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Virgo Season Energy Reading


Tis the season to be jolly, be mindful of the obligations you place on your back. It is the season to just relax. I don't mean to get comfortable, it means to be more alert about what is going on around you and in you. Because there is a chill energy coming up in this season and anyone bringing forth some type of drama the time is to say aht, aht. I don’t know who needs to hear this but it is time to start christmas shopping because there is this lazy energy that is about that seems to be rolling over through the months. It's the time to get focused on the things that you do or do not want in your life. Basically start planning for the new year like we are living in the new year. Some of you are looking for a fresh start and this is the season. It may not have that crisp to the air about it but it is genuine.

This would be more of a time where you find people seeking outward approval from others. Some friends may come off as clinging, entitled, and even goth like and not the good kind. Some people haven’t been eating right and wasting their time lottiegagging that they haven’t been focused on what is important. The blast of the past is always there so if you know you haven’t wrapped up any karma it is time to be honest with Father Time about the things it is you do and do not want in your life. If you practice any form of divination this would be the perfect time to fall into your craft. No, I'm not talking about hexing and cursing but building a better connection with your spirit guides,God, Source, Universe, and your ancestors. The spiritual plane has been off for a minute because we have so many people tapping in the matrix and treating it like santa claus constantly asking for shit. And not balancing it out because people feel like they don’t have to give back to mother nature.

Look around your neighborhood do you see any trash? If so, be a kind fellow and pick it up. Because the earth really needs it at this time if you could plant and plant with no intention hell maybe even a tree it might help. I don't know who needs to hear this but stay your ass out of that sea. Because she is giving beautiful, but dangerous at this time. It is the time where you just go to just embody its essence and not take advantage of it. If we are being honest some of y’all barely put out biodegradable things for all of them of the offerings y’all be giving be doing more harm than good. I don’t know who has been trying to connect with nature spirits but they are saying don’t do that. Some of them don’t want to connect with you. Only a few know that they will come to them. And they have been presenting themselves as that on the physical plane.

I don't know who practices with the Orisha but they are calling you to be more earthly somebody who has to get out in some dirt. Do some rituals on dry land and not the water because I'm telling you something is going on in that damn sea. I don’t know if you niggas tried to summon the lochness monster or some but it’s something down there that doesnt want to be fucked with it. And our idiotic ass is like “OH, my god the water is so pretty lets take a swim.” Now if you know your setup with the water then cool but for others it’s like some supernatural events that has been happening that can’t even be explained at this time. The time is now to forge ahead with your plans for those with soup kitchens, homeless shelter, and stocking up your survival kits especially for my nomades. Because the winter is about to be cold. And let me tell you I want to be in a onesie with some purchased coffee cups with cocoa in them. Possibly laid up with your baby daddy. You can have mines we can swap out but I don't have a return policy only on readings.

Just kidding, this message is getting too serious for me. I don't know who has just come out of therapy and has been practicing bettering their boundaries but this is the time to stick to them because you have some people who may try it. And this may not be in a malicious manner but it’s time to honor your no’s and to know when enough is enough. Because the song that came across was Harry Hippie by Bobby Womack literally that's the song for the month. And let me tell you if that nigga wasn’t tired of helping people who wasn’t trying to help themselves I dont know what the hell you was listening to. And don’t take that personally, but sometimes you can give too much and be too open that you rarely recognize what it is that you need. Oh, before we get into the elements somebody needs to slow down on the astral projection thing because its fucking up your breathing methods. Somebody be feeling like they have bronchitis or sinus problems because you're not grounded so when you go up. You don’t come all the way down the physical body maybe on the earthly plane but the mind is in the 9 dimension and above. Your body doesn't know how to be in homeostasis at once because someone haven’t trained it to do so.


FIRE: Heavy is the head who wears the crown. Someone may be experiencing a lot of pressure on their crown because someone is going through some ascension period, maybe an activation. You may even feel like people are pressuring you to do things that you don’t want to do. It may even feel like an obligation too and that's the problem because someone is in their down season. Ready to travel the world and be in a cabana where nobody knows their name. Come get me I FUCKING HATE IT HERE! Now, I know y’all girls like to tussle so don’t come out your girdle sweetie. Because some of y’all got a calling on your life and somebody is going to have to get their heartbroke in order to move forward in life. Y’all ancestors said y’all hard headed anyway. It may seem cliche but whoever this person was they couldn't go with you to the next chapter in your life. They weren’t trying to change, they fiend for the chaos and the attention of people who wouldn't even spit on them if they were on fire. Yikes, that's how harsh some of these people were. For, others someone is making a reappearance into someone's life on some Rico Suave shit because they know the feelings you have for them haven’t disappeared. It may even be a lot of sexual chemistry. I hope it's more there so someone can get to the 10 of cups because your spirit guides said you need it, bad. Some of y’all it’s just a crush you see from time to time when you go out and about possibly running or doing psychical activities. Before we close this out, someone has to incorporate some physical activities back in your life because that's how you keep a lot of stagnant energy in your legs and arms. Get off the couch and walk to the bed. That’s a good girl. BYE

