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I got some content coming but while you are waiting you can go over to my YouTube videos to hold you over. Y‘all know around the 21st to the end of the month is where we have this shortage on blogs because I be in them YouTube streets hoeing. Like a b**** on the come up because my rent money due and I be forgetting my kids at home. But the lifestyle I’m hustling for gone pay off. I got y’all hold your horses but watch a couple of videos.

I know for those of you that be looking for my channel I will add them to my forum so you can go over there and access it them that way.

I’m thinking about just going live from the website at night. Child, I been over here trying to figure things out while being spiritually exhausted. I know I ain’t the only one tapping in that Venusian energy by sleeping. Nap dates is one of my love languages I be needing that sleep so I can do fifty millions things at once and execute them at one time.

But go watch some content and calm your nerves. Okay..

And this one have fun with it because child I don’t know what the hell was going on. But the signs start at 33 minutes for those of y’all that be looking for sun signs.

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