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What About Your Friends

I have spent several days mulling over my to do list and I thought to myself where is it that I can go to be heard the way I need to be heard. Because life can be tiring when you’re always expected to carry the load of other people’s problems and I know my fair share of people who aren’t ready to give up, but we are asking for a damn break. One where you can be free from drama, weird mess, have someone pray for you, and isn’t always flexing for IG. In this day and age people act as if privacy and intimacy is a foreign thing to come by and when I say intimacy I’m not talking about SEX. I’m talking about the vulnerability you share with getting to know someone. The cuddled up in onesies while sitting on your friend’s couch talking about life or watching your favorite show. The night from partying like its 1999 and you have too much to drink, and your friend holds your hair back.

And how quickly you recognize I ain’t cut out like these young hoes because you got shit to do in the morning. How you crave to be in your twenties while at the same time you embrace your 30’s, 40’s, or even 50’s! What a feeling it is to be alive and to be seen and heard and not noticed for what you do, who you are, how you make people, but the ones that just see you. The type of friends you can cry to because you feel like a failure because you’ve come to realize that life is requiring more from you. That you hate your job, but those bills are real. And that love you want is out there but its going to take some time to find. That is what the love of a friend can do for you in most vulnerable hour. Life is still gone life and sometimes we forget how real those things are and what we need out of life. Sometimes it’s a simple shoulder to say BITCH I’M LONELY! While waking up tomorrow and acting as if it nothing ever happened.

And a nonjudgmental ear and I know everything isn’t about doing or always seeing each other all the time but it is at least being present in the moment. Because life gets real and sometimes you need people to check in with you because you want to know that you exist too. I see you; I hear you, and I love you. I know that doesn’t mean a lot coming from Karen off of SpongeBob, but its real. I don’t mean that in a romantic way, but I hope you get wat I’m saying. We now live in a day and age where everyone gesture has to be so grand diose but sometimes affirmations matter. Like I see you my brother, you looking mighty dapper my boy, come on nah, look at you, how them kids doing, and have you ate?

But if you want to buy me a dog, I’ll be fine with taking that thang up off of your hands. Just email me and I’ll meet you at the police precinct because I do believe in stranger danger. Y’all are crazy ass hell out here this blog almost went sideways because some of the girls have been making some crazy connections. I mean folks who have been trying to set them up and girls who are mean in real life. It’s like damn you act like that off of social media all the time. Ima stay the fuck away from you before I be somewhere I don’t want to be. Cause people ain’t who they post be and some people be waiting on the chance to set you up. It is a Dolph quote I would insert here but I don’t want to cut off my music. I think it’s off Get Paid if I’m not mistaken though.

Child life been real, and I found an old post on the website that I said I was going to be back with a part two, so I said why the hell not. I think its between black family drama and something else. I just wanted to know what the hell y’all been up to and am I the only person who is craving for deeper meaning relationships with people in life. Like exploring outside of my norm just not on some weird shit. We’ll blame it on Pisces season and then ask and astrologist to verify for us just in case we are on to something big. Other than that….


I do not own the rights to this picture. The artist twitter handler is below.

Artist: Chloe

Twitter: uhcloe

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