WATER: You would be the one with the family issues. Water signs when are we going to have a chill time and no drama. As I say this with a stressed out meme with tears in my eyes to hide my blind rage from people. No, seriously someone has to tell their mom to shut up and not in a bad way because she is a mood killer and rain man. She expects you to always come through for her when she rarely does it for you. You even question yourself why, do you even deal with her? Seriously. If it isn’t the constant arguments you have, the need for you to be the parent, and coddle her needs all of the time. For some of you there may even be a stint in the connection as we speak because she expects you to reach out to her. I heard don’t do it because it will only ruin your happiness. Somebody is too far gone in life to accept that toxicity back into their life. You may yearn for her but if you don’t keep going you’ll allow her to come back into your life. And it will always come with turmoil. She makes everything about her. She really doesn't care about your needs. I see someone picking out things for a wedding they don’t even want to be in and they straight walk out. She only likes to do things that make her look good. I promise this is that scene off of Tyler Perry No Good Deeds. You feel like this person lacks no substance at all and they definitely don’t get you. She is only a perfect match to one of your mothers, not you. Someone is going to have let their mother down and say I can't do this anymore because you're unhappy. It may come off as dramatic but she’ll get it. It’s just she has been so focused in her own world that she hasn’t had the time to see that she was in the wrong. And like that she goes back to the same person every time. Everytime you see a glimmer of hope she lets you back down. I’m sorry to say this but it’s like you break your own heart in this story. Sad face emoji. Remember the whole reading applies to each sign.

EARTH: Are you ready to get out of your own way to finally be happy? Because someone has been taking a load that the universe has been saying give it to me nigga. What is the purpose of this? Is it to prove your strength or you don’t need to feel any form of vulnerability, here? I’m just asking questions with a loaded gun that is specially targeted to y'all signs. I don’t know who needs to hear this but poverty isn’t coming back anytime soon unless you don’t know how to save, budget, or live a little. If you cling to money tightly it finds a way to leave your hands. Be to loose and lose it all it is about balance. For some it is time to retire because someone has been working the same job and doing the same things and it's boring. Do you even enjoy your money? Honestly, this feels so by the books and it’s giving snooze fest. Do you live a little? Have you even smiled genuinely without doing anything for anyone else? Who is this that is emotionally reserved but jumping for joy when they see somebody. Is this that I got to play it cool so she/he want see me sweat ass nigga? I get it. Meanwhile why earth signs are in lala land somebody's child is fina be getting ready to go off to college. Yay, but the mama might NOT BE happy because she is going to have the empty nest syndrome. Please don’t let your mama have a baby because somebody's sibling fina be babysitting because it sholl won’t be me. Well, ima keep my mouth closed. Before I go because I’m about to snitch one of y’all kids they be sneaking out late and stealing money from one of y’all. Child, y’all messy bye.

AIR: Somebody is holding a grudge against somebody and baby they don’t want to let this go and they feel justified. Even though they played a role in this situation going awry. Child, you can’t get them to see the other side of the pillow. Metaphorically speaking. Somebody feels like they have been giving too much while they receive too little of the connection. Ugh, y’all would be a love reading. For some this is true. Someone had someone at their beck and call and now they don't have this person twiddling around their fingers no more. Everything is a problem. And preferably this person liked it that way because they played someone like a yoyo and they know it. If you listen to this story you’ll see how quickly they were the problem . If this is a friend you might have to side eye and just say okay every now and then. Because bringing clarity to this is only going to bring more drama into your life. And maybe even cause a rift in your connection with this person especially if they are a friend. Have you ever seen them men that want their girl back but they know damn well they broke that person mentally. That's this person. They were crying over spilled milk because they didn't know how good they got it. Baby it is time to start the grieving process because this person is long gone. If this isn’t about a relationship this is someone that is going through a transformative period in their life and baby you ain’t about to play with them no more. They don’t want to argue with you, bicker, and go round for round with you anymore. Somebody is finally growing up and being on their grown woman and man shit. They can’t change every wrong but they sholl don’t want to live in misery anymore with you or themselves. Whatever you have been wishing for is coming into fruition. BYE!


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