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Virgo Energy Reading



Petty betty, witchcraft lies, domestic abuse, verbal abuse, Salem Witch Trails, disagreements, planned parenthood, daycare fees, legal fees, drama, lack of support, constant nuisances, arguments over the past, never letting shit go, lack of forward mobility, somebody keep saying they changing when they not, petty theft, crime lord, armed robbery, domestic assault, rape victim, many counts, sex trafficking, lawyers up to no good, and annoying nagging boyfriend, girlfriend, or ex.

WTF, is this? Did we just label somebody whole arrest record or somebody has this going on? This is why I am fonder of doing background checks on people because you never somebody like you think you do. Now for some this has something to do with someone past and they are a repeat offender now for some this is someone partner and they about to find out the hard way when they show up to court and let me tell you somebody jaws about to drop. Because someone has stepped into some deep shit and it’s fina be hard to get out of it. I kinda don’t want to do this reading because its going to dark for me. So, if you know what this person up against then fill in the blanks. For someone you have someone that tried to warn you or someone you love not to deal with or go down a certain path but they ain’t listen.

Whoever this is, is sneaky as hell and thought they was living the high life so they didn’t care about this person or getting to know them they just wanted to have fun. It maybe some drug charges involved in here too and someone is getting nervous and antsy about it and let me tell you this person is worrisome as hell. If it's not putting money on the books or answering the phones all of the time. It's like someone is serving a sentence and they are out of jail if this is they partner. It's like you or this person can’t date because this person wants this person to be on the phone 24/7 or always on go mode and they don’t care who or what around. As long as they ready to go when they call, they don’t care who the hell they have to leave behind. It's like this person has someone head gone so talking and giving advice won’t help because somebody too far gone. And for of you this may even be a friend or a baby mama that is going through this and they taking your ass through hell with this.

Someone is stress eating all of the time or not eating at all and constantly having stomach pains and aches. It may be due to drugs, drugging, or just general health issues but somebody mind is gone. I repeat this person mind is gone. Because if this is a friend, they may set you up for this person or maybe a set up queen for this individual this is why you supposed to check in with your friends from time to time. And stop ignoring your intuition when it comes to this person because they either high out they rabbit mind that they don’t even be remembering the shit they did until after they did what they did. And if they do something to you this why they always have an attitude towards you because they conscious guilty ass hell. Somebody is all about the money and they don’t care who they hurt in the process and they feel they deserve everything that is coming to you or anybody else.

This person feels very entitled to other people things no matter if they right or wrong. It's like this person is a boulder in somebody life and they know they way you down. Whether they be negative all of the time, nitpicking, starting fights, and always calling out your wrongs. They feel like they the King or Queen in this peace and nobody can ever call them out. It's giving watch your mouth type energy. Somebody be getting on social media and lying they ass off, telling everybody business but they own. They may even tell the details of your sex life or another person you know and its going to piss you the hell off. Because this person may even come for your parenting as a mother when they got they on shit going on. I heard don’t respond let it be.

Ms. Know it all will figure it out, whether she fina find out people ain’t her friend or she ain’t got it like she thinks she do whether this is with her friends, people, or places. Because somebody ain’t featuring Ms. Attitude because she got to get her life in order. Because somebody got a CPS complaint going on and it maybe family calling on each other. Now this the shit that piss me off because instead of people doing right by the kids, they’ll let them kids go to state and talk all that shit about the mama and not the sorry ass daddy. They won’t even bat an eye at helping the kids especially if it ain’t no money in it for them. For some you got some individuals who think this shit funny and I am hearing laughing is catching because one of y’all feel disgusted by hanging around or being around such people. It got you looking at them sideways with the behavior they been pulling off.

Because someone been too high on, they horse and it is causing people to look at them and gossip about the things they got going on. This person be claiming they spiritual and be starting shit and aggravating everybody around them if it ain’t that damn spell work they trying to cast it’s either gossip. It's like these people sit up and speak so badly and ill will of someone that they don’t know they already casting over a person. And that shit maybe coming back on them because it’s giving the I never but it sholl is ever. Because if people counted you out in this season, they about to feel you or whoever this. Don’t do business with whoever this is because somebody got some money laundering, they trying to pin on you or someone you know. And that shit is going to go down because they been committing tax fraud like a motherfucker.

That’s that spell work coming back on they ass. They thought it was gone come back in the form of a hex or a curse no ma’am that shit hitting everything precious around there. It's really giving Regina George and back from the grave. And don’t nobody want to hear what this person saying or doing because the whole group saying “I TOLD YOU SO!” Somebody didn’t want to leave something or someone alone and they kept bullying this person either for money, resources, finances, and everything. I don’t like this energy because its giving chaos and angry because whoever this is has been casting it and blaming it on you and for others it is you.

Really, it’s the company you keep. When they start lighting them candles baby you need to be getting the hell out of dodge because you don’t know what type of rituals theses fools be on. And someone is obsessed with this idea of putting a love spell on someone and it’s not working. I don’t know if it is because this person is protected or this person doesn’t need this work at all. For some their partner may have cheated on them and they are inquiring this service so this person won’t do it again. For others this individual doesn’t want to be heartbroken and this is why they trying to put this on a specific individual because they think this is going to make the relationship work. Whoever this is need to do road opener work and just cast for love to come in they life and be open to the signs and act as such. They also have to know intentions matter because the relationship may not last if this person doesn’t want to do the work required to maintain the connection.

And for some this all started because somebody got a crush on somebody from social media and this person trying to keep the focus or attention on themselves, hell even for money purposes. Learning the word, NO and seeing people true colors the first time will save you a lot of money on your car insurance by switching to Geico. Inserting those boundaries, honoring YOU when you feel uncomfortable, and knowing when to walk away can keep a lot of fights at bay. It isn't about being weak or socially selective but knowing you got a life to live.



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