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Whew, child where do we start its 11 days in the new year and let me say this new year new me is beating my ass. The entitled are getting on my last damn nerve to the point where I’m ready to choose violence or let violence choose me. Because being calm, cool, and not overly emotional makes people think that they can play with you all the time. Like put up with the shit they do the others on a day to day basis is something sane people supposed to deal with. People wanting to be cool only for them pull off some fuckery is so 2014 go lay in the hospital with Duck Lips because that not our shit over here sweetie. You have the emotionally insensitive people who don’t care how they make other people because guess what somebody else did it to them.

Don’t you just hate well can’t stand those type of niggas and niggas is getting multiracial in here to where I be calling people of noncolor niggas too because they been something else. It’s been to the point where I don’t even want to write at the moment because it feels like I’m helping out those people who seek out to hurt me. At this point I ask myself over and over again was it all really worth it because when you vibing in your own lane not bothering nobody it seems like people be trying to bother you. I got family acting like they the new slave masters getting mad because I don’t want to adjust to their new term of family. Well, newsflash emotional manipulation, suppression and oppresion, backstabbing, watching the ones you love struggle, talking about them, casting them out, and calling it tough love is over played. Why you think we have to deal with so many hurt people all the time it’s because the people in their community failed them.

I say all the time that the world is dying because it needs more love and no, I’m not talking about a physical death but the planet itself. I just came from a walk an yes, I know someone is saying that is unsafe it was late at night blah, blah. But it was so much trash on the grounds, the concrete was destroyed, stores not painted up to par, parking lot smelled like piss, and it just felt lifeless I didn’t even feel the ground. It felt like my feet didn’t even touch the ground as I am walking and talking to Mother nature because lately, I have been feeling a major disconnect between us and its nothing I can do about it but support her. You have so many people who take advantage of her essence, the life she gives, the ground she makes fertile, the abundance people get from crop sharing, and the rituals they pull off all the time that just don’t serve us, her, or life itself.

These past couple of days I have been in hermit mode on some stay away from me I stay away from you. It hasn’t been in a negative sense but if all you have to offer is drama, made up scenarios, gaslighting, manipulating other people for your benefit, or just overall bad for my mood child. I have been radiating move around because the fuckery has been too much for me to bare alone I don’t think no person should be exposed to drama on a day to day basis like this. This isn’t some telenovela, soap opera, or reality tv this is my real fucking life, and you want to know the nerve of these assholes. Child, they will turn around and say help me through something while I fake apologize for the trauma, I’ve cause unto you.

I wrote in blog back in 2020 when Covieisha ass was fresh on the prowl that people who are light bringers, tarot readers, shamans, healers, reiki specialist, witches, practitioners, and herbalist. Should take they time before getting into situations that could be detrimental to your physical health, spiritual health, and emotional health. Because I talked about how people were deprived of their human needs, so some weird behavior was going to pop off from certain people. Especially ones who are more prone to have egotistical, narcissistic, psychotic, or downright abusive characteristics. You haven’t noticed the rise in spirituality from fake accounts, the rise in magic, and false tarot readers.

People believe they can contact spirits for money, the false prophets, fake herbalist, and con man at all-time high. It’s like when preaching hit the black community and other people seen how profitable it was that they start telling false messages to get people to come to church to hear that you were going to get that new car, job, husband, or wife. It’s funny how life come around full circle the goal is to get you to stop believing because once you stop believing in you, your God, creator, deities, or even your magic. Life has its hooks on you to the point where you’ll do anything to fit in and anything to get out of it. If you remember when COVID just came around mental health issues weren’t as high but ask a therapist and other scientists, they will beg to differ since 2021.

2020 was supposed to be our reset year where all said I’ll get to it when I can. To teach us how to lighten our loads, to learn how to strategize, to get back up, to learn how to rest, and put somethings to rest. But child it doesn’t seem like it in some cases because what we don’t learn it seems the Most High be like let me shake these planets up and show them whose boss. Right, whatever we don’t learn seems to resurface to again either to break you or get your ass out the way. But child, I be here hiding and being out the way because you got karmic’s, false prophets, fake spiritualist, and drama starters running rampant in the group chat. So, I don’t have time for that I might fuck around and drop something, but I been real salty because I don’t want to help those who always seek to destroy what is mines.


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