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Vocabulary With Friends

Wanna play a game? Nawl, I’m just playing let’s get into some of my made-up language. If you ever hear me use these words and you are left confused no need to fear the vocabulary is here.

OUT OF POCKET- A term that can be used when you usually aren’t where a person can find you. Sometimes it can be used when a person has said something at the wrong time, and you don’t want to laugh to encourage said behavior.

YOU RUNNING OUT- Usually when a person has one more time to make a joke before you get disrespectful. Sometimes it is used in a situation where you are fed up!

SHADE- Which is gay culture lingo but is usually when you are making light of a situation. It is no need for hands just a light hair tug. You do not use insecurities as shade that’s just downright fighting grounds. Study your opponent.

JUGGING- Checking your friends on dumb things they have done in the past. Something comedians do. In other word jokes.

REGULAR- It is used when the term original doesn’t come to mind. Sometimes it can be used as shade when you are calling someone a basic B****!

GIRL- A term that is gender neutral and doesn’t matter the sex of the person its usually used when a person has you f***** up or something has done something f***** up!

F*** THE KIDS- I didn’t say it first Bernie Mac did! It’s usually when you tired and you need a break and them kids getting on your last nerves. When you talking to someone and you want it to be about you but they constantly talking about your children, but you don’t want to be a bad parent. Again, study your friend group before you go off saying that. Go watch the movie Soul Men.

READ THE ROOM- That’s just a polite way of telling someone to be quiet before they get talking too much. This when you ask somebody, you got me on speakerphone, and you proceed to tell them to take you off. Another one to add on is when black people say who all over there. Don’t be inviting me somewhere when its awkward as hell between you, your boo, or love ones.

IN A SENSE- When you trying to sum everything thang in one sentence that usually is a run on. Like don’t ask me again because here it go.

TAKE YOUR P**** TO GO- Meaning don’t be laying down and cuddling up with somebody when you know you ain’t trying to catch feelings. Just pack up and leave.

RELATIONSHIP SEX- Usually when you have sex with somebody like the rent is do and you wondering why they keep blowing up your phone. Chile, everything ain’t for everybody. And when I say rent do meaning you want him/her to be in your life, ask about your kids, and pay something on the light bill.

CHILE- WE KNOW IT’S A PART OF CONTINENT! But it usually when you got some tea to spill or you just downright exhausted and there is no need for the d on the end.

DON’T JUDGE ME- Meaning I did something messed up to you or my moral conscious and I don’t need you to be speaking on my situation like you ain’t never done nothing before.

YOU DUMB AS HELL- Usually when somebody who cracks jokes a lot say and do a lot of stuff that has you rolling.

F*** THEM FOLKS- Is a term used to dismiss a person or situation. It depends on if you and a person have beef but sometimes it’s usually when somebody keeps going on and on about something. Nine times out of ten you are trying not to be disrespectful, but you want to them to know you don’t care about the subject.

COME ON NA- Kinda like the word above buts its usually when you are in a rush or trying to get somebody to speed the conversation or situation along.

MAD A** H*** SYNDROME- When you see people hating on somebody that they have no business speaking on. Usually when two or more people who don’t like you go link up with somebody who already don’t like you, so they keep this energy going only because of somebody else.

SASSY- Usually a term I use for men when they are having, they male periods. When they always have an attitude for no reason and be itching to start with you. Usually you respond with somebody being real sassy today.

NIGGA- NOW DEPENDING ON YOUR RACE YOU CAN’T SAY IT. POINT BLANK PERIOD. But its usually when a black person is talking about someone and they don’t care about your ethnicity they just trying to get they point across. Sometimes it can be used to get someone attention like chill out with all that D***

Now you probably reading this and saying she didn’t write none of this write, I did. I wrote it in Ebonics and my nigga terminology. So, you can see how I talk when you read it out and sound slow as HELL TOO!



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