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Virgo Energy Reading


Before we get started the words were undocumented territory. Now, I don't know if you need to make sure that you are dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s with business. Or you probably need to get a passport. Now for others you may need clearance before you go stepping into some unknown territory. This could be a spiritual conquest where you have those certain tribes who don't allow certain people in unless they call for you or someone is blessing you in. It kinda sounds like gang though if you think about it, but to keep traditional matters private everybody can’t come. And preferably in this day and age with the social media queens and kings I wouldn't have those moments recorded for other people to see. If this is some ritualistic ceremony just trust your gut if something feels off don’t go it but for others this is the spiritual moment you need to be reawakened.

Because for some of you have been feeling dead inside like is there more to life? Is this all that life has to offer when really you just weren't following your calling. Whoever this is that is going to be your elder? Is going to have their hands full with you. Because someone is hard headed as hell. And they go against the grain when it comes down to principalities. Go watch the Wheel of Time for references. Zodiac Signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Sagittatius, or it might even be a Scorpio and Taurus involved here too. All I'm saying is someone has her hands full because someone likes to play with that dark magic. Without thinking about the consequences it has on others. And this has been something someone has been doing for a long time. It’s like someone is performing big rituals with ill or wrong intent because of someone's greed, hate, jealousy, possessiveness, or envy.

And this is causing a lot of blow back onto other people especially if someone is using the element of fire. This person is trying to rewire someone's brain, thoughts, thinking, eating, and healthy routine habits. Baby you're full of shit and let's gone call a spade a spade right now. Because this is some enemy ass tactics like a motherfucker. Nothing about you or this is giving me a friend type vibes. It is giving control, manipulation, and coercion. It may be your thing but sweetie that is abuse or abusive behavior. Really spiritually intrusive and I don't think someone knows this. For others they do and this is what is going to expose you because you could’ve left old girl alone. This is what someone is saying and has said to you. For a multitude of times but your hard headed ass just continues to keep barking up a wailing tree and wondering why it is catching a fire.

Child, I got a collective to read on so let me gone get pass this. If it continues to come out then I’ll write on it. Let’s go. Someone may have a personality disorder and I think you and your friends need to have a discussion because someone may be taking your mood swings personally. So, you being all over the place is causing a lot of people emotional disturbances because of your lack of vulnerability is getting on some peoples nerves. It’s not because they lack emotional tolerance it’s just God damn what the hell is going on with you. Blowing hot and cold and then doing some of the most vicious shit when you don't get your way is kinda exhausting to deal with. When you can just rip the shame off and say hey this is what I was diagnosed with and this is not who I am! Period if someone wants to judge you for it then fuck them, hello.

It may seem more simple to say but constantly having to explain why you have been not showing up, dealing with a lot of depressing things, and constantly picking arguments is draining. You have to look at it from the other perspective. The average person doesn't know about mental illnesses and when someone thinks that is how you operate baby somebody gonna cut you off real quick. Because there are people who do use their diagnoses as an excuse to be a shitty person. Moral of the story, the conflict you and someone have could be resolved by two rational adults. But when you have someone who is accustomed to hiding who they are, they will find a way to villainize you so they can live comfortably in their false truth. #PYA #phuckyoanxiety

KEYWORDS: Conflict resolution, mediatator, negotiating skills, pinpointing ideas, getting to the heart of the matter, knowing when to shut up and leave things alone, finally walking away for good, and getting peace from a fall out.


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