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Virgo Season

You ain’t got to home but you got to get up out of here. We have four days left in Virgo season and baby when I tell you I am tired and ready to see its early departure. You just don’t know I have my bags packed this season packed up and ready for it to shift into the Libra season. Hell, just get us out the number 9’s and move us into the other months. This month has felt so long and drawn out. Cancer season and Gemini season felt the same.

I was like how many days are in the month. That’s a rhetorical question by the way. Any who but is it me that has been in this I don’t want to do anything, but I need to be doing something to feel productive type energy. If the answer is yes, then baby that is Virgo season they ass don’t know how to be still and sit and enjoy the moment. They be acting like that grandma that’s always cooking, cleaning, and hollering at the kids telling them what they need to do.

When all you want to do is tell her to sit down but that’s what she needs to do to make her happy, but you know lowkey she is burning herself out. Yes, collective that is us we have been trying to push through this quarantine energy of being bored, talking through our feelings, eating, drinking, and sleeping. Now yall know I don’t usually make these astrological type post but baby this quarantine has had me over here self-reflecting on a lot.

Like how many cereals are in the box, like why do I push on pull doors, and how many times I need to do my hair? I have just been all over the place and this ain’t that type of bored where you just relaxing and shutting up type of energy, this is that I thought we was going Chuck E. Cheese type energy. You know when the kids keep reminding you of everything you were supposed to be doing but they can’t even remember to take out the meat energy.

That’s how I been feeling on some start and stop type energy, you know that meme of that little girl where she is laying in the floor looking pissed at the world that is us collective. I don’t know about you, but my inner child has been crying to get out and do something that doesn’t require me to be in full adult mode. To let loose. In the monthly tarot readings, I told people to don’t allow Virgo season to put so much pressure on you to be something you are not.

Earth signs can be a never-ending type energy it’s like trying to pull a tree up by its vine only to find out that its root is under somebody else’s house. So, trying to get a tree in a 30-day timing is fricking impossible but plants need time to grow. Some days you’re going to forget to water your plants, give it sun light, and just stare in the beauty you have created. But Virgo season will have your ass thinking you’re supposed to accumulate everything in one process and that’s not healthy.

The challenges and resistances you feel maybe is saying slow down what is the rush this is the harvesting season to come up with plans and tangible results. This is the testing season to figure out what doesn’t work for you because while we are in this divinely pause this is the time to basically get your shit together. This is the season for you to sample what doesn’t work for you so when the New Year, new me energy hit you can know exactly what is it you have planned to take the world by storm. Even if your plans aren’t as big as getting the world to know you name.

Hell, it can be to be an active parent set your plans in action and start making healthy sacrifices that’s in alignment with what it is you need. If it’s cutting some people, habits, and situations out of your life then get to it. Even though this is complacency energy that doesn’t mean that you can’t pay attention to the routine that has out in your life with people, places, and things.

I say all this to say farewell Virgo season because you know what comes after Libra season, Scorpio season baby. And I am ready to be in a onesie drinking hot cocoa over some nigga house pretending we got a fireplace singing some Christmas carols. When lowkey if he ain’t buying me a gift I’m cutting up and making a scene saying you don’t appreciate me WOW. After all we been through when really, I’m just his holiday girlfriend because he doesn’t like to spend the holidays alone. LMMFAO.

Yall I just made all that shit up but hey if it works for me it will and don’t judge me cause I got to get the bills paid one way or another. She needs a sugar daddy asap. Drop down in the comments and tell them what my Cash App is, PayPal, and Zelle is? And not you scamming as niggas that be saying I got you and trying to flex because your girl about to put you put so you gotta finesse another person. Boy if you don’t go be an escort or some and get tf on.



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