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When That Spiritual Awakening Hit Different




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The negatives, the feeling of nothing towards something, or trying to obtain anything from source


Family: Finally seeing them for who they really are?




Spiritual Greed

Now this blog may hit different but what's highlighted up top will be the issues that will be hit on. In this day and age people make spirituality seems as if it's this quick fix to everything. A little spell work here, a little mediation here, and isolation solves every problem you have going on in your life. But what happens when accountability is the answer to a problem you are facing and the ancestors aren’t giving you the full detail to a problem. What do you do when therapy gets hard and you reach a block? What happens when parts of your evolution have to do with a parent than you but you have blocked them out of your psyche? Or when you have become distant from you because you have been searching for psychical fixes instead of internal strength? Do you give up and become the spiritual groupie where you hop from fix to another fix until it doesn’t work anymore and spirit blocks you? Or do you do the whole I don’t believe anymore because life has become too hard when it comes to growing as a person.

Now, I don’t knock anyone's roll in the spiritual realm because there are certain people who aren't supposed to be healers, they are designed to be root workers, mediums, guides, tarot card readers, and a shaman everybody path differs. But with social media and these new rules that justify my ancestor did this because of genealogy report gone get a lot of people fucked up because some of y’all just supposed to be certain shit on your path to help alleviate the bloodline or others path in life. And if you think your journey in life is only about you all the time and not how you show up in the world and the damage or affect you have on other people, just gone head stay in the lower realm activities. Because you didn’t come into this lifetime to just be average and that doesn’t mean it equates to being famous or just world renown.

Because of this nine of cups energy, you see on social media it’s easy to always feel like you are missing out when you want to deviate off of your path or when you aren’t aware of what is going on in your life. It's easy to not know what it is your supposed to do when you're so focus on your state of survival hood like money, having a job, maintaining finances, managing your career, having kids, and figuring out what is your dream or calling. Social media will make you feel like you are entitled to things that you may not be ready for or is even equivalent to you. Social media is nothing but the mall and whether you have money or not it’s a place we all go to, to window shop for things we feel we don’t have at the time, or to go seek this quick getaway process. But enough of that lets get into this dang on post.

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As you see above, I linked previous blogs for those who maybe at a chapter in their life when you feel stuck. If you go down a little bit further I kind of hinted on how the dark the night of the soul can affect some people psychological concept. To where a people can develop some form of mental illness from not being emotionally satisfied with life and feeling like they aren't good enough because you don’t have the proper help.

Now ima say it again until I say it again, everybody spiritual journey is different. Everybody isn’t going to have some drastic change of events in their lives that pushes them down some form of a spiritual path. Now in no way shape, form, or fashion am I saying that this is a reason you are going through what you are going through, NO. For some this maybe the answer but for others this maybe areas where your spiritual development needs more growth such; maybe praying more, fasting, learning different divination, and exploring more about life. Remember you know where you are I don’t and I don’t have that leisure of writing for one specific person a day when I have a large audience. So, please hold all of your equipment, weapons, and spellcasting for somebody else. I AM TIRED BOSS AS I SCREAMS THIS IN A SOFT VOICE BECAUSE LOWKEY SOME OF Y’ALL BE HAVING ME FUCKED UP. ROLL BACK SHOULDERS BECAUSE I AM A PROFESSIONAL BITCH. NOW, FOCUS.