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When You Win We Win

Shout out to those people who finally stepping into they abundance! Whatever doubt you have push that to the side just because you had people who didn’t believe in you. Phuck em your manifestations are your not theirs.

I know it’s easier said than done but you have people who just won’t be happy for you because it ain’t there turn, but who cares. Some of y’all need friends who accustomed to winning even when it feels like they losing. That’s raw support. I’m not talking about those people who gripe about it not being there turn. Where you take your win and turn it into a loss because they ain’t winning.

Particularly, say friend I’m sorry but it’s my turn. Now keep in mind we do encounter friends who do envy their friends and go into sabotaging mode. Where it affects your mood and how you go about dealing with your blessing. But, again it ain’t about you that’s their problem. Keep on winning.

It’s okay to brag but also know your human your friends are too so don’t be the asshole forgetting everybody don’t have your goals or dreams in mind. Because sometimes people forget and project this winning mindset that everybody don’t have.

In a world where money is highlighted and winning is glorified by post and likes. Some people believe winning is piece of mind, getting over trauma, purchasing they first car or house, or creating a mom and pop business. Just be cautious of your wins and the people around you.

Because people who win all the time can be haters too. It may not seem that way because they have what you inspire to be. It’s true just pay attention. Last but least it’s human nature to seek out the applause from people whom you spend time with. But going back to square one your win is your win.

But people who support you, feel like your win is their win without clouding your moment. Congratulations on a season where happiness, achieving goals, and being the best you feels like a competition.

You’ve ascended past level one. Let the games begin.

TATA 😊☺️

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