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Can we all acknowledge the fact that we shouldn’t have never hung out with certain people or met them. It was fun while it lasted but the fact that cognizance was thrown out the window so it ruined our lives. Whew! I’m all for a good time but when drama, set ups, and petty arguments come into place that is getting old. The older I get I see the old who fiend for drama and mischief that keeps the young coming after it.

I ask myself when will the riff raff be over but at this point I don’t give one single fuck. Because it seems as if the longer you feed into it you make that shit spread more than it should. The time people put into gathering people up to start shit, cast spells, and cause problems is disgusting. I mean negativity serves it’s purpose but the need to always serve it is so damn annoying.

To be honest it really is apart of the Ying and Yang of the universe but damn too much negativity and not enough positivity is throwing off the matrix. Like people not having money for stability, people having privacy, being able to raise they kids in peace, fuck in peace, and shop in peace is to much at times. Social media makes everybody feels famous or important. Because we communicate with people all across the globe who make us feel alive.

But the need to hang with every last one y’all of is insane. Because some people aren’t nice their weird, they may not fit into your environmental needs, they maybe the reasons why things are out of wack, they maybe the cause for your problems, and for some it may not be personally. It maybe their psychological setup so it causes you to act out of character because the physiology aspect is to need acceptance.

It is apart of the human experience but when the need to be accepted all the time by every group of people, is quite insane to me. Now I’m not saying go off and say some outlandish shit but dimming your light for people who don’t serve you or vice versa is crazy. Every time I turn around the people who claim they need help the most are always the problem starters. Like if you did some self reflection and learn how to read the room you could pull back on the problems you invoke over your life.

You’ll be amazed who be trying to cast a shadow on my happiness then turn around and say can you help. If my face don’t say go to hell my energy gone say it. It amazes me how people don’t have no shame in this day and age if my grandma was alive girl will be looking at some people crazy ass hell. I’m not saying other people needs are more important than yours but to actively cause someone harm emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially and say help me is CRAZY.

Social media is creating the most narcissistic, emotionally desensitized, and entitled individuals. Some people are okay with this so they push this agenda purposely because it’s leave you in misery with them. If they can get one person and you get one person to come along and play along that’s how they get you into that psychological maze. Before you know it you don’t even know who you are and now you’re trying to cope with your decisions.

Frequenting places, habits, and emotions searching for solace because you forgot you are sovereign ruler over your life. Be grateful for your weirdness that isn’t forced or contrived to make you out of something you are not. So mourn who you used to be and grief for the person who you are losing so you can become #PYA the best version of yourself. Just know everybody doesn’t want to be saved they lost hope along time ago and leave them alone.

Just know change is hard and some people know this so they purposely make things hard so you won’t change. Don’t give up but damn show don’t give into the matrix bullshit ass games. You got this. 👍🏽


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