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When That Spiritual Awakening Hit Different




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The negatives, the feeling of nothing towards something, or trying to obtain anything from source


Family: Finally seeing them for who they really are?




Spiritual Greed

Now this blog may hit different but what's highlighted up top will be the issues that will be hit on. In this day and age people make spirituality seems as if it's this quick fix to everything. A little spell work here, a little mediation here, and isolation solves every problem you have going on in your life. But what happens when accountability is the answer to a problem you are facing and the ancestors aren’t giving you the full detail to a problem. What do you do when therapy gets hard and you reach a block? What happens when parts of your evolution have to do with a parent than you but you have blocked them out of your psyche? Or when you have become distant from you because you have been searching for psychical fixes instead of internal strength? Do you give up and become the spiritual groupie where you hop from fix to another fix until it doesn’t work anymore and spirit blocks you? Or do you do the whole I don’t believe anymore because life has become too hard when it comes to growing as a person.

Now, I don’t knock anyone's roll in the spiritual realm because there are certain people who aren't supposed to be healers, they are designed to be root workers, mediums, guides, tarot card readers, and a shaman everybody path differs. But with social media and these new rules that justify my ancestor did this because of genealogy report gone get a lot of people fucked up because some of y’all just supposed to be certain shit on your path to help alleviate the bloodline or others path in life. And if you think your journey in life is only about you all the time and not how you show up in the world and the damage or affect you have on other people, just gone head stay in the lower realm activities. Because you didn’t come into this lifetime to just be average and that doesn’t mean it equates to being famous or just world renown.

Because of this nine of cups energy, you see on social media it’s easy to always feel like you are missing out when you want to deviate off of your path or when you aren’t aware of what is going on in your life. It's easy to not know what it is your supposed to do when you're so focus on your state of survival hood like money, having a job, maintaining finances, managing your career, having kids, and figuring out what is your dream or calling. Social media will make you feel like you are entitled to things that you may not be ready for or is even equivalent to you. Social media is nothing but the mall and whether you have money or not it’s a place we all go to, to window shop for things we feel we don’t have at the time, or to go seek this quick getaway process. But enough of that lets get into this dang on post.

Spiritual Blues and Soul Ties Part 1 (

Dark Knight of The Soul (

Recap Of The Dark Knight (

How The Shadow is Mislabeled as Dark Knight of The Soul (

As you see above, I linked previous blogs for those who maybe at a chapter in their life when you feel stuck. If you go down a little bit further I kind of hinted on how the dark the night of the soul can affect some people psychological concept. To where a people can develop some form of mental illness from not being emotionally satisfied with life and feeling like they aren't good enough because you don’t have the proper help.

Now ima say it again until I say it again, everybody spiritual journey is different. Everybody isn’t going to have some drastic change of events in their lives that pushes them down some form of a spiritual path. Now in no way shape, form, or fashion am I saying that this is a reason you are going through what you are going through, NO. For some this maybe the answer but for others this maybe areas where your spiritual development needs more growth such; maybe praying more, fasting, learning different divination, and exploring more about life. Remember you know where you are I don’t and I don’t have that leisure of writing for one specific person a day when I have a large audience. So, please hold all of your equipment, weapons, and spellcasting for somebody else. I AM TIRED BOSS AS I SCREAMS THIS IN A SOFT VOICE BECAUSE LOWKEY SOME OF Y’ALL BE HAVING ME FUCKED UP. ROLL BACK SHOULDERS BECAUSE I AM A PROFESSIONAL BITCH. NOW, FOCUS.

When we encounter heavy changes in our life that are a part of a routine that we have going on we barely know when to quit or when we are receiving a sign from the universe that this chapter is closed or is closing. And the one thing I notice after talking to many people they seen the bad about to happen before they decided to get out of the way. They avoided their self-wisdom out of not being labeled spiritual or thinking they don’t have spiritual cognizance. And no, I don’t mean being clairvoyant, clairaudience, and having the gift of clairsentience. It could be signs like the video I just dropped onto YouTube about leaving a job behind.

