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Water Signs


KEYWORDS: Through The Wire by Kanye West, Breakeven by The Script, What About Your Friends, Who Can I Run To by Escape, hidden betrayal, gossip queens, slore, slumber party, sleep overs, naysayers, skeptics, pussy watcher meaning somebody want to know who you fucking I.e. body count, watch the magic happens, questioning of loyalty, old flames, X’s and O’s by Dave Basset and Ellie King, and what now.

It seems as if challenging situations just seem to be happening, I don’t know if you are in a pissing contest with someone and it is a losing battle. If you are in drama it's starting to rollover into your love life, maybe even new suitors. For those water signs who have a favorite ex it's time to say goodbye because they are holding up the line if it is love you are trying to manifest its time to get honest. Throw away that old hoodie, pillow, or object of theirs because them memories don’t mean shit if y’all not together. Either you want love or not because thinking everybody gone love you like your ex means somebody don’t want to grow up or you genuinely are not ready for it be honest. Learn how to play the field, if you want some consistent flings be honest but you also have to take in account how you are playing the game because someone doesn’t want to play the field or guessing the game with you.

This may come as a shocker, but somebody said they not your yoyo either you in or out. For some this may have to do with the public, maybe someone doesn’t want everybody in their business because they feel others are going to ruin it. Sometimes it do be like that on the other hand you have to ask yourself why do other people's opinions matter so badly? Only the strong survive. For others if you are a content creator somebody maybe put off by your social media presence because they expect you to be like your social media. Have they never heard of an actor we all play a little role for the bag have you not heard my customer service voice? If we are being honest for some this person may just not be for you right now because if you are in the season of growth they gone have to wait until you stabilize that energy. I mean it would be nice to be with someone we can grow with but a person that is not understanding that you aren't always gone be the same person in a relationship forever, is a challenge.

Ask yourself are you ready to deal with that before you go all the way in? It's time for somebody to get their license recertified, renewed, or enroll in college so they can get their life path on a roll. Because whoever this is you have been stuck in a rut for a minute because the challenges and hurdles that has been coming your way ain’t nor where a hoe. If there is any drama in the group chat between you and someone else they said that shit and they did that shit but it's all about owning up to it. I don’t think someone is ready to fess up, they want to pretend that it didn’t happen or say they didn’t say it. If you are person who likes to clear the air baby, you are wasting your time because this is just an argument waiting to happen. So, if you feel like this is going to cause a divide between you and someone else baby that’s what it’s going to have to be. SAVE YOURSELF SOME PEACE!


You may find out that you weren't invited to a party purposely because somebody felt like you didn’t fit in, or you want a good fit. I wouldn’t even be mad about it because the drama that came with it saved somebody’s life seriously. Because it wasn't what somebody expected in the first place. Who is this in this mean girl group where they have to kiss somebody ass to be invited or play along to get certain things. Baby, go out and find you some new friends and stop trying to fit in with folks who don’t mess with you the long way. It ain’t nothing lie having some damn ride or dies in your corner who gone support you even if you sold one shoe a day. I don’t know why this generation is so obsessed with who has done most or has the most.

Y'all have this frenemies type vibe going on between you and someone else and its giving toxic. It's like this person doesn’t like you but at same time they too scared to say it. For some you think you and somebody homegirls when the whole time someone genuinely doesn’t like you or your overall presence. They really be talking mad shit about you when you are not around and when you are around, they just speak in codes. For others they feel justified in their behavior because they feel like you just won’t go home or you pop up uninvited. I don’t know if y’all have had these conversations, but somebody is opening the door so who really is the messy motherfucker out this group?

Somebody is user and someone is catching on to this they’ll be running back to get something from you when they fake life run out. You better start paying attention. Spirit said it's time to cut a whole group off anyway because for some you are about to get married, or you have a family you need to tend to. I know routines can be boring when you get into a relationship but being engulfed in drama can become draining after a while. Have you not noticed why you don’t come around like that anymore. You just get bored and then you welcome the drama in with open arms and instantly regret that shit. Some of you aren’t from America and home is calling you. For my others who have moved and relocated y’all feeling homesick and yearn for nostalgia. It doesn’t have to be the place it could be your favorite candy, favorite store, or food.

It may be climate change because some of you are used to the seashores, sunny days, beaches, or boardwalks. So, wherever you are just deosn’t have it or nothing at all. For some of you want to relocate to Chicago or move out of it to Texas but you to scared of the change. You have been looking at properties and they fall in your price range, but you are thinking about family. Baby it ain’t nothing that a flight, car, bus, or train can’t fix. Some of y’all kids old or getting old. Sometimes change is needed to make things more suitable for you. Somebody is trying to get someone locked up maybe even a teenager by calling them a lost cause. Whoever this is like to talk to people kids crazy and put they hands on them thinking this gone give them some respect. Could be a stepparent, elder, grandmother, or cousin. Whoever this is crazy ass hell and need to go lay on a couch because being angry with people all the time ain’t cute.

Especially adults raising kids or being around kids all of the time. Baby go smoke a cigarette, weed, or some to cool off because don’t nobody got time for that all the time. I can see if it is some bad days but everyday a bad day. Jesus, Christ. Someone you know likes to humiliate people and that maybe starting to aggravate you a little too much. Because it felt like light fun, now it's like what the hell is wrong with you. This could be someone making threats or causing harm to this person like playing with someone's livelihood. It could be such as putting drugs in someone's food, trying to alter someone psyche, or luring them to a place where they are trying to kill them.

Some of you are starting to second guess your whole life by the shit someone is doing because this person is evil hearted as hell, and they can’t even say they are not. For some of you, you married this person who is doing all of this hurt to someone and someone is saying I'm out. Because this isn't what someone signed up for when they decided to befriend, love, or even support you or them. This may even land someone in legal trouble and they are looking towards someone to save them out of it but somebody looking crazy as hell. Because they said you took things too far and you knew what you were doing when you did it. It's like this person has this hard on for this person. If we are being honest somebody is replaying someone's childhood out on another person because they think this person is weak.

So, they are doing this to this person waiting on them to stand up but they know damn well they are not going to stop. For some you or someone you know haven’t crossed that line to find out yet. For some, if you have some money coming in be quiet because you got some fake nice playing in your face friends coming back around, even in town. They always call you every time they get broke, but they never spend money on you. And for the ones that maybe exposing they plans baby know you hated because again these people feel like it’s lighthearted fun. It's giving school shooter type teas, some people don’t learn until somebody ups, up that pistol on them real quick. I don’t condone gun violence but trying to put somebody through psychological warfare and get mad when they don’t like the outcome is crazy ass hell to me.




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