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Virgo Monthly Reading


Somebody be on TikTok too much because I keep hearing that clip singing, oops it’s hot let's get it, get it, get it. Now that could be someone constantly watching, doing, and saying the same things over and over again to possibly brainwash you. But, the message is how you are doing because the people want to know. Now this could be someone that is nosey all in your affairs. Flip the roles if you need to but the person who is asking isn’t really being genuine when it comes to certain things. And I think you may be catching onto this because whoever this is exhausting. It’s like being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want you to leave, move, or go do anything that benefits you. God speed because I'm going to speed right on past that.

Someone maybe owing you some money and this person doesn’t want to pay up they maybe down to the courts lying about their financial affairs expecting a lover or loved one to pick up their debt. And spirit said not today because whoever this is judge or lawyer is knows that someone is full of it, and this is going to cause someone to have to get a restrainer order. For some of you this could be some form of blackmail going on where someone is trying to squeeze some finances out of you. For others this could be someone that is trying to bully, belittle, or even extort you for some form of cash. They expect you to keep the well on in their life. Long as you are around the money flows when you leave the money isn’t flowing for someone. If there are any business projects going on at this time, make sure that you have your lawyers and team to look over things that you can not see.

Because someone is trying to pull a fast on someone, I keep hearing collect their debt whether this is psychical, mental, or spiritual debt. Somebody wants you to pick up the pieces and let me tell you I don’t know where this shit starts or begins. Somebody is about to put someone in their place and possibly stand up to their bully because whoever this is has struck a nerve with someone. When they do stand up to whoever this is they are going to make this person feel small. And let me tell you, this person may take this as an attack because they thought their ego was so big and they really were a burden. They drained you energetically so you might have felt like a child in this situation and even timid because somebody was stealing energy from your solar plexus.

Whoever this is, that is a bully in your life is going to be mad when you put them in their place because they knew what to say to affect your confidence. Your response alone gone make this person shut the fuck up because they were expecting you to retaliate in the same way they did. So, you calling out the truth about this person characters is going to be the bully getting laughed at by they own friends. To their friends they think this funny because this person has continuously kept someone's name in their mouth, always had something negative to say, and always thought they were right in every situation. Looks like someone has finally shut something down for good and made some people run away. For others you had people that were waiting on you to speak your truth because they got tired of you not saying anything. Because they thought you were scared of this person. When the whole time they weren't handling a situation properly. And somebody had to sit down and think about the response they needed to get some type of justice.

Because if it was some drama going on let me tell you, that shit seems like it wasn’t going to stop. This could be a person who is hypercritical of everything you do even down to the way you parent your child. For some of you, you even got into an altercation about your children with a parent or mother figure because they thought it was cute to attack you in court for your kid. For some of you, you got some jealous hearted folks even kinfolks who try to hold you back from moving on in love. Maybe they find this person attractive or feel like they deserve someone, and you don’t. And the grudge you thought was over seems to keep popping back up again because someone just won’t let this go with you. For others they don’t want to accept that you are over it. So, this person tries to sit and come up with antagonist ways to piss you off over and over again.

Baby, they are miserable once you realize this, you don’t have to have this energetic exchange with this person. Because they are so dead set on this behavior to keep happening and you can’t do anything about it. This is why spirit could be nudging some of you guys to go to court because it’s someone that has some stalker tendencies on their hands and have bouts of anger. For those of you who made a bet I see someone that is fair man who is willing to honor their part of the deal because they lost fair and square. For some of you, you had to figure this person out to become strategic because they go low when it comes to being seen and heard. For others spirit is calling you to nip something in the bud because this Queen of Wands in reverse is bound to do anything to get a reaction or a response out of you.

Whoever this is, has suffered some form of a terrible fate and more to come. But hey a hard head makes a soft ass. You can’t tell anybody nothing in this day and age and so it’s hard to help someone when they don’t want to listen to you. Remember you can always hold a handout to someone but don’t have to hurt yourself trying to be a light to those who might not need it.



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