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Virgo Monthly Reading


Keywords: doing too much, open and receptive, working on communication, being direct, skipping over the fine print, taboo, read the fine print, discuss it with the team next time, adoption, weakest link in the group, inception, mind control, Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Pisces, and Aquarius.

Somebody stole something from you and they are nervous about you finding out. Now this could be kids because it's showing me a child sneaking around and they don't want you to know. I don't know if this is a jester spirit driven person or they are like trickster when it comes to doing things they find funny. For others you have someone who has been playing it small when it comes to voicing some form of concern about an issue. It's like everybody wants to have a tough conversation and someone is running away. It's like someone am sense the vibe is about to change and decides to walk away before it starts.

This person knows that this change is going to impact them or something will spoken about the things they have done. So they keep pushing the goal back because they don't want address the issue and be called out about it. Someone thinks they can keep using the spirit of avoidance and spirit is going push they avoidant ass right in your face. And it's going to be like damn. It's an organic bump in but it is awkward because they are making it that way. This could be someone who has been stalking you too. They may want to give you something but they don't know how to present a gift or letter to you.

This person is nosey ass hell because they have been probing all through your things. This the type of person that while start and argument with you because they found something out about you that you was keeping it a secret. Girl if you don't get your ass on. First off why are they so nosey? 👀🧐😟

Getting back on subject if you where waiting on an acceptance letter this person got it. This could be a letter to a mystical school, a job, promotion, or approval for a loan. This person stole it and the only reason they giving it back is because they can't cash this check or go in your place. This person is not your friend and I think you maybe coming to realize this. It's a shocker that comes with this because you and this lesson have such great chemistry. So, this betrayal gone come out of left field when you sit down and get it together. I got the perfect meme for this

It's the realization that this person went this low and I don't blame you because I don't think you where operating of the energy of thinking people are out for you. I don't think this was the goal neither this personal just do spiteful things like this. It could be for money or just because they go through moments where they like destruction. So if it comes with hurting you so be it but they really don't be thinking about hurting you. It's just I'm going to do it and I don't care about how you feel. It feels a bit of a narcissist control. They don't have to be a narcissist but they do have a sprinkle of it.

So, maybe wiping this person out of your life for good or removing some form of control they have your assets. I DON'T KNOW WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS BUT STOP GOING DOWN TO THEM RAILROADS. You gone fuck around and have something follow you back and then you are going to have people looking at you crazy. Because it going to alter your whole personality because this thing loookg for a place to stay. And you maybe the perfect vessel for this entity. All ima say is just be mindful of the practices you are doing at this time because the truth may not be present.

If you feel that something is off about a person just make sure you look into it before you go off looking for joy. Because somebody is shady and doing some shady things. If you are looking for new business partners just look around and thoroughly because the energy of deception is around. It gives me the old tail of don't tell a man what your last man did because he'll only be a better man than your last man to make you feel as if you are deserving of their less. So, apply that message to what area it needs to applied to in your life. Don't reveal so much but at the same time if you don't want to cut off who you are. Then just keep your boundaries on 10. Because if someone is trying to play you they'll see that you protect yourself and they'll have to work harder to destroy you. And if they have to work to hard for it remember they'll always expose themselves.


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