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Virgo Monthly Reading


Overall message Bob Marley Is It Love, force to be wrecking with, using your voice, walking away and finding courage on the way, and working on your solar plexus.

Don’t get discouraged because your overall messages were short, but you got a lot of cards sighs as I get ready to write this. Some of you guys have friends or know groups of individuals that is always in drama it leaves you or someone else in their head. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were suffering from headaches, shortness of breath, and fatigued all the time. Baby that’s stress and you need to let somethings go and for others it leaves you in some shit that need to be cleared up and swept out. Some of you guys have different belief systems on how things need to be healed and things never get healed.

It could be family issues or trying to keep the peace in certain situations, but it leaves someone feeling like they can’t start a new, see the good in life, or honoring the value of family. Some of you guys may suffer from boredom and it likes having a child who is always into shit because they need something to do. It is always something to do you just have to find what is that can keep your interest long enough other than that drama, third party relationships, and overextending your hand that has you thinking it is normal. It really isn’t it seems draining to me. Someone could be in a marriage but why is things coming up from the past? It is because somebody wasn’t paying attention to things in the beginning. It may remind someone of old childhood memories some good and bad and this is where self-sabotaging comes in or you’re going to understand the root of it.

Some of you guys have kids who like to go to school just to make friends and not do the work that teacher wants them to do. It isn’t a bad thing the child just likes people who are in loving energy, so they develop attachments to people who are like this. Maybe it makes them feel safe but for you that is good parenting it could seem stressful because I don’t want a teacher calling me all the time about my child. It could come off as attachment issues and emotional melt downs, but it will pass. Work on the things they can do by themselves instead of finding things they can do while you around them. Establish those boundaries now because you don’t want that come back and bit you in the ass. Now this could be your inner child because I did say your solar plexus was saying hello, pay attention to me.

So you maybe needy at times, wanting support, emotional understanding, but it may seem like at times you don’t receive that. It is okay to want to receive love, but you also have to know when to give it as well and sometimes love isn’t what you think it is. Spirit said you too picky and not in a bad way but that fickleness keeps you from being satisfied. You abuse your inner child because you don’t know how to be courageous at times it leads to doubt especially if it isn’t your normal style of fun. Some of y’all on social media looking fine or somebody who you broke up with is. Any baby they are stepping, skin glowing, looking happy, and joyous. I ain’t trying to rub it in but that is the energy they in. Now keep in mind this could be because somebody been spying.

Please get off they social media or you stay off social media because no matter how happy you are their will always be someone who will find a negative in someone happiness. Learn to let people live in peace so you can be peace too. Now I’m not saying you supposed shut up, no speak up for you want so you can be happy too. If people don’t give you want or they are not emotional available for, what is you need then stop giving your time to them. When we can see the change in a person, but they cannot see it in themselves it becomes dangerous for our sanity. Because we start to make up things that are not real about them no matter if they leave you and become their best with someone else. Its not that you can listen to you it is the fact that you didn’t listen to you.

I’m sorry for talking in these riddles but it’s a message in there you’ll figure it out when you take time out for you. Oh, and that mind game shit, manipulation tactics, and drama prone s***,please stop that because its robbing someone of they sleep and creating unwarranted health issues. Now keep in mind this could be you or the other party. It looks like you got some spiritual warfare going and like I said in the other blogs get ready to call up your prayer warriors because some of y’all going through it. If you signed any paperwork lately it is some shady dealings going on that has someone up all night about some of the choices, they have made. Somebody could be getting sued, foreclosed on, and having to file bankruptcy because of some shady paperwork. For some of y’all spirt said you knew and for others you were gouped and messed all the way around.

Jesus Christ nigga just be a hem in this reading. Leave them love spells alone and stop trying make somebody life hard by keeping tabs on them. As soon as you send it out they take whatever you offer and run the hell off. Now this could be love in general or friends for those of you not into magic. This month seems interesting for y’all because I know y’all hardheaded ass hell and don’t like to listen I just want to see how you going to get out of this.


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