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Tis the season to be jolly, because Saturn returns is here have no worry because for other this season it is bringing the things you need. Especially those who been experiencing blocks after, blocks, after blocks. Now the messages that came across was that this is the season to feel all off your feelings. To get to know what has been plaguing you and to do something about it whether this is to cry, heal, feel, jump, hop, and skip. Because for some of you, you haven’t been so nice when you get in your feelings. Some people have been in the reacting phase, not listening, toddler phase, and unable to see that everything doesn’t need a right now response but how do you feel response. Because in the message that I did on live it was about finding things out about the past that you didn’t know and for some it was going to blow your socks off your feet. I did a reading about almost two days and it’s just now uploading. You know the thieves be trying to steal content for readings so bear with a nigga. Hello, Destiny!

It hinted on how you may have to tell your spirit guides to block certain messages because some of those messages weren’t coming from spirit, it was coming from humans that is being that is being deceptive. Honor your intuition because you still have those who have been in the group chat that is trying to distort your mind when it comes down to messages. The other message that came across was forgive and forget but use caution. Now this is where it broke it down into the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. Like CBT methods like figuring out why do you respond to things you don’t like or do like and how do you deal with challenges that come up in your life. Ima be honest if some of you haven't been going to therapy your spirit guides has been screaming from the back go get help. And to my people who don’t think they need help just look at the path you are walking and ask yourself do you see yourself on this road for a long time. Because you got some people that need to be weeded out of life for good.

This isn't the I will love you from a distance but get the hell on because you bring nothing but bad into my life type vibes. Because a leopard doesn’t change it strips was the message for somebody. Because you have someone who likes to do things and turn around and play cool after you call them out. For others this could be I will wait till time passes by then show up and do the same things that causes you to fall out with them again. It could be to form some state of trauma bond with you or to keep you in a restless state because this person is tyrant when they can't get their way. It's like this person keep showing you who they are but some of you won’t get it until this person does something that goes too far or something that pushes you into harm’s way. Now for my professional fuckers in the group chat it’s time to go on a semen retention and that’s for you women too and just because you may not be having sex with someone this does include masturbating and sex toys.

Because some of you haven't been paying attention to what it you have been giving away. Some of you have been giving away your chi through sex, stop acting like the energy harvester ain’t in the group chat around here. Now, for some sex is massive hinderance for you, because for some of you, you aren’t able to fulfill your duties. It’s like it clouds your mind. It's like a drug for someone because you been accustomed to seek only satisfaction through sex. Now for my people in couples this could be the time where you could work on acts of intimacy like building the love, like, and lust back into the connection you have with your partners. Versus looking on the outside world to tell you what it is you need. If there are things that you want to explore, try telling and showing your partner. This doesn’t mean go out and by some sexy lingerie and get mad because this person isn’t focused on you.

This just drives the point back to where is your partners mind when it comes to life. Sometimes we forget everything isn't about us in a relationship we do have lives to live. And the people we come in contact with on day-to-day basis can have a massive impact on how we interact with our loved ones. Now if you are signing any deals at this state and time be mindful of who you are doing business with because you have someone who has this no take backs. I don’t know if this ethical or you are just going to have to push through a tough time. Because this person is only focused on the business of things. For my people who like to make pleas with spirits be mindful of what you sending off at this state and time because you may conjure up something that want go back so easy. Because I'm hearing a deal is a deal. You may be in the phase of finalizing something for good so you can get something over with because this has been exhausting.

And this could be something like purchasing a business, a restaurant, a store, home, or something that has to get an inspector to approve something for you. Because code of ethics came across, I don’t know if it something you or someone have done something that has them in trouble with upper management. Or this is a person who is going to test your morals when it comes to business because I'm hearing Mr. Big Stuff. So, this maybe a flirtatious person who maybe crossing someone's path to get something they want without any remorse of you and this indicative of gender. Because this person may think you are desperate for what you need, so there may be some type of power play dynamic going on. This is probably why this is person is in trouble now. For others this is basically someone who has been cashing stolen checks that are a part of someone's business and they have no affiliations to this person. This has something to do with contracts that have been signed in this person's name, promo work, purchases, and theft of property. Gawd, damn!

Before we get on out, I heard the words no love lost. If this is a person, they may still have love for you but they just can’t fuck with you. This may seem like this is beyond repair for some because whoever this is, they took it far when it came to you and didn’t give one single fuck. This message may hurt but this is the realization that someone is coming around too. Some people can be so hurt by the things you do and want nothing to do with you. Some people do leave people's life easily and wish you no malice because that betrayal be all you can think about at the time. But keep your heart three stacks.



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