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Separation Between You and your Intuition

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Following your intuition can be tricky when you usually just go against the grain and are always being impulsive. So, getting back up on the horse after you have felled down so many times can be hard. Life has funny way of gifting you the things you need in packages that you usually don’t find desirable. Y’all know I always say God has a way of sending you gifts that you usually just throw to side or necessarily don’t have time for that can be most valuable asset on journey in life.

But lately from the beings I have been energetically attached to or trying to attach to me don’t follow their intuition and are always pushing away the help away. The sneaky manipulative woe is me thing they do always land in them situations that allegedly make them victim. When truly some people like being the victim and don’t understand why they like it. Maybe it’s the attention people give them, or the work being avoided that they have to do in order to be accomplish a newness on life.

As I have been sitting back and self-reflecting, I noticed the masculine energy has been dying off and when I say dying off, I mean the ability to be able to lead. I always used to yell from the car by telling men to step in the power and I think they probably thought I was talking about money, cars, sex, drugs, and women. When actually it was the complete opposite.

I was talking about the ability to tap into the maternal aspects of them like sitting down and actually self-reflecting on the love they have been giving and how they exude that back to others. A lot of men really don’t know how to love hey I’m just the messenger don’t shoot me. I men not eating properly, sleeping properly, working to much, and chasing women and money is kinda unhealthy you ask me.

I mean men think that women are the other half of them, so they go into relationship trying to connect with others thinking it is normal when its totally not. This is why a lot of men land themselves in tricky situations where women take advantage of them and they have to use force to get the things they want because they value the 3-d more. And when I say 3-D I’m taking about this worldly bullshit of money, cars, clothes, and women.

You know in the words of an unevolved creature they say a man ain’t shit if he doesn’t have none of those things when I think if a man can’t honor his word then he is nothing to me. I mean you know how appealing or sexy it is for man to be able to hush the room with his voice. Not in an egotistical tyrannical type manner but the older woman that tell you baby we don’t do that and your hit with this wave of shame. You didn’t do anything wrong, but you know at that moment it wasn’t time for your antics. YES GAWD! CAN I GET An AMEN!

That’s a power that many men haven’t mastered in their life because the women always have to speak for or redo his errors because he is a bit much abrasive. So, instead of being appealing to get the things he need he takes it by force and gets mad when the collective of people are looking like we just got our ass whooped by mama because we didn’t wash the dishes. So, instead creating a room for people to able to have freedom to speak it creates a fear and silence because no one wants to upset the big bad BEAR!

So, because the masculine approach is to get it done by any means necessarily doesn’t mean that everybody is going to be happy. See when men who lead in the feminine energy, they are more prone to be taken advantage of by women, men, and children. Creating a damn right pushover until he finally stands up for himself and starts treating everybody like the people who used to hurt him. And that’s dangerous because in this Divinely pause a lot of people aren’t still getting the messages they need to get across.

So instead of a person being able to follow their intuition they find themselves stuck because a lot of men and women think that the other part of them is lost in another person when it’s actually in them all alone. I know y’all tired of me saying we are in the number 2 era so study it and learn it because it’s some good gems in there.

Before we are able to move on to the number three we have to be able to identify the wrong, the lost, the truth, and the light before we even move onto the mind, the body, and the spirit. So, yes it’s hard to admit our wrongs. Yes, it is hard to accept others when you want things to go your way but there is freedom in being able to stand in your light and accept who you are.

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