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Water Sign Weekly Message


KEYWORDS: Magnetism, The Company You Keep, Wordsmith, Blast From The Past, Old Drama trying to resurface, Tell All Book, Doesn't Have To Be A Book but Someone Telling All Your Tea!

It's seems like someone is still in the energy of the past but I'm hearing keep moving forward because their is someone that just want there way. Could be your child but it doesn't have to be it could be someone who is just childish. They feel like you just don't get it but what they are doing; is giving totalitarianism! And sweetie you wants no parts because this is someone going off the deep end and you don't need to be around to watch them drown. Be mindful of your dreams too because they are messages in their for you.

If you are thinking about reconnecting with someone I'm hearing hell no. It's not worth the hassle because someone is a buzz kill and wants you in the hot seat with them. They say it's too many chefs in the kitchen and if you can't take the heat stay the hell out the kitchen! And as person who raised as black baby we don't play barely on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm hearing someone needs to keep their business plans to themselves because whoever this is that's trying to beat you to the punch is about to made a fool out of themselves.

It's like making something and they are missing a key ingredient. They are just so thirsty for fame that they'll do any for that clout only to land second hand embarrassment. It's like someone is trying to say I was trying to tell you but this person is so busy talking that they aren't listening to shit you saying.

I can see why you say that but this person plays too much and they are sinister too. So be mindful of those games because this is a trickster this a jester. Be mindful of those who hang in high places and want to treat you as if you are forbidden fruit. Fruit that isn't to be seen, touched, or even valued that you don't even know your worth.#PYA

Remember the message may or may not apply also flip the roles if you need to. For those that don't know it means the zodiac that is present can be the one that did it to you so it's possible to show up in their message. We are in the element of water so they zodiac signs are (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)!

CANCER: I don't think you are showing up in your energy because I keep hearing Capricorn could be a placement someone on your mind or a love interest. Who knows but that is all I hear. 💓💓💕 Could be a lover because I'm hearing distant lover by Marvin Gaye you could be in a long distance relationship and some of y'all fina make that leap. Gone head now because child I haven't seen a love reading this smooth in so long. It's gawd damn where has the hope been lately. I see you. You may have someone that's mad but not in a malevolent way.

Its more of the energy of my friend is moving away and we want see each other no more. Happy tears and tears of joy. Because some of y'all are finally settling down and giving up your player ways. It's hard to see but someone is accepting it a bit. I don't want to go into the jealous lover that is jaded and makes everything about them because we do enough of those readings. But if you don't get a restraining order and gone on about your day because we don't have time for Tom Foolery. This person made you feel like their was no hope in love, life, friendship, brotherhood, and sisterhood.

Cause they was needy and always about themselves. It's like damn how do I breathe because they always want their emotional needs met before you. It's like someone being an EMT and this person thinks you are supposed to call them before you go saving anyone. Like if you don't get your ass on. Baby, go to hell! Whoever this is keep up the good work and move accordingly. Have a goodnight!

SCORPIO: Something is coming threefold I don't know what you did but something is about to hit big. Now I don't know if someone hit the lottery or hit on them tables, but someone is coming in offering you some assistance or paying you back in installments. I'm hearing check with your man first, check with your man first in Madea first. Now this maybe someone that is of wise counsel to you that maybe trying to tell you about an offer if it's good or not. For some it's not but for others this closing in on a home. Finally selling off a property or gaining a deed back.

Someone tried to play you out your position. For others this is aging your joke back. You may kicking out the visitors out for the house. This could've been friends sleeping on the couch, partying to much, and not having enough zen. Someone is finally learning a home is for peace and memories. Not a open door baby that's the church that is always open. We don't need you to open your doors to everybody with a sob story because that's how your stuff come up missing.

I know you don't want to hear but that's why you and your lover be into now. Some of your friends have to learn how to go home. It's not saying they cant come over but someone is starting to have the black mama syndrome when you get off work and see to many people in your house stand start getting annoyed for no reason. Communicate, set a boundary, and stand on it. Ciao

PISCES: Someone maybe trying to play the best friend role when the whole time baby they a snake. It's like this person is just complimenting you all the meanwhile you are like child bye. Get on with that bullshit. Because just last week y'all was just at each other neck and talking shit about each other. So, this person pulling the I love you is so tiring. It's like someone trying to drag you to counseling about a relationship you clocked a long time ago. And someone is boohooing, FOR WHAT! 😭😭😭

This is a running game for them I don't know if it's to get you back. Not like ima get you sucka, but to prove they can always have you or you want move on. When it's really in reverse someone is emotional manipulator and instigator. They always starting up shit only for you to save them. It's like damn what did you do now. Someone always calls you when they knee deep into drama but ever before they make the dumb decision.

Alot of problems could be avoided if this person just listen. It seems like that is challenge this week because this person think you are in good mood to play you all over again. This could be an old crush, ex lover, friend you feel out with, or someone you call a boo thang. And I'm hearing drop em because they want learn until you get out your martyr hat. As long as you keep opening that door they are going to keep coming back when you learn to stay aht, aht! Mean it and believe it. They gone keep trying you because they think they can. So, read paragraph one and two again. Management. I'm hearing someone make it enough. So, you or this person maybe having financially issue wanting you to make a dollar out of 15cent. What y'all scamming or something?? That's enough buh bye!


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