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Virgo Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: Wait a Minute by Willow Smith, pause, think before you speak and act, consciousness, clarity, openness, feeling your feelings, emotional expression, spiritual view, Change for You by Jaheim, and out of this world gorgeous.

Somebody got a crush on you I was trying to find that reading for you about you having a crush on somebody and I said keep your mouth closed because somebody may purposely go after the person you want. And it may start in doubt or they may literally go off and try to have sex with person, fake fall in love with only to humiliate you. Y'all had another blog that relate to your now. Virgo Watch Your Thoughts. Somebody Knows How To Turn A Good Time Dark

I just heard someone tell somebody to shut up because they either calling somebody out or they tired of hearing all of their lies. For some this shit has been going on for too long and you feel as if you have had enough and you want to get to the bottom of it. This may have been a person who has wronged you in some sort or pulled you into some drama and you keep asking yourself why? Why, you keep listening to them or why they do what they do. I see you having a sit down and thinking you have come to a conclusion and just right when you think you are through this person is back on they bullshit.

What you gone do keep falling for it or decide that you don’t have to deal with it. It may seem easy when it's not but it's going to be someone emotional work that comes with it. When you do this you will be able to drop things with ease and go after the things that actually brings you happiness. If you have been caring too much for others you may be called to pull back and as I say this repetitively some folks ain’t gone like it. I think this is a running theme for you in my messages. You constantly showing up for people because they know you will or you going over and beyond to achieve your goals so people expect this behavior from you all the time. Are you dealing with a Taurus because they was just polar opposite to this message.

It's like you can't be human around them and they expect you to show no emotions when it comes to things that bother you or displease you. It's like fuck your feelings I'm important and let's focus on me because I matter at this time. WHAT THE HELL? For as entrepreneurship I think you are going to go the independent approach when it comes to ideas because some people are fine with staying in the box. Meanwhile telling you step out of you comfort zone stop playing it safe. Stop applying for jobs that don’t serve you, if you get declined try another one. Why I feel like this some shit you would say to me. Who is this that keep saying patience is a virtue child you would run me up a wall with that.

It's not saying that it's not needed but I think sometimes people be wanting more of emotional engaging conversations from you. I see you saying why didn’t you say that but Virgo humor me for once is what somebody is saying. Your spirit guides maybe calling you to a particular place, job, career, relationships, or friendships at this state and time. It doesn’t feel disingenuous but it does feels a bit Scorpionic like someone is luring you bit by bit. Like I will tell you this and I will tell you this but only on my terms. Are into BDSM or are you writing a book? Seriously because that is what you are giving. Someone has a protégé that they pay no attention and I’m hearing the song sweet but a psycho nip that shit in the bud.

Because she is sneaky, condescending, and it comes off like she is looking up to you when any giving chance she would ruin you. It's giving I'm the new girl on the block like I'll follow up behind you to pretend to be the new girl on the block to keep up looks, but she comes with too much drama. It starts with conversations being repeated, speaking for you, even mimicking you in front of you face, and you pay it no mind. Now this don’t have to be you this could be someone you know who is doing this. It is giving real life doppelganger energy. You may meet this person at an event or a spiritual event and it leads to chaos.

Spirit said don’t be so quick to make amends when it comes to this relationship because she is meddling in someone affairs and possibly somebody love life. It's not saying you and this person want ever be close but take your time because you have to study this little thang. For some of y’all this person maybe trying to obtain your downloads and get into your mind such as; psychically attacking you, love spelling you, and hexing you. They bringing this drama to you so they can act like they didn’t know what they were doing when you know what you doing so, you gone look like the bad guy.

She may even try to take up your spiritual practices, go in the spirit realm, cloak herself as if it was you to bring you into a spiritual war that has nothing to do with you. Now Virgo this could be you but majority its somebody around you or who you may come in contact with. Being firm in your approach and not backing down off your boundaries will help you suffice in this relationship especially if y’all have to work together. I pray for you because I feel like you are saying pray me as I work this narky task. Sighs and walks off. It's like you're calling a loved one before you go somewhere to get out all of your negative thoughts and needing that pep talk before you go do your business. Sometimes you ask yourself is it really even worth it.



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