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When Good Things Go Bad

Lately I’ve been wondering why do-good people turn bad, why the little girl who used to be full life becomes joyless, and why nice people become mean.

Let me tell you, life happen that’s why! Nawl, I’m just playing that’s sarcasm, but some would say life happened. I don’t think no one wakes up and say I want to be evil, rude, or snide.

Overtime the ability to keep believing in the same thing whether it be people, places, or things killed off their ability to live and see the brighter side of life.

For those of you, you know I won’t watch The Joker because I can resonate with the evil things he done while at the same time I do understand his emotional hurt. But the more I thought about it, I thought about those who took those emotional hits over time. The ones who took more loses than wins and it left them thinking that maybe the brighter side of life isn’t for me. So, they became the damage that happen to them and became that for others.

Causing a cycle of hurt until they couldn’t hurt anyone no more until they hurt themselves. And when your selfish and you love you more than others you never want to feel any type of pain. And when your folly it’s hard for you to see the right in your wrongs and the wrong in your rights. Leaving you to wallow in pain but not think about the damage you have caused others. It’s to feel like your own top but staying there is another is whole nother ball game.

The new age era social media shows us so well how quickly you can rise to fame and fall at the same time. Do you not remember how the collective of humans was dragging celebrities, socialites, and everyone because we were in the beginning of a pandemic? Oh, how quickly they shifted their power and bring awareness to themselves and their situations. We had seen how those who was in position of favor talk bad to those who give them their views.

We seen the power struggle dynamic hit causing others to pick up the notion this is how I am. Forcing them to create or push out unfavorable content. In the words of me WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE BABY! And those people who fell from grace felt like they should stay the same because they were to folly to see the wrong in their behavior. To this today they still don’t see how they caused their own demise.

In those words of my granny and every black southerner you gotta know when to hold and when to fold em. Because if you are always expecting a win you are bound to take some hit to show you what you are made of. But this blog is not gone be like that it’s just a little satire.

The problem lies is when people don’t know when a loss is a blessing in disguise. I mean you would say how I lost this, I lost that, and I don’t have what it is have no more. Did you really value it or where you accustom to something that gave you comfort? Because most people don’t even know the difference between the two.

And for those who don’t know in this day and age, are being hit with a rude awakening. Because the old won’t work no more but the new just hasn’t quite just settled in. But what I have noticed with certain individuals who never stop think will always find a way to think of something else other than what matters at the time.

Let me break this down. Let’s just say we are in the era of where the bully meets the bully. Now let’s say your bully for a cause you only stand up for those who need it, and you won’t stop at nothing until they get what they deserve. Let’s just say I bet this year you are learning that every dog that holler ain’t hurt some are just caught up on the chain in the back yard from running in circles. But this ain’t about that.

I’m talking about those bullies of individuals who get off on being in power while at the same time they do nothing with it. They bullies those around them even friends, loved ones, coworkers, children, and whoever because they can. They like the thrill it gives them from being in the room while at the same time they have nothing of value to give. The only thing they have is chaos and confusion.

Because they can never let you catch on that they ain’t worth a damn. I mean its harsh, but it needed to be said because some of the collective are blindly following people who are leading them to destruction. I mean destruction of the mental health, emotional, physical, and spiritual destruction. Because they just want to feel to notice. But what happens when those of power didn’t impower you because they’ve seen your demise before you.

So, the ones who used to allow you in the room really didn’t care for your presence but at the same time they also wanted to see the s*** show. I mean I was once a s*** show and baby it was worth a watch, but I knew I had to change. Because staying the same didn’t do a damn for me but keep everybody and everything away from me.

As odd as it may seem, my emotions where easy to exploit because I was already set up for a failure. You’d think? At least that what I told myself and how I viewed my situation.

I mean it was rough but at the same time the going was good, but I knew when I got that nudge in June 2017 it was time to change the game. Not to appeal to look like I change but I knew my antics didn’t even serve me as individual anymore.

I thirsty for a better me to be at peace with myself and the decisions I made. Because while at the time I had somebody saying you helped me on my darker days while I’m on the whole internet acting a like a damn fool. I had my right to because it was my freedom of speech but when I knew my purpose I had to tighten up and pull back.

I’m already secretive as hell to a fault, so that didn’t help when I was trying to get people to see a softer side of me. I made it me seem disingenuous in my change because I had that bully that was constantly chastising who I had become. I got tired of naysayers, negative Nancy’s, the lies, the gossip, the smear campaigns, and downright nastiness from other people.

Because when you been on that dark side, you’ll start to think this where you belong. But when that light and life hits you baby anything that bring you pain, strife, chaos, and confusion has to go. But I digress because it wasn’t easy as it seems. Because while you’re begging for change its always going to be somebody that would love for you to stay the same.

Whether they profit off of your pain or they just operate on that frequency. It is up to you to decide how you push the direction of your life. Because when you are down and out those who revel in the shadows won’t be there in your darkest hour they’ll only be there in your light.

So, I said all this to say are you, your own enemy, and your greatness weakness? Because if you are there are people who prey on that and will push you into the position of your demise.

Keep in mind even though this is a number five year we all still in the two’s be mindful of the friends you make and connections you have with people. Out of 10 you’ll only have 3 who stay. Remember to get your resources and learn who to play with and who not.

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