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Water Signs Monthly Reading

PISCES: Now I don’t know why y’all’s taking so long to upload but the theme y’all had going on was to get more comfortable with the things you need. The people that love and appreciate you for who you are won’t force you to change. The ones that’s for one you will allow you for to grow into the being you need to be.

I did see some of you where struggling with commitment issues it was the past versus the now. It was a struggle to accept the you, the things need , and validate your experiences more. I don’t know who or what hurt but you do have the power to change that at any given time. Sometimes life be tricky like that when it finally upload you can go watch it but feel free to go watch any Pisces reading.

SCORPIO: You, me, and the collective need a vacation. If this month becomes to much then it’s time to pull back and access what is important to you. I seen some of you taking in more than you can bare and not livimy up to your obligations. If you need a break take that. If you need to tell someone I can’t please do.

I felt this heavy energy of many people relying on you too much or this could be you overloaded with things balance my child. There’s a time and place for everything. It’s time to get serious to get the things you need in order. Don’t start putting your cart before your horse because you know you can. It’s time to get honest and get focused. Do some cord cutting baby!

CANCER: Becoming more in tune with your body should be the goal for Leo Season. Whether that be sexually, physically, emotionally , mentally, or spiritually. Y’all energy been heavy as hell it felt more like your own. Some of y’all get worked up about things y’all aren’t willing to change. Some of y’all aren’t processing your emotions so you dive head first into things.

If you have gifts maybe it’s psychic blocks it’s time to cleanse the crown , pineal, and root chakra. Y’all let your emotions dominate your human experience more than anything. Dont let this Leo season fire up your ego and you be in burn out energy because self care ain’t a option. Self care is saying no sometimes. Self care is not letting people dump on you.

Self care can be doing something for someone without wanting anything in return. You’ll know when your guided too. In order for you to experience more joy out of the months to come it is getting to know what your soul craves for more than anything. So, God speed on that soul journey.


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