirit or an entity removed only to find out, after going back to the practitioner for the umpthteenth time that it is the person that have been sleeping with. Now, for some this could be love spells, sex magic, and energy harvesting. On the flip you could just be dating a witch who has too many portals in his/her home so a spirit or entity might have tried to attach itself to you. They have to learn how to close and open circles if they want to play in the spirit realm all of the time. Last that person might not supposed to be in your life as long as you have allowed this person to stay.

NUMBER 3: STOP TELLING EVERYBODY YOUR BUSINESS! EVIL EYE IS REAL. Now, I am not saying everybody around you is the Opps but sometimes somethings have to be shared on a need-to-know basis. Do you even know how you got a root put on you anyway? If so, I think it might be time to do a review over your life because them attacks do be exposing the hell out of people in your life. #MESSAGE! I'm telling y, u the enemy can be so busy trying to destroy you that they don’t even know they be helping you clear out obstacles in your life that have been burdening the shit out of you.

NUMBER 4: STOP GOING TO EVERYBODY FOR A READING! YOUR ENERY IS SENSITIVE AND YOUR BODY IS TRYING TO ADJUST TO ENERGY IT IS RADIATING! In order to be alignment, you have to know what is out of whack. This means honoring your body when something feels off like when you don’t want to go over so and so house, why are always tired when you leave so and so home, why are you always tired when you get off the phone with whatchamacallit, and why do you feel the need to ignore that person who just can’t quite get with at the time. This doesn’t mean they are bad it's just right now y’all might not be on the same timeline.

NUMBER 5: TO MY BELIEVERS, DEVELOP YOUR OWN CONNECTION WITH SOURCE WITHOUT MAGIC! Yes, I said it. Offerings are given to appease the Gods, ancestors, passed on loved ones, and guides. Praying ain’t got nothing to do with no magic and for my people who ain’t Christians there are other religions that do pray and practice witchcraft other than satanism. Atheist do it all of the time when they speak their affirmations over and over again. We call it rewiring our brain when they call it logic over feelings. When you develop a connection to source you are able to crack the code within you. It's like asking for a better way to connect with you through source. This is where some believe they are God and I believe as such because they had Gods who totally ruin the human population for fun, distorted the masses, played with our livelihoods, and tortured people for fun. Hey, take a look at Greek Mythology they did a number on society. Google the story of Persephone, Ares, and Cupid. They genuinely didn’t have no care for the world.

So, I when I see people who say this, I start to look at their human experience really quick because they God like power can come with ignorance, tyranny, control, and lack of change. Moral of the story take your time with getting to know you because you don’t want to make the mistake of falling prey to another witch/warlock.



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