Knowing when to leave your hometown, finally speaking your speak peace to a loved one, or cutting off a friend. You know that post on social media when they say when somebody isn't for you God will continue to allow someone to hurt you child, I believe it to be true in some cases but not all. Because sometimes we can become a part of that hurt when we aren't able to leave because we have gotten comfortable. And one thing comfortability doesn’t do is rob you of your peace unless it's time to move, but it does rob you of your growth. And when you are not growing or experiencing expansion in your life you become ignorant in the eyes of others. And those who are more ego prone go to odd in lengths to keep others focused on their light. What we call them narcissist or succubus in most cases.

Because we have it so embedded in our minds that we are supposed to be the same forever when being a human is different. You don’t learn what is funny to you by adapting to what someone think is funny baby that’s a sociopath. You learn by being exposed to different things and when you learn what comes with that laughter maybe joy or experiences that are in psychologically embedded in your mind. You then decided to pull from them when you want to experience laughter. Point being made you can’t say you're learning when you aren't willing to expose yourself to life. Now I know for some this maybe a great big fear because we have so many people who pretend to be nice, jovial, kind hearted, and welcoming that it’s scary to try again after being burnt by people.

Hey, we got to live and learn or that person or experience will always be stuck with you and somehow manipulating your decisions even if they aren’t around you. Because that fear of losing control such as not wanting to be hurt again, betrayed, or even mislead can hold you back from many things in life. Fear is good in some cases but too much of it will make you something that you are not. And like many people who aren't open to change find it hard to because the ego wants what it wants when the mind and heart differs. So, when the hurt that come from these experience for as spirit trying to teach you to for as getting new friends, getting boundaries, making better habits, and choosing you start to override what you know. Baby, that self-sabotage can be something serious that can make a grown man cry.

That can leave the inner child in you wounded causing the adult to go off and seek solace in the same things trying to garner some state of comfort because we don’t understand when it is time to give something up. See the one thing I like about like about spirituality is that you can fool a man but cannot trick the spirit. Because only your spirit knows what it wants and these people that’s here on earth that play these roles as them healers and guides are supposed to help you unlock it and not take it. But many rarely get to that place because of the lack of knowledge you have and the teaching skills some people have. So, this causes the war between Gods, Goddess, and Earth alone. Leaving those people who walk this path feeling entitled to things that we have not mastered.

You don’t know the countless of times I have meet someone who is trying to manifest that ends up doing black magic because they don’t want to give up something in return. I mean that motherfucker will bust that chicken open like a blackwood trying stuff a 2.5 in the motherfucker to smoke. When spirit will be like hey, I need you to treat your kids better, that motherfucker will be like fuck that and ignore it. They will even be so diligent in trying to manipulate the spirit by trying to come off like they are doing something with honorable intentions then get mad when they don’t get what they want. All because they refuse to change because they want what they want. Girl, and they call me a damn gimmick when your girl be in psych rooms and at they conference's discussion my topics. Man, who be y’all teachers?

Child, because I'll tell y’all in a minute I can’t do this or I won’t but I know someone who is master in this area so you can get the help you need. This, is why you don’t see me shouting people out anymore because they have turned into competition trying to do my job when you needed them for something else. And we be back at square one with the same damn thing so, I try my best to go through my old shit because I know some of y’all ain’t looking for magic some of y’all want to be healed. And on this healing journey it can become so damn exhausting when you're trying to achieve something. Do you know what it is that you want? Do you have a definition of what you think is spirituality? Does that have some meaning for you? Does it align with your core principles? Or are you just seeking answers from God, Source, Allah, or The Universe? Do you?

Have you mastered in know what is the spirit, mind, and the body in you? Do you know what it takes to appease those things? Did you know that the spirit can sometimes feel like an emotion, while also affecting all of your emotions? Leaving you feeling lifeless while at the same time seeking bliss in things that hold no happiness or value in your life. All the meanwhile subjugating your human experience. Leaving you in the same cycles of experiencing pains in different ways while at the same time they have the same meaning. For those of you that journal write them topics in your spiritual book and remind me this week so we can make the topic of discussion is I don’t baby I'll just make this into three-piece writing session. Because I already started journaling it down just in case the thieves come running through the group chat again.



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