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When Having Sex Goes Wrong

In this day and age sex means nothing and I mean nothing. It’s easy to get and never hard to come by I miss those days when your booty call fell asleep. Because child the way people be out here substituting sex for emotional attachment is quite insane to me. I get it its apart of human nature, but don’t nobody got time for somebody to be always trying to have sex when you are going through it. If you don’t know I like to refer things to movies because a lot of y’all will notice it or hear it better.

With that being said I remember when I was watching Wedding Crashers and they would crash wedding to get sex from women because they would be so happy, but vulnerable because women and marriage by a certain age still triggers some.

When the duo split up because Vince Vaughn fell in love. Owen went to see Will Ferrell and they started to go to funerals to get sex from women. I get it you guys are like WTH it’s a funny movie to me, but he said something that stood out to me. You guys still do weddings, no man I do funerals because grief really makes the women needy.

Now I’m paraphrasing but if you don’t get it. It means that in our most lonely, heartfelt, and financially stricken times we find ourselves going against out better judgment. And that my guy is what the people have done to sex. I mean after the dreams I have had. I have seen some of y’all having sex with some booger woogers and no I’m no talking about looks. I’m talking about they soul the ones who live on earth but live for the underworld. Some don’t come to invite you into their world they just want you to enjoy the party.

And it doesn’t matter the sex or gender in these particular cases. In a world where people always talking about soul ties and how to refrain from having sex, I be wanting to say have you ever had one before. I’m talking about where you don’t even feel like you. The things you eat don’t taste the same, your emotions vary, you go through low and high moments, you feel lost, you may or may not suffer from addictions, your libido may go up or down, and last but least the things that interest you don’t interest you no more.

I know that sounds a lot like black magic but baby it’s some vagina and penis that will have you revaluating your whole life. It’s like you’ll be trying to figure what the problem is that is going on in your life, but never identified it was the person whom you had sex with. And sometimes you won’t catch until after y’all done had screwed around a couple of times. Baby, they’ll feel like a fix when you’ve been without but soon as you leave you lost. Now please be realistic when you are taking in this information because there are some of y’all who suffer from mental health issues.

You do know y’all sometimes forget that you be trying to put the nouns in place of your mental health. And for you hexers, curses, and jinxes throwing individuals Divine do be sending y’all karma through humans. Peep game and don’t fall for the trap baby.

Now, let’s get back on subject. Child, I know this boy that is a pure-dee succubus baby I don’t want no dealings. Child, I had to stop and think for a minute because right after we would have sex it would seem like my solar plexus took a hit and let me tell you I’m an arrogant piece of shit at times. I didn’t want to write, to sing, dance, or have fun. It’s like I existed for only a moment. This mother***** would be off la da da deeing and sh** meanwhile I’m over here like where the hell is my house keys. In an angry voice.

Ole boy feel like Ursula from Little Mermaid, if I wanted to utter a sound nothing comes out and if I wanted to write nothing comes to mind. After doing energy clearing, I started noticing after the interactions we would have because I didn’t have to sex with him no more. I don’t even think he knows that he is a succubus sometimes I want to say something, but then what if he abuses this information. It’s not like we could call him the marine spirited individual because he’s kind and genuine, but also the fact it’s an energy on him. Kind of like an entity is riding him don’t ask me how I know, I can’t explain it and explaining it gone make the check engine light come on again in my brain.

Oh, and condoms won’t protect you against any STD’s, but that don’t mean you don’t have to wrap it up. SPIRITUAL TRANSMITED DEMONS! GEESH, I was going to get to that but most folks think when you get ready to have sex, you’re going to have your socks blown off. How? When everybody is lovers of themselves? You can’t bring up sex without somebody thinking you want to have sex. You can’t communicate with the person who you like without them thinking you taking this to fast. Child, bye you not that important!

Folks, so experienced in sex that they lack in the emotional department. How does y’all relationships even last when this day and age all y’all do is screw and smoke? Where is the fun child, like just leave me in my hermit mode if that’s all the relationship is giving. I know yo pee stank because you probably dehydrated, it ain’t no shame chile. But I digress. Let me cue in my imagination real quick.

Have you ever seen a movie where the passion in the sex scene is so high? You wanna know why emotions baby, but these desensitized beings walking around and treating sex like a transaction is it for me girl. And if you opting to be celibate folks think you trying to have leverage over the relationship. When it’s truly not? Genuine courtship started back in the day because sex was such a taboo.

Honestly, I don’t even know how we got here to be honest. I had a couple of dreams and downloads come in and I’m like WTH y’all be having going on. But I wrote all this to say that it is okay to feel and process your emotions like a regular human without feeling like you are left out of something. One thing I learned is that the world gone move and people gone do just that. It doesn’t make you any slower, any dumber, or devalue you. You run your own race and who ever don’t like it just won’t and maybe they ain’t for you.

You gone have to remember just because somebody been at something a longer than you don’t make them more experienced in it.



Have A Goodnight! ;-)

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