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Watching Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill

Child have yall seen this show baby its good and this season is gooder. I know that not a real word but today baby its gone be one, and I got some tea for y’all. If y’all haven’t seen this season then, you might as well gone click off because I’m about to spill the beans baby. This season relate to me so hard because if you have seen it, its this one particular housewife that is trying so hard to get the approval of a social group. I tell you all the time that the physiology aspect is a powerful one because we all yearn to be accepted but its only by who.

The season starts off as a woman who lives in basic house and to the other women, she is below there means. She didn’t dress like them, talk like them, or even live in a fancy house. She thought she would be a great fit for the group because it’s called the Garden Club and she by the way has beautiful garden. She took her time to grow her plants and connect with her reality, so by her means she’s thinking she’s a great fit for the club. Little did she know the wives where horrible, pompous, and mischievous as hell. Child, I keep telling y’all women can be evil as hell and overtime society has made us hate each other because of the things we are willing to do for a man and to be important.

So, one day she gets the courage to ask the women can she be in the club meanwhile her husband is realist and he owns a vet that majority of these women bring their pets for him to tend too. He tried to let her down easily, but she was full of hope and belief that these women where nice like her and baby she got a rude awakening. This is where the story takes a turn, the lady that she needs the approval from was an asshole and hated her husband. She was waiting on him to die so she could go off and be with her side piece some young man who was handsome by the way.

Any who after she musters up the courage while socially embarrassing herself, she receives an invitation to a party thinking that this was the initiation process. Little did she know this was for charity where the club opens up the door to allow outsiders into make themselves look good. Baby, my feeling was hurt because she kept embarrassing herself. Child I been there before and let me tell you all I can be is me you either gone love me in 10 seconds, hate me in 5 seconds, or contemplate over my whole existence. I know I have that affect on people. But let’s get back on the story. But one thing I’m not gone do is force myself to be someone where I’m not socially accepted.

You ain’t about to get the nigga out of me so freely. The lady pulls her to side and tell her that she basically wasn’t a good fit for the club. Rita was a booger wooger but that was only because of her past she hadn’t acknowledge. Alma only reminded her of the person she used to be, so while Alma took her no and walked off, she met another lady and handed her a brooch. O oo keep in mind her husband was a serial killer that she later finds out in the story.

So, by her doing something nice for the lady she said she was going to nominate her because of that nice gesture she had done. I keep telling y’all what is for you will be for you, its just when you go off doing things that’s out of your will. It creates a dynamic shift between what it is you need versus how you’re going to get it; intention is a booger wooger. Now the story gets juicy because Rita has a sidepiece and her sidepiece got a girlfriend and he a chubby chaser. So that doesn’t go over to well with Rita because she fine, petite, has money, and power. But guess who the daughter is of her man sidepiece Alma. Girl, Rita found out and embarrassed her down to the event.

Because she was mad that she was cheating on her husband and her husband cheating on her too, but she was really mad because the girl was plus sized and got pregnant. Hmm. Girl that was soul crushing to her because she loved her mister. Alma wasn’t no hoe, so you know what she did she tried to threaten to out her and guess what Rita did destroy her garden. Now keep up her husband was a serial killer, so she found out he had been keeping ornaments and leftovers from his victims. Side bar do you ever think about how many people got away with murder in those times. Evil laugh muah hahah.

So, she and her husband are fighting and arguing and her nosey ass neighbor all in they business. She decided to climb on the side of the house and here them talking about the people he has killed. Well, she died they didn’t kill her curiosity did because being nosey don’t serve you all the time. She fell down on some gardening scissors because her nosey ass was spider man climbing up the wall. Now I’m thinking call the police nope they didn’t panic set in and they buried her in the font yard. Come on man. So, they had to think of way to make it seemed like the old lady had died.

Child, his wife was all in that lady house getting all her clothes, antiques, and everything. One because she had told her that those, people she was trying to impress didn’t really care for women who are like her because she’s more likely to be the help. Soul crushing but that didn’t stop her. Alma thought of many ways to get into this club because after the initiation process and she got embarrassed by Rita. She went on to come up with a plan to use her husband to kill Rita husband so she could frame Rita to get in the club. Now she didn’t tell her husband what she was doing because she know he wasn’t gone to go for it.

But the fact he was a murder and she threatened to tell the police he had to go along with it right, nawl shakes head. Long story short she ended up getting into the club and finally getting that recognition she always wanted, but that still didn’t satisfy her. Because she ended doing the same things Rita did to get into a state of power. Its funny how we be judging people for the things they do and try to pull them down like karma don’t be having somebody else lined up for your spot.

The moral of the story is when you don’t know who you are you will always go off trying to be something that people think you should be. Yes, happiness is an inside job but when don’t understand that you can find yourself going down many roads to achieve it no matter if you have to mess someone over. Create a little white lie hear and there, turn people against people, and sabotage your own worth. But all for what if you’re not even going to be satisfied with what you created in life. I tell people all the time please tell your kids that they are special and hone on there best attributes instead of pointing out their negative attributes all the time.

Because it be adults that still crave and need that approval from others, and they don’t care how they get it. I tell people all the time I can respect a good evil villain story, but what I’m not going to respect is a half as job done by some want to be as superhero. You either got it or you don’t simple, but you also have to know when and when not to fold. Because if you watch the show, I promise I be waiting on the other shoe to drop. Because she got in the club and Rita got out of jail but at what expense did, she lose herself and others by trying to pull people in while pushing them away. Everybody don’t have the heart to be the bad guy.


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