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Understanding How Healing Works

Healing can have its ups and downs somedays you can feel like you’re on top of the world and then the other days it can feel like the world is on top of you. Healing is tricky some people think its finding one thing you don’t like about yourself and perfecting it. When in all honesty if it was one major issue it had to be repetitive to the point of being annoying. It probably affected the way you react emotionally, the way you act with other people, and it probably dictates your day to day actions. And some people think no let me just fix this one issue and all the other things you’re talking about won’t be a problem only to find out it still an issue.

Since spiritually has became a trendy topic most people find themselves doing just enough to feel empowered only for the souls and the inside of the mind to be crying out for help. I mean I could a do couple of rituals and read of couple and books and feel empowered if I hung around sheep and instead of the wolf pack. Who teaches me how iron sharpens my iron and teaches me how to survive and exist. And the reason for numbers in a time of need when we would want to isolate because the world can seem to be a scary a place. When you’re seeking shelter only to be found in the mist of chaos longing for peace in your soul. My friend that is what healing is like. It is finding a place to be understood to be raw and vulnerable and for a leader who learns from his/her mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Not from a place of judgement but from a place surety someone who isn’t tempted from the mistakes of others. Honestly, I would take this into consideration when we are seeking counsel from others because you don’t want to be affected by someone else’s need for control. If you have questions seek for understanding and if they don’t want to be open and honest remove yourself. I believe in leaving people in the condition that they came in if I can’t, won’t, or they aren’t willing to receive help. I believe your help maybe the next person in line. The help isn’t going to look like it should be your helper, this person doesn’t mirror you they mirror the parts you don’t acknowledge and that could cause great disdain. So be honest and cautious in your path to becoming whole.

How Healing Works

· The Mental/Aspect- This is where you keep the memories that keeps you tethered to your actions. Majority of the time we as humans bury things that happens to us in the subconscious because we lacked the proper emotional outlet. So, if we were forced to get over something or wasn’t taught to feel our emotions we act as if it didn’t happen. This is why when you tell people who are carnal minded and see with their physical eye somethings they are doing something is affecting you they have no remorse. Or the proper emotional response. It’s either they lack the proper way with dealing with things or that’s how they cope. So, majority of the change that is needed with people has to first start with the mind. The decision making and understanding relies on the mind.

· Emotional Aspect – Emotions can be immensely powerful when they need and want to be. Feeling your emotions is pretty normal. Being honest about emotional grievances is literally saying when so and so did this to me I didn’t like it. Versus someone who hides behind their emotions and allowing a person to do the same thing which leads to resentments. And when we resentment someone we tend to treat them the same way they treated us. It hurts you more in the end because you weren’t honest. People aren’t mind readers this is something I had to learn, and my horoscope said this today. That’s big Scorpio energy thinking somebody is supposed to know what you need from them. Boy I used to be pissed at a lot of people for no reason. But your emotions can be a useful tool in a time of need somehow its linked to your intuition. When they are effectively in use you can understand your role, their role, and life roles in situations. And the martyr complex vs sympathy an empathy role. Being honest about the emotional role something played in your life removes its power over you.

· Physiological Aspect- This is the body and normally the environmental factors. The body reacts different too different traumas and experiences. Some people who live more basely off their actions can become overwhelmed with fear because the mind and heart are in shutdown mode. Overall, those things and places you don’t like to go to because of past experiences play a specific role in your healing. This is why people try to avoid arguments in public places because of the social embarrassment and the lack of support from the nouns. Just don’t skip out on parts of your healing because your so focus on not being sad, angry, hateful, or resentful. Be careful not to place a lot of things in front your healing saying this is helping you heal.

· Spiritual Aspect- This is usually tethered to faith, practices, scientific reasons, and religious matters. This is where we can become to complacent in our faith asking the Divine, or the Metaphysical to bless us to get through times instead of learning the reasons why. Do you pray or ask for guidance to only ignore the guidance because it comes at the wrong time? Some of you have shunned out your spiritually because you either felt you didn’t get what you wanted instead of asking for what you need. Meanwhile some of you had some shitty counselors who didn’t walk the talk because they were to busy talking. Certain practices introduce us to new groups of people and a setting of individuals who may or may not harm you. When you are seeking to heal all of you, you become wise enough to know that there are certain people in certain places that don’t serve you. Your faith or lack of believe doesn’t need to be verified by another human it just makes it better when we have people who are like us.

I hope this helps a lot because I say all the time healing isn’t a beautiful process it’s when you get to the other side of the rainbow. I’m walking on this journey with you so why not share what helped me. I Love you. You look so beautiful. When I grow up, I’m going to have _________ with you.

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