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Water Sign Weekly Message

Updated: Oct 13


KEYWORDS: Challenges, Quarrels, Arguments, Fights, CopyCat, He Said/She Said, Gossip Campaign, Old Woes, Gang Fights, Territorial, Obsessive, Compulsive Liar, Sickness and health, Emotional Barrier, Window for Opportunity, Time for Change, Conflict Resolution Skills, and Resurrection.

Somebody could be going through a crown chakra block and I'm hearing do your protection rituals and call back your energy. Because you got someone that is trigger happy with the spellwork and it is a cousin that is causing a mess in your life or at least pretending too. This may be someone who is trying to be an enemy but they don't have enough energy for it. Meanwhile some of y’all in season where spirit is telling you to pack light. Because it is time to let some nouns go and that's that. You can whine, complain, kick, and scream hell even run but it is time to cut someone off for good. This may have showed up as a friend who has been in your business a little too much and they are causing havoc with the information they are obtaining about you. If it is your relationship they think you aren't worthy of love. If it is your business they think you aren't supposed to have that. It is a constant cycle of this with this person.

I don’t want to spend the majority of the message on this person but child thank you for your blessing and move on. Because this is like a passway to hell and you don’t need o go back.

Remember all messages may or may not apply. We are in the element of water so the zodiac signs is (Cancer, Scoprio, and Pisces.) Feel free to flip the roles. For the overall message check the Libra season energy reading.

Scorpio: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer is the man ones who may be giving you hell. They said a Leo but the main ones are those four people who have been giving you hell. I just keep hearing the song Gives You hell by All American Rejects and this person is miserable. Like child people want to know what it is that you have done. Some people aren't asking because they are nosey they just want to know why this person has it out for you so bad? Because this is someone that talks about you bad and when I say bad baby it is bad. Could've started off as petty gossip and then it trickled into a full on smear campaign. And it is causing a wild fire and i’m hearing this is an agent of chaos that don’t know the ramifications of their actions. It gives me a school bully who does things to put someone down because someone is an easy target.

For others you may shown some sign of weakness and this person tried to exploit it because you were startled when this person caught you off. So, it’s like this person is going around bragging about it and one of y’all are ready to drag someone over it. Not because of the drama but because of the perspective they are displaying for other people. I see two women pulling the shit out of each other's hair. It’s like a test of their animalistic nature in someone and the next thing you know everybody looks up and you and this person is in a tussle. It’s like how the hell did you and thai person get into so fast. It may have been that Mars energy that was rolling around in the groupchat last week and it may have put a fire in one of y’all hearts. This could be someone fighting for there marriage because a good man is hard to find.

And someone is rolling around on someone territory and they don't like it all. For others you have family member who is causing problems in your connection with lovers by talking about your past relationships. This could be your last marriage, failed marriage, or old boo. They stay bringing them up with every lover you date making it seem as if you aren’t emotionally available for others when it isn't the case. Now it doesn't have to be your family but it could be people you ask to hold space for you. And now it is time to evaluate some of those people in your life because they aren’t the safe space anymore. Heavy on the relocate, pack up leave, get the hell out of dodge, and leaving a job behind. And some of y’all may have left someone behind and they feel left alone. This may be coming to give someone closure or possibly start a new because they had a crazy ass lover who was after them. I’m hearing “YIKES”!

CANCER: Gemini moon, Scorpio Ascendant, Virgo Sun, and Capricorn 4th house. What y’all got going on? Are you doing birth chart readings or prying into someone's business? Seriously because this doesn’t give the hey I’m aware of what it is my birth chart but I know what is in your birth chart because I put blocks in there. Girl, go to bed because it’s too much going to be dealing with someone hating. Baby, we are trying to live after all of the turmoil we have been through. Everything isn’t about you. Flip the roles. It’s time to give up your player ways because it’s about to catch you up in a lovers quarrel you want be able to get out of so easily. This may result in some sex tape scandal. Where a lover is threatening to out you so they can keep you in a relationship.

My stomach dropped after that. It could be a same sex lover but for others it’s someone that doesn't know you be getting down in the bedroom like that. It’s like some form of sexual kink for this person is to humiliate their lovers. Sadomasochism please adhere to the terms and agreements because you may not be on the same page with this person. You may think you are so cocky and think you have unlocked some crazy button in this person baby they was already crazy. May even lead to a near death experience because someone has someone fucked up. Someone may even leave with no clothes on because this person is trying to do some ritualistic tribal shit on you and you ain’t with it. It has something to do with bodily fluids. It’s like someone is saying oh hell nawl I'm out.

And someone maybe trying to play you lie you crazy the scene from Friday where Smokey said he wasn't smoking with them people no more. Yes, this is those individuals who are dealing with who is saying they were having some light hearted fun, Child want nothing about this light hearted fun or consentual. Sacral chakra and sacral healing maybe on the schedule for you. Finding a shaman or a sex healer because you have some cords on you that need to be released spiritual. Because it has your sacral chakra throwed off to where someone maybe to aroused all of the time. Maybe it is time for that workshop you've been contemplating on signing up for?!

PISCES: If you are bringing up something someone doesn't want to go there with you because they know it is going to lead to an argument. But how do you find change without a little bit of conflict? Is this because you have been null and void and act as if nothing has happened or what until everything goes tick, tick, and boom. Emotionally invalidating much. Someone wants to stay int eh honeymoon phase while life is beating someone ass. Someone has experienced some horrible trauma and it is time to face it. Because you have been distant, moody, and silent. When you have a listening ear that is ready for you to talk. I don’t know if this is someone who has been emotionally abused or someone who hasn’t really learned how to hold space for themselves. Your message is simple: talk more and listen.

Nobody will ever know if you don't open up. I see someone going to therapy for an hour twiddling their thumbs waiting until the hour go pass. Someone does the basics hey, how are you, and whats been up? Only for this person to zone out driving, working, walking,a dn even talking. And people are starting to notice that something is off. Be mindful of the attention you are getting because you don’t know the energy you are radiating. So, this may show up as people being helpful to be nosey and some people who genuinely don’t care only to be dismissive about your problems. It’s the fake let me check on my friend's tweet.


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