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Virgo Monthly Reading


Someone is chasing their own tail in a situation, and it is exhausting, and nobody can tell them nothing. The battle someone has is more with themselves but they make it about others when that is not the case. On the other hand, you have someone who is sitting on millions of dollars worth of talent and it is frustrating you because you don’t know why they don’t execute themselves. Ask yourself why are you making something a thing again when it doesn’t have to be. Some people come around in due time. I was fina say is someone a talent scout or work for some agency when King of Pentacles in reversed, Star in reverse, and Temperance fell flat out. Someone may feel like the market is oversaturated with things that doesn’t serve you or the people. You may be looking for someone who has that it factor.

But being closed-minded, focused just on the money, and looks is the reason why you aren't getting what it is you need at this state and time. For others it comes off like I got to replace this money that’s pouring out when you may not be seeing it that way. Your approach to money and deals is the reason why someone is feeling creatively blocked or just so over certain things and people it’s like someone has forgotten to put the phone down and go outside. You maybe wanting to hide when it's time to come out and play. It’s like someone is trying to douse out their own light so they won’t shine in a room full of people. This may even be a person who even downplays their achievements, it doesn’t seem like it comes from a place of shyness, but somebody is at peace with themselves.

For others that friend that be putting on all the time that be popping bottles and acting like they got it all of time maybe going into hiding because they use money as a flex over other people and they didn’t share with those in need. It gives the energy of a person who gives to people only for show but not because they feel like a person needs it. They may even be a monster behind closed doors, and they are struggling with the wheels turning out of their favor. On the positive side somebody is pregnant, but it comes with a high-risk pregnancy that leads to someone being on bed rest due to other health complications. For others I am sorry for your loss when it comes down to losing a child. Because fertility issues may have been a thing for a while. Someone may need some counseling or therapy because they are on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

For others you have health issues that seem to be present at this state and time and someone needs to get their health back on track. Because they may be feeling weak, lethargic, and even sick to their stomach. Someone may have the flu or flu like symptoms. For others this is someone who is recuperating from an illness that almost took them out and whoever hardheaded ass this is, is still trying to be Mr./Ms. Cool when they need to go lay, they ass down. That gunshot wound ain’t gone heal itself because it some nerves that is close to a vein it may or may not have been removed all of the way. It’s just shows me the flow of the blood going in the opposite direction in that target area. So, someone may be prone to experience some form of numbness in the limb. RESEARCH THAT!

For others this has awakened someone up all the way up because they have child support issues, legal affairs, and they just now realizing that if they croak on out; that nobody can hold it down or even take care of their kids like them. It's kind of disgusting when you think about it because somebody mind maybe running a thousand miles per hour when they really need to take life bit by bit. For others you have a deranged ex who is trying to block you from love, they don’t want you to be happy for shit. If they could slow down the time baby, your lover would be fighting through the matrix like Barry on the flash. Just so you won’t be in love until they get, they shit together. It gives the meme I love you where the dude is singing outside of the window with the guitar to the girl. *GOOGLE IT! *

If you aren’t privy to your environment and paperwork someone may be trying to steal something from someone, maybe even you. They have been lying about the things they have been doing and this could result in a company damn near going broke because someone has been transferring funds and taking them somewhere else. You think someone is making big purchases when the whole time they are lying about expenses. If you have any creative endeavors going on you have someone that has been selling your secrets, sauce, and juice to other people because they have been trying to get it on their own. For others they did it because somebody fell ill, and they thought they did what was best for them. When the whole-time spirit was trying to show somebody to slow down because they had been trying to show them something about the people, places, and things around.

Somebody moves too fast in certain situations, maybe in bed too. Hey, I ain’t judging but sometimes some sex don’t be worth the hassle. Someone may even find out they have been sleeping with the enemy and this person means them no good. For others in those friends group you may find out that somebody is jealous of you and they don’t like you at all. They hate you or someone around you and someone is trying to get the hell away from that. Someone maybe trying to get the hell away from that because they know some shit is getting out of control. I would just say watch your comments because the baiters are out looking for drama on the prowl by any means necessary.

If you have had any ceremonial spiritual practices done or received any crowning shut your mouth for about six months. Because someone isn’t going to be as happy about someone newfound faith, happiness, or restoration. They are looking for any way to destroy, stop, or block you. And it’s messed up because you can’t even take it personally because this person does it to everybody. If you are marrying someone attractive this may be someone who will make you feel insecure because they feel like they should have them. Even if they don’t want them. It's kind of sick because this person has this tic for tac syndrome, and they are some kind of emotional machoistic. Who gets on off on making people squirm and ponder about things because they like to operate in the guise of emotional confusion. We just did a reading on live about this a couple days ago.

How I said it was a group of friends, lovers, work colleagues, and even associates who fell out because of this person's tactics or spell work. MORAL OF THE STORY IF IT DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE IT DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT! IT DOESNT HAVE BE SAID IN HASTE, ANGER, OR TRYING TO MAKING A POINT A VALID, A FIRM NO WILL SUFFICE! BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE WILL TRY YOU THE HELL OUT OF YOU!

KEYWORDS: end of time, love, unrequited, fake support, fake guides, fake news, frenemies, bad vibes, being kind to unkind people and lack of support.


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