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Have you ever encountered Twin Flame before and what the experience like? The reason I ask is because lately I have been getting those type of readings. And you know my whole spill on the Twin Flame journey I don’t think it’s bogus I just think it keeps people in a place where they continue to not choose themselves. They become so focused on the other person that they end up losing themselves. The lack of self respect, chaos, drama, and expansion that comes with it leaves people in a hopeless romantic situation.

It was funny to me because I said to myself if my Twin Flame walked up to me I wouldn’t know who the hell they where. I say all the time I’ll take a divine partnership before I go off on some conquest for a Twin Flame. Because in most cases it’s the worst parts of yourself that you see in someone. No, I’m not talking about your regular trauma bonded stories. I’m talking about the core ugly parts of you that is unwillingly to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That sometimes it can cause rejection to happen in the midst of the relationship.

Because contrary to popular belief you do not have chose your twin flame, you can be perfectly fine in a soul mate connection. I hate how the spiritual community has made soulmate relationships seem as if they aren’t important. When they are a key factor in your ancestor work you do; even though soulmate relationships bring comfort they also show us how we chose to keep doing the same things.

Just imagine you saying you desire change and it gets a bit rough and you meet someone from your past that is stuck in a loop of what you used to do. Child, a mess right because your soulmate doesn’t always equate to a relationship, sometimes it can your children, family, and friends. It’s just how we decide to move in those groups. That dictate our future self to get to where we are trying to go in life.

This was just a random thought I had that plagued me because if its who I think it is I’m so glad I don’t jump at every chance somebody say the he like me. NO IT AINT YOU DUCK LIPS OR ANXIOUS BETTY! Please go to hell on a spaceship with the problems you tote around like a badge of honor. But if there is anyone more experience feel free to share in the comment. I just know the more spiritual in-depth meaning and experience but not in the 3-D experience.

So, yeah you see this is where you guys come in. But I hope all is well and you doing what you need to do for you. To block, protect, remove, glow, and expand what is important in your life?


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