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Water Signs Love Reading! Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces



KEYWORDS: love sick, stalking, obsession, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, drama queen, somebody is messy, fake, paranoid, gossipy, lost in the sauce, weighed down, a plague of unwanted lovers, Mya- Case of The Ex, Leo, Capricorn, and not getting the love interest they want.

Somebody has lost a job and it driving someone insane and they are blaming their partner for everything. It's like they are the reason they are where they are, everything is this person fault. I see fights, arguments, disagreements, and always feeling misunderstood. For some of y’all you have a partner who is money hungry, narcissistic, and likes to play the hero all the time. They make you feel bad for not being able to love them properly like this is your fault. Someone needs to stop confiding into someone because they are making situations worse than what they are. It could be a mother figure or an older gentleman who thinks they are helping but they are causing more harm than good. Someone always thinks they can get away with something and a light is being shown on them spiritually and emotionally.

I heard the words get out the way because a show down is bound to happen. Spirit said if you want people to know who they are get the hell out of the way because it's about to be illuminated. You have someone thinking they have one last shot at something whether that is being emotionally, manipulative, thinking they can get you back, or take something that is yours. Somebody has been a busy little bee. They have been experiencing's tower after tower after tower and they don’t take nothing as a warning sign to stop or self-reflect. For some this is a family problem because someone likes to put, they family in their business and they family is the one that is causing all of the problems. For others you just have family members always in your business it’s giving just a little bit of competition.

Someone marriage is coming to an end and somebody acts as if it is the end of the world and they can’t breathe or think without this person. Spirit said they only do this when they life is in shambles so they always call on you to make you feel guilty for things they have done. (Could be a baby daddy if it is a woman she is in her masculine energy). Someone has been practicing witchcraft or at least trying to attach themselves to someone, causing hardships, end a relationship with someone, sex magic, evil eye, and binding rituals to make this person stay stuck with them. I had a video I did on Scorpio and it had this same scenario from a year ago I’ll plug it.

For my singles you have a person who you had sex with who just want let you go they stalk you, watch you, be all on your social media, and even tell people y’all go together. They may have edited some pictures of yall together and they have some of you too, they have been to the voodoo man with those pictures too. And not in a good way it’s breeding a little bit psychoticism. I’m not trying to be mean but this person is needy, draining, and downright depressing to be around. This is why some of y’all be angry all of the time because you or this person have created a false bond with them. Didn’t I just say they call on you every time they in some form of need. If this was true love why isn’t never any reciprocation.

I see someone crying and I’m hearing U GOT It Bad by Usher because someone wants to leave but at the same time they want to stay. Is this an abusive relationship? Because if so, someone needs to start planning to get out because I see it only getting worse because you spend so much time trying too unalive yourself or numb yourself to become something you are not. It’s like someone is in a constant battle with themselves. Someone has seen a crime or some malicious act and it is keeping them up at night. To the point it may drive them to insanity because someone can’t say something or won’t say something because of fear.

I do see someone just packing up, leaving, and not returning back because they are over it. They don’t care if they have to be homeless or live in a car, they just don’t want to be around someone anymore. For some of y’all this is moving out of town and landing on your feet pretty fast. It may seem like a struggle but I do see you being emotionally energetically free. Because something was weighing you down this could be bills, not having an enough to provide, or just feeling like you are not good enough. You maybe couch hopping that’s alright because for some of y’all this person doesn’t mind you living with them. You just create the problems when you set these outlandish expectations knowing you can’t accomplish all of these goals in one damn day.

You may be holding back on going into a marriage or a commitment with someone because you think they are full of it or they are too good to be true. For some of you, you just don’t want to be stuck in another marriage that has no value or meaning to you. This holds you back from love in most cases because someone fears rejection while at the same time they want to be accepted and love. Someone may offer someone an opportunity to travel and it's something shady going on. Somebody likes to hang with celebrities and elitist that are kind of fucking weird. Either all they talk about is money and have no substance or they like to party to damn much. I'm hearing the song Addiction by Big Krit so that could be a problem if you are an addict, struggling with sobriety, or it may get you hooked on something that may not go away with ease. At least that is the goal for someone so, they can control you.

I don’t like this energy because it is always pus someone in a fight or flight mode. Someone is always tasked with making life threating decisions on their feet. What you in the damn army or training to develop combat skills? For some of y’all this person likes to test this out on their friends and this causes a lot of arguments because some people are always telling this person to chill out. Somebody has gone too far with something and someone possibly wants to kill themselves because of this. This could be sex trafficking, rape, abuse, and torture that has someone in a fucked-up mind frame. STOP SHARING YOUR GOOD NEWS WITH PEOPLE. SOMEONE IS JEALOUS BECAUSE YOU ARE HAPPY, HEALING, OR RECEIVING SOME RECOGINITON OR A REWARD FOR YOUR HARD WORK. It could be you.

This could be a lover that is trying to get you pregnant to have some form of attachment to you. They may try to sue you for some form of money because y’all coming into some fast rapid success, you got a lot of money, or you are going to be making some soon. I keep hearing check your friends, God done already warned and showed you beforehand. This crazy ass baby needs to go to bed. I'm so tired of this dynamic we have to start putting our kids on game on early so we can stop this cycle.

QUICK RANT: I get it that everybody wants marriage and a happy family, but for others they don’t want that. Sometimes we end up in situation that are sexual flings that shouldn’t go pass sex if you know what I mean. Some people don’t be deserving of your body because of how they treat you and them emotionally, I’m just saying. But this false dynamic of we have to go together to raise our kids is blatantly toxic as hell. That’s giving childhood trauma, abandonment issues, and your childhood dreams. Everybody isn't going to want that and that is okay. #PHUCKTHEM!

ORACLE CARD- Gang Gang Sara, Resistance:

Change is inevitable no matter how hard we try to stop it, it always happening right before our eyes. Whether you are aware or present of this the beauty of it, is no matter how much we try to define it has no linear meaning when it comes to life. You can pout, kick, and scream but that doesn’t stop life from happening. You’ll just start to allow life to happen to you. Stop trying to force your idea, preconceived notions, or emotions onto other people. It isn't their job to validate you, you are not parking. Get to work I believe in you.


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