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Water Signs Weekly Reading

CANCER: Whatever you are working on I'm hearing keep it a secret because somebody maybe trying to get a peak to reveal it or take it. And sharing it with the wrong person may affect the impact it is supposed to have on certain people. Now I don't know if this has something to do with merchandise, a new material, or a certain product. Not my job because again you have the spirit of a thief around so it isn't my job to know. For others I'm hearing good job because somebody has been on it when it comes down to your protection rituals. You had someone playing on your energy field trying to paint an image of you. Could be picture magic but for others it was to make you look a certain way. Could be to make others not like you or to not accept you as being the new kid on the block.

All ima say is someone has a demon on their hands may not be a real one but someone who has been breaking hearts and causing chaos in people life's. It's giving I didn't do that, they told me to do it, but it's nobody there. Could be a spirit someone is dealing with or someone has an altered ego that controls them and it's finally out to play. Movie for reference doppleganger.

SCORPIO: Free your mind and the rest will follow. Someone has to clear out their crown chakra because spirit has been trying to get through. Some of y'all have been losing crystals because somebody been stealing them. For others you have been using the wrong ones and they have just been falling down because you didn't need them at the time. Someone has the spirit of a jezebel around them and I'm hearing turn them loose. Because someone in your life may seem care free but baby it's to lead you to your fucking demise. This person isn't your friend nor your enemy they are just what the spirit is calling them a jezebel.

A person who is too engulfed into their own spirit that they don't care who they devour to feel alive. It could be a sexual entity someone has on them and let me tell you it doesn't look good. Because this may lead to some general health issues like womb blocks and sacral blocks overall. This may manifest in some form of assist or an STI so be mindful of who you are sleeping on and with. Cause child we don't need no one else to get sick. Hold the phone on that until.

PISCES: Someone maybe trying to dance around a conversation and it is getting annoying. Because I keep hearing rip me out the plastic. I don't know if you need to just rip off the band aid and tell someone exactly how it is because sweetie we are waiting on you. You have everybody walking on eggshells when they are waiting on you to say something. It's like a person that keeps showing up to a hospital everyday waiting on a response only to find out the victim has passed on. And the nurse doesn't want to tell people the truth so they constantly delay the family or people because they don't know how to tell the truth. Now for others someone may have checked out of hospital and you have been looking for your person.

Someone told them people at the hospital not to say nothing. Somebody lied like they were the feds because they didn't want you to be involved in their drama or life. This could even be someone's family who even went so far to not tell the partner or child's mother about what happen to the child. Because they wanted to establish some form of dominance over a connection with them before you could find out. This person was strategically trying to turn this person against you only for it to blow up in their face. Because this persons ego is so big because they forget the had a role in playing your life. So you finding out everything they did is crème de la crème because everybody knew but you. And now that you have found out people are asking what are you going to do?


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