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Ugly Truth= Hard Reality's But the ? Is How you Deal With It!

What do you when you world comes crashing down and it seems like all hope is lost? Honestly, what do you do are you cognitive enough to realize the choices you made landed you in that predicament or you were truly a victim of circumstances. This is a question that has been sitting on my board for about week and I haven’t had time to process how I could answer this. It literally held up all my other blog postings because I was trying to form an honest non bias answer.

I mean its tricky thinking you have something on lock or under control only for things to come unravel and all the cards come falling down. I mean honestly this is what the domino effect was supposed to be about, but my emotional biasness got in the way. So, lately it has been a few tower moments going on in my life and on my timeline. For those of you that are not into tarot a tower moment can be a destructive healing period or chickens running around with their head cut off. Have you seen the movie Get Hard where they made Will Ferrell the flunky and didn’t think they would get caught eventually?

But when the company was downsizing and getting rid of everything, they were doing the most like they didn’t care who bought what and what happen because they just didn’t want to go to jail. As an example, Will Ferrell was a victim of his circumstance but everybody was full of chaos and drama pretending to be something for money. Meanwhile he’s happy to go to work I mean the signs was in front of him, but he was in his own world. And he didn’t realize what happened until he was about to go jail.

Now the cons of this was he needed the help of someone whom he looked down on which was Darnell a.k.a Kevin Hart because when he was in that world with the elites, they were kind of assholes. You know that feeling when you are getting money you can buy whatever and do whatever you want that having genuine people in your life really isn’t important. Because who cares about love and happiness when you can buy whatever you want when your sad. I mean its sounds fun but if you have no one to share those moments with it can be boring and the partners you end with will be there for the lifestyle. So, you dating can be tricky because the overwhelming paranoia you have can turn someone away.

Now let’s focus on the topic the lesson that James Kings a.k.a Will had to learn was humility because for one moment he forgot he was human just for a second. I mean did you see his house in the movie that thang was nice. I’m not gone lie. But he never valued Darnell as a person because he washed his cars and he wanted a business of his own and he always turned him down. He thought he was one of those people who wanted to eat off his lifestyle versus seeing he had family and was struggling to provide. Didn’t I say God send you, your biggest blessings in a package you normally would dispose of because it doesn’t look, act, or talk like you.

And that was Darnell even though it was crazy the lengths he was willing to go to help him it was because he wanted help as well and he stated that upfront. But the point I am hinting at sometimes being so focused on your problems and needs can cause you to miss out things that is there to teach you a lesson. I mean lets recap in the movie James had access to the boss and being on the top, but he wasn’t on the top to Darnell he was because he wasn’t in Darnell position.

So, when the tables turned the one person whom he kept dismissing was the one to help him in the end. Being carnal can be tricky because when you’re so focused on the nouns and the lifestyles you never stop to think is this okay, do I have to do this? But a poverty mindset will land you back into poverty to make you readjust what it is you should’ve been considerate of. Now am not I saying Darnell was his lesson it was the way he treated people who were less than him. So, when the higher ups discarded him that was when he noticed he was them.

It ain’t nothing to be nice, kind, cordial, and respectful. I mean as well you have life problems people do as well it’s just at the bottom, we see things better no matter the angle. So, in this season if you are dealing with some hard truths maybe its time you face some hard reality’s. Seeing that what you thought was okay isn’t and what you perceived to be beautiful was not. And its okay to be selfish with you but don’t let your selfishness work against you. In the words of Timon and Pumba when the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world.

Don’t be one of those people that let humanity cut off your human experience that life has to force you into situations and experiences that will humble you. And humbling isn’t so fun when because it will feel like the whole world is against you because it only exposes you for being against you. I love you and just know your okay.


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