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Whew Chile

What is the collective on at this present moment? Child, I need to call Joe because the people getting attached to this mania and it is causing a lot of havoc. What has been going on in your life by the way?

As for me I been in a bubble trying to keep my energy secluded because these energy vampires has been doing too much. From the readings I been doing since March it seem like life has been eating some people up. That they out here causing dismay for the fun of it.

The sun is in Aries, the moon is in Aries, and Venus is in Aries. Y’all always hear me say that Aries know to get the party started. The problem with that energy is because its easy to start fires, but it is not so easy to put out many fires at once. With the energy of madness in the air you have people thinking to fast and processing things a little too late.

That time is not considered or even valued. As for me I been on some let me restore me because the karmics and the people that don’t want to stand on that ish they been doing. Are seeking an energetic home. Ain’t no rest for the wicked.. Alexa just easily chimes in with music in the background.

But I’m here and queer just processing information because baby inner child part 4 gone be some serious. Its going to be based more around certain things I seen adults do in emotional matters. Keep your energy up and that protection stuck.


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