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Toxic Friendships

Friends how many of us have them? Friends ones we can depend on, FRIENDS! Really who are your real friends and can they say the same about you. Y’all been hearing me say this and continually posting about it in blogs for the longest that it easy to fall in love in this season than finding a friend. True story as I been saying this, the collective of people has been challenged in the friendship dynamic some is karmic and for the others it is just growing up.

Coming out of high school will have yo ass thinking that you gone be friends forever with motherf***** and putting up with your friends who is selfish, ego maniacal, and always have issues isn’t going to fly over when you trying to be grown. I get it its cool hanging with people who gets apart of you the problem is when they don’t get all of you.

I mean honestly are they trustworthy you know are they good enough to withhold your secrets and not judge you? Be honest and don’t say yeah because they know you fucked somebody man/girl and they cool with them. I’m not talking about that petty drama I’m talking about real deal holy field wouldn’t turn on if they had too type friend. The only reason I ask this is because the way social media is set up now and days you have everybody throwing everybody under the bus for clout or thinking public humiliation is cool.

I mean who would want to be cool with people like this, I mean friends posting shady shit to get at another person to only offend you and justify it by saying it’s my social media. But honestly you start side eyeing the hell out of them because you know lowkey they had a thought in their back of the mind telling them not to, but they did it anyway. I mean friendships have become to tricky to navigate in these days because social media has taken away the physical presence.

I mean who wants to hang and go out for drinks when you can Facetime, video chat, and watch each other on social media all day. You ask me we been living in this damn quarantine phase for the longest people just now noticing it because those that do go out in the real world haven’t been able to. So, now we sit and watch the mad house syndrome kick in and watch people eat each other alive online and call it fun.

Ain’t that’s what the rich kids do get mad at someone who’s cooler than them and start a smear campaign. How many times have we seen this in the movies like honestly? But it’s okay because some people are just waking up to the antics of the real world because some people was so focused on surviving like paying bills, working, being a parent, and trying to keep their head on straight that when they finally got a chance to relax they couldn’t.

I mean its some folks that never took a day off from work and now your friends know your not working guilt tripping you into hanging out knowing you want to catch up on your favorite show, catch some sleep, or sit in your pajamas all day is blowing up your line. At first you fell for it because it was cool at first but then it got old really quick and your sitting their second guessing your whole existence.

You see life is still the same for them they lack accountability, time management, and just human decency. I mean you knew all along but, you never really payed it no mind because you were to busy living in your own world. So, you thought because COVID happened let me hang out with my best b**** only to find out that your friend is a b****. And I don’t mean that in the nicest way at all. I mean its kind of soul crushing when you sit back and look at how you were so blinded by their antics.

I get it we all are human and have our flaws but damn as the older you get you start to wonder like do you ever get tired of being in people business or always playing the victim. I mean for women we have it hard as hell when it comes to friendship because woman are cruel and emotionally manipulative as hell. And you always hear me say this however a person mother treats them that’s how they will treat you. It’s up to them to change the narrative of how they were shown affection to give to others. Especially for women.

But most men don’t have problems like women when it comes to the friendship’s dynamic its slim pickings, but you don’t see dudes getting mad because he colored his hair a certain color or buying the latest fit. I mean women are overly competitive to a fault that sometimes it breeds insecurities and a jealous type nature. But because we are women, we find ourselves trying to coddle and nurture this part of person creating a monster that ends up being intolerable.

I mean men think they first heartbreak hurt, try having to cut off your favorite toxic friend that shit hurts. Especially if you have memories and they have your secrets geesh louis. Baby you’ll be sitting there putting up with shit because you know she got a big mouth, or she’ll try to turn people against you. Again, I will say women are the most vicious things on this planet. I mean it amazes me how men say women are weak. (Laughing my ass off) no more like in internal cry sarcasm inputted.

But what did you do when you knew you had to cut off a friend that no longer served you? Even if it ended horrible or maybe your ascension drove you down another path to create room for you. How did you feel about it?

Yes, indeed this is a THINK PIECE, meaning it supposed to get your ass thinking not me. But let me know in the comments. Make a video on it, tweet about it, or Facebook about it. But in a non-inflammatory matter. Indiscretion is advised though.

Shoutout to artist Kay I downloaded it off the web browser keep up the good work.


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