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Water Sign Love Reading



Somebody has to make up their mind because this being all over the place is keeping you stuck in two places at one time. You got the energy of going forward but someone is too busy looking back at the past and it makes no sense. It is creating unnecessary chaos in an area where the spirit is saying go. I don’t know if someone did some binding work on you, someone getting out of jail, or you have been in a situation that has tied you down for too long. I’m sorry to say as soon as you cut this person off, guess what “I’m PREGNANT”, is coming right out of the blue. Some of yall, them blue or pink lines on the test are driving someone crazy. For others you were going through a spout of impotency and a barren feeling. That now a baby is being made when you finally decided to get out of the connection with this person. This may be causing some emotional confusion for you too.

Because you and this person have great chemistry but for some baby, it’s just sex. Sometimes Mr. Charles is just Mr. Charles. For those who don’t know who Mr. Charles is, he is the man that you call to hang out, have a good time, take you to pound town, the stress reliever, and to run away from your problems. But with the responsibility of having a child it’s time for someone to grow up. The fairytale facade may seem to be ending because you have two different perspectives when it comes to love, support, finances, goals, and aspirations out of life. It doesn’t come with haste, arguments, or strife. You guys just have two different outcomes for love and life. I do think you have made a friend for life but when it comes to love. I keep hearing your not easy love. Complicated. This causes a lot of emotional confusion because someone is selfish; they want what they want without no remorse for the other.

It is misleading because if you do miss this person and they come around this person has their own intention of getting things. It’s like they are showing you their true actions. This person has been this way from the beginning. So, you may feel confused and try to justify the emotions you feel but it’s not valid towards the situation at hand. Maybe you two aren’t someone who is meant to be together like that in this lifetime. For others there will be a fall out amongst friends because your love life is spilling over into theirs. It’s showing me someone who shows up and continuously talks about this person. It’s like damn, how is your day going? Have you eaten? Have you asked me how I feel? And damn give this shit a break! It’s showing me people having a round table discussion about someone else's life because all you do is talk about this person. And if you aren’t too fond of the truth somebody or someone is going to fall out with you.

Words may have been said that were harsh but it needed to be said. Meanwhile you are trying to figure out how you can repair the connection with your friends but they are tired of hearing about your problems. You used to be the life of the party and now it’s dreary. Now keep in mind this could apply to your Venus. I might just label this a love reading. Because that is the only thing that is coming up. For some you have people in your life who mean you no good because they sit back and watch this shit go down like a reality tv show. And that my friend is the cue to get the hell on from certain people. It’s time to put some distance between you, people, and your problems. Because the things they may find funny is the things that hurt you. Only thing I can say is that you can’t hate your way out of loving someone because you’ll only find more ways of loving them.- Marshae.

If you work at a certain job I can’t tell you to quit but you have to cut off some people who are trying to affect your money flow. This may be the last time for a long time before you go off and do any more group projects because you have some people who keep trying to outcast you. If this has anything to do with business you maybe buying out some people because they are in the energy of selfishness. For others they are going to get themselves into some trouble and spirit is telling you to back off because it’s going to affect how people perceive you. And for those who have partners in business or people who are business minded they have been told you to leave some people alone. So, this one hurts just a little bit because you have been giving away your hope and putting into people who needed to kiss your ass.


CANCER: Jupiter in Pisces is the message for you. Now this could be a time for your creative abilities, it's time to shine. If you have been sleeping on your talents this is where you are being told to promote your work. Because you never know who you may inspire at this time. Someone is on fire when it comes to their creative abilities and it’s the energy of like attracts like. You may have to go back to the drawing board with an idea because you threw something out that you felt that didn’t have any value only to find out it did. Ex:It’s like someone giving you something antique only for you to say I’m never going to need this. Only for you to be at home looking around saying aha this makes sense. Don’t be so quick to give away what you need because it doesn’t look, mirror, or meet your standards. Now also don’t go OFF holding onto someone just because they have potential and you know you are not going to do anything with it. And this isn’t limited to relationships because someone may be getting cheating on or someone is about to steal your girl. Especially if she is a lesbian or bicurious. Amen.

SCORPIO: Time magic child, girl google it. Because I'm so tired of talking about this damn shit. Now, this could be someone trying to keep you in a past mindframe where you felt limited and unable to see the future. Now that you have made it out that mud hole someone is gun-ho on keeping your ass their mentality, emotionally, spiritually, and psychically. I am hearing,” grow up”! For others if there is money coming in you have people who are around you like the people who are on TV when their child gets signed for a MAJOR football deal. And it’s some evil eyes too. It’s showing me the snake from the Lenormand deck and that thang ain’t nice at all. You may think this is the energy of iron sharpens iron no it may be the one who is trying to take you out. NOT LITERALLY, BUT IN A SENSE YES! Somebody needs to start asking spirit to show THEM the intentions of the people around you because some people have other intentions when it comes to you. Now, I remember a couple of weeks ago that I said do the revealing of your enemies. Remember when you are asking spirit to reveal shit and you ain’t listening they are going to show up and out to see if you get it.. Don’t let nobody trick you into saying different things, only you know what you prayed for. Because someone has a practitioner who has been working with the occult to keep you stuck, put road blocks on your path, drain your energy, and throw off your communication. Don’t let anybody say it’s retrograde where Mercury and Uranus are going retrograde at. If it is then I missed it if not somebody lying. Because they keeping up some SHIT with the occult. All ima say is do your protection work. Like now

PISCES: Libra Energy Reading ( I plugged a link because this is the energy you are in from the jump. You may say I am not a Libra, it doesn't matter. You could be dealing with one or that's the energy that is more relatable to you. Because I wasn't going to rewrite that shit again. Spirit is saying what's up. You have been asking and they have been in the energy of saying talk, speak, and say what is on your heart at this time. It really gives me the Sage from the archetype deck, the one who speaks but ever listens. You may be dealing with someone who is always seeking out guidance only to do the opposite. That can be annoying. You may feel like people aren’t listening to you but they are. Why would someone waste their breath when you aren’t going to listen anyway. That may seem harsh but when people learn to appreciate people for who they are instead of correcting them it makes the relationships easier to navigate. Life isn’t supposed to be stressful so why would someone purposely stress themselves out about something you aren’t stressed about. Some people don’t recognize how this can be emotionally manipulative and exploitative ass hell. Grade A gaslighting is what the new fellas call it. For others you have someone that is hiding a secret and they are playing hide and seek and they want you to figure it out. I would leave it alone because it may be pregnancy, a gift, or someone may be sick. Something is off when it comes to this energy and person and I really don't have time to read on it. Because it makes my head hurt a little bit. It could be their hostile ass energy you could feel or the reason why someone is angry with you. But they aren’t coming forth with the reason why they feel the way they feel. Child, leave it alone because Avant came back up with this, I can read your mind. I guess you're supposed to know what somebody wants. Baby, do you! Goodnight.


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