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What Y'all Doing?

Is it me or you just don't know what is going on and what is in the water? It's as if the universe is out to play and not in a good way. It’s like society is going through some massive shift and nobody is worrying about it. I am not saying it to promote some form of fear or paranoia but something feels off. The air feels lighter, the time seems longer, and it feels as if the earth is shifting to another side of the world creating some opening that no one can feel. My sleeping patterns have been thrown off, my appetite has been weird, and it feels as if something is out there calling me but I don't know what or who. And no I am not talking about no damn your damn freaky ass doing sexual manifestation rituals. Boy, go to hell I am trying to get my hair done because I'm going through an intermediate crisis.

There is this detaching that feels like I am pulling away from the matrix and not in a good way. It doesn't feel like I am being disillusioned but something that is saying hello I am here do you hear me. And this isn’t something you can fake through spellwork. It’s like this higher consciousness, or being that is trying to get to know me. It’s not saying I haven’t been interested in my job but I have been dreaming of this vacation and having some alone time. The constant aggravation from the people who don’t listen is starting to take a toll on me. And quite frankly, I am really ready to take my business to the next level. The new environment, the excitement to share, and finally expanding my practices. The constant delays are starting to seem like there are too many excuses. I ask myself when the hell did I get all of these obligations on my back. Like what the fuck? Like I ask myself nigga did you honor your boundaries did you say no. And the answer is yes I did say that. But damn I have been a mood.

And not the good one if you know what I mean. I haven't been angry, sad, depressed, but annoyed. It's like what is the reason now? Why do people keep trying to cling to the past? Why does spirituality matter so much and what the hell is everybody doing? Is it me but the people who are tapped in that do their fair share of keeping the matrix stable as much as you can. Have you been feeling weird? Like the need to have more sleep not because you're tired but it seems like your body is going through some fast past ascension process. You remember the movie big, like how he went to bed small and woke up big. That's what this feels like. It’s like this spiritual ascension that is happening that is causing some people to look different and act different. Like when did you get that and when you start looking like that and not in a bad way. Is it just me?

Maybe I have been too much into my own world dealing with the constant nuances of the people around me that I haven’t stopped to see the world outside of me. Not wanting to check in with certain people because the ones that do have been draining me. The hermit mode isn’t cutting it because I feel the need to go and live life. But it’s like where do I start? It has this Sagittarius feeling of wanting to drop everything and go. And that's odd with this Virgo season coming up because it looks like this season is going to feel like don’t put too much in your cup. Especially for my people who are addicts. Can I ask you a question if you struggle with addiction have you been feeling the urge to quit. Not because you were told too or someone made you feel as if you should. No, just genuinely like I'm over it. If you say yes, then I know that something is going with the planet.

Other than that though I’m here just still contemplating if I wanted to drop the "hey, Barbara this Shirley blog.” But how can I make it educational while at the same time alerting the girls to their games and tricks when it comes to getting money. Because I don’t want to promote it but at the same time I wanted to shed light on women who do soft life prostitution but want a man to keep them. And I am not saying that women who are sex workers don’t deserve love, but when you're dealing with people who use these tactics as an M.O. to get someone it becomes hard for someone to get to know you. Because you shield parts of yourself off. And baby, honestly I really just don’t want to deal with y’all mouth. This month has been slower and aggravating than a motherfucker and like a Kit Kat baby, give me a break. Give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.


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