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Why I had to sit down and braid my hair for a week to get a break. To get people to stop asking me to do shit and bother me. Halfway through I thought hurry up Marshae girl somebody looking for you but the fact that I didn't give in gave me so much peace. Outside of the fake bitches that still keeping up the same shit I been at ease. The fake pages, the scam artist, the attention seekers, and they need for drama baby I been on no man's islands.

Boy if you really want to piss someone off just put a boundary into place especially with them people that like to take advantage of you. Baby they be loosing they shit throwing temper tantrum's, trying to do shit to rile you up, and emotional disturb you is quite nerving for them. Because the more they try to rob you of your peace they still wake up mad ass hell because it is your fault. How away? This week taught me that no matter what the show must still go on and guess what it did just that.

The constant need for think pieces and rehashing arguments just showed me you still gone do the same thing. Now granted I know this, this is why I don't respond to a lot of things but to see that people get it. It's like a thank you from the universe like damn about time you finally catching on. If you if keep hanging in low places you can't get mad when your energy and lust for life is low.

Sometimes you have to pull out the motorcycle and just drive with the wind blowing in your hair, metaphorically. Because sometimes in life no matter how far you try to reach a destination just sometimes it's best to enjoy the ride. Now if you know where you going it makes it easier because going with the flow of people who have no direction can ruin your life pretty fast.

That's why you have to learn to say you know what, I think is my exit and this is where I get off at. No, need to explain anything just basically saying I give up and owning your power in that. Because if you let life tell you enough and these humans or other beings baby you been going the wrong way. When the whole time you was going the right direction you just addded the wrong passenger in your life.#PYA


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