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Water Sign Weekly Reading

Someone has to learn how to channel their energy into something that benefits them. Because there is some frantic energy that maybe to throw you off if you are energy reader. For others this could lead as an idle mind is the devil playground. Earth signs just had the message of sticking their head in their sand. So, I guess you could be doing the same things that do not serve you at this pinky and time. It's giving the last year in college where they graduate and because they know this they purposely start slacking.

This could be due to not giving and receiving love. 6 of pentacles in reverse is the card to be exact you may be giving to much and barely receiving. Or you maybe to comfortable in area where you think you maybe open to receive when it's not the case. Now in the monthly message for Libra season the sister signs was present. So you maybe more prone to watch readings that are the opposite of you in certain houses. So if you have Venus that is in Capricorn you maybe more prone to watch a Venus in Cancer readings. For me I watch what I feel I'm called too at the time.

But with the energy shifts of the planets that has been bringing some form of clarity it has been bringing some a spirit of chaos. Because if you have been comfortable with the norm the shake up may cause more fuss. It's like someone moving out of state or into a new neighborhood and you don't know the area. So, instead of going outside you go in the house from work and avoid all contact. So, a new start or a new beginning may be challenging because you find yourself lost.

For some you, you have been looking for a reason to leave and relocate so what is calling you to stay. It's giving me someone on the highway driving and not a city in mind and you just find home. For others this may be a flight that you take off on and ever come back. It's like getting some fresh air and realizing that this was the best decision that was made. Because you have a 5 and a 6 so change is coming in rapid and help from others too.

For others it's time to do some subconscious clearing because you have a lot of pressure on your head. This could be due to spellwork, projection, and mirror magic. For others this could be showing up as high blood pressure, headaches, hypertension, pneumonia, and irration of light on the eyes specifically. Somebody hasn't been taking their sick days and spirit has been slowing that ass down. Because someone has been in the energy of doing, doing, and doing that you basically have no one doing for you.

Trigger Warning: Someone has had a near death experience and the shock of it has caused some form of nerve damage to the energetic body and emotional body. So, someone may have been sick because of this maybe even bed written. I'm hearing the word overdose and for others this may have been the withdrawals from the drugs you where taking. For others you had someone who was switching out your medication on purpose and causing unwarranted illness. So a flush may have happened and someones body is trying to adjust to this because you haven't been taking care of yourself.

Now before we go some of you guys are going into a season where you want on lack. But I'm hearing trust your intuition and make sure that your needs are protected first. Don't be in the energy of constantly giving away everything you have because you'll be mad because this is a blessing from spirit for you to enjoy your hard labor. I'm hearing don't get ignorant. That's actually the words that came across. I wish you luck. Tell your baby daddy to cash app me and if you are woman remember a dollar is a dollar.

Remember all messages may or may not apply.



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