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Virgo Season Energy Reading


Tis the season to be jolly fa la, la, la, la, la. Is it me or does it feel like Christmas is right around the corner and I haven’t secured my sugar daddy yet for kids Christmas gifts? Oh, the pain and the agony I feel deep down in my chest because I know could’ve been got, they shit but I been around here hanging in the chow line. No, seriously I only have one child by the way, but I resonate with this story so hard. Sighs, any who let’s get into this monthly energy reading.

Now, I’m debating if I want to take the month off from doing tarot because I’m tired ok, but I said wasn’t going to leave you lonely. Because while Virgo season is here, I want to be in the move the energy that is coming in and I have a lot of shit I need to do. And we fina talk about it, baby because the message I got was getting your affairs in order. Now, I know since Covieisha ass been around she been shaking up things got us all lazy and doing things to past time. Well, I believe in the term new year me, and I would like to stay this way. I like knowing and when and when not to let my inner Phoenix out so I can turn into another person for the next chapter of my life.

It may seem weird to some but knowing when the Phoenix energy is arising in your life it can keep you on toes. Why because like I said in Leo season body dysmorphia was at an all-time high, what to wear, how to speak, and to think. Me on the other hand not resonating with any of it I said to myself this is it, this is where I let my Phoenix do her thing. Because the routines I had set up in my life with friends, family, lovers, and jobs had me on the other hand like when is my break.

If you’re familiar with the Moonology Oracle Deck then you know the new moon talks about its a time to give rather than take and the full moon also says you are good enough. And child that’s where I’m trying to be creating some space between being Captain Save A H** and WHAT ABOUT WHAT I NEED, in my Effie White voice. Because every time Virgo season comes up, I’m always told the same messages and this time I want to hear something different. So, lets into what I heard.

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Wanting too Much For Nothing- Now this can go two or many ways because majority of you thought about things you spend your money on. While I thought about the relationships you have with people, your favorite places you like to go, the content we watch, and last but least the things we spend our money on. I get it we are all human and sometimes we get tired, but if we don’t know how to communicate those things and have proper boundaries with ourselves and others. Everything we ask for or seem to want is going to fall upon deaf ears and by deaf and I mean those selectively hearing individuals who heard you the first time and just want you to repeat yourself.

An spoken like a person who has a couple of earth placements I can be apathetic to other people issues at times when I feel emotionally used up, drained, and not tended to myself. It’s a part of human nature, its not that you don’t care its sometimes that last care you have is only for you. That’s okay its just how you go about your wanting to be okay. Is it at the expense of other people? Is it stealing the spotlight because you feel your issues is more important? Is emotionally suppressing your needs because you feel right now its not important and you’ll get back to it is questions you have to ask yourself?


Over Doing Everything – Chile learn how to say no and get you some rest because when people see that you are eager, willingly, and have no boundaries they will take advantage of that. You’ll be looking SpongeBob when he had the suds and Mr. Krabs still wanted that nigga to work and he still showed up. Because he was loyal and committed to doing his job but did his job appreciate him? If anybody own the Hoodoo Tarot, please pull out that seven of swords don’t that card give you Virgo vibes. Or is it just me?

Be mindful of trying to get everyone on the same page, to do things you feel is right, and being the accountability police. I’m sorry Virgos don’t drag me but y’all are the queens and kings of I can dish it, but I can’t take it. Now keep in mind every Virgo is different so if it’s not you just Thank God and keep it moving. Now in the tarot community and the worldly perspective y’all hold the number 9 down and let me tell you that number 9 energy ain’t nothing nice.

It could lead to stagnancy, complacency, and ungratefulness that it causes you to be in state of your life where you only feel grief. Y’all do in someway rule the central nervous system and that causes depression, overeating, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

The Humbling (9 R's) (

The goal for Virgo Season is to decompress, align, to be honest, and to revive yourself. This is the time to remove the blockages and the things that no longer serve you. Whether it be clothes, shoes, hair, weaves, books, toys, friends, routines, behavioral problems, food, medicine, cars, cleaning out your garage, electronics, furniture, and home renovations could be a thing too. Have fun but knowing when to cut the party off is a lesson many haven’t learned yet.


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