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To Freedom


I know it may seem cliché but the topic that came across was don't go back to what broke you and it may seem easier said than done but it is what it is. Some people fail to recognize that with the energy shift that is coming up with Saturn in Pisces it is gone leave some folks hanging like a motherfucker. I don’t mean to sound mean but that’s actually what it is. Majority of the stories and narratives that have been pushed just won’t stick anymore.

I think that Saturn in Aquarius had us in this in this stoic and toxic energy thinking that everybody gets us when they completely don’t. On the downside we seen how we let our guards down all the way from COVID days up until now. We seen how we didn’t have boundaries, how we thought freedom was in numbers, and group projects didn’t sway over so easy because everybody just wasn’t set up like that.

To me I think it created a wave that led people to believe the narrative of the black household if you ain’t got enough for everybody then don’t come in with anything. That it led some people to shame those who was able to conquer their demons, start a business, buy a house, and put up with certain things we shouldn’t have in the first place. That it had us all exhausted from the think pieces, drama, lies, chaos, and constant spiritual session that led us, them, and they to nowhere that bleed out more energy than anything. So, that we the collective are deciding to yearn for more we find ourselves going into hermit mode and not out of spite. I don’t know if it is me but rendezvous from the past is exhausting it’s like God damn give me a fucking a break. I know we gone always some miserable patties in the group chat complaining and hating. But this low vibing bs people been pandering has me asking myself is it something they are spraying in the air?

Seriously as I say this with such sarcasm because some stuff isn't light fun that shit hate if you ain’t caught on to that then that’s on you. Some people never change and that is okay but to my people who been praying, meditating, and petitioning just know it's coming. It may not show up in the way you want it to, but it is coming. If you have been feeling the urge to pull back from certain people, not to go here, or go there it's for a reason spirit has been showing some of you, subtle cues. And them subtle cues about to turn into big hints when they cause drastic changes like falling out with certain people, calling them out on they shit, or my fave just hitting the mute, delete, or block button and never looking back. Because some people aren’t problems baby, they are blessing blockers, haters, envious, and enemies disguised as love. Some people can't hide it no more, them skin walkers been real comfortable with showing y’all who they are every now and again. And some of y’all in disbelief and questioning your own eyes.

Because some people lately have been on some weird shit and this sick obsession with the past has some people losing all of their cognizance that it makes no sense to me. Do you know how terrible of person you go to be to make a bad guy want to turn good? I mean I'm talking about some of the most psychologically, selfish, and emotionally intolerable motherfuckers to say you know what fuck this I'm out. I'm going to church, I'm fina start eating right, and start seeing my kids. And to think they be talking mad shit about me like I'm the ones who caused them hurt. Do, you know how many clients I have had in the past two months come to me and say they are just tired. It's not the fact they want to give up, but they feel like they have been restricted and unable to find solace at this present time. Outside of the massive rituals people have been put through and the heavy attacks they felt this way before. Complaining about their friends, loved ones, old cycles, and jobs?

And child, let me not get on these toxic Queen of Shebba head ass wanna be girls who have been draining people of their life force left and right. They been trying to be a teacher on Monday, a pastor on Sunday, a healer on Thursday, and a black magician 7 days a week. Constantly saying the damn collective when they are the ones who have been poisoning the minds of many people. Child, I am not in the business undoing somebody else work and I don’t even offer those services. This rodeo has been draining all across the board damn I miss when niggas was Christan's because I promise the energy wouldn’t be so damn heavy for us as a whole. You go the constant let's do money rituals, death magic, destiny stealing, binding rituals, love spells, curses, hexes, and glamour magic that I ask myself when do you have time to rest?

And to think they be trying to come across my energy field to steal so that they can go off and feel better about themselves that it makes no sense. And it’s not just me, it’s normal citizens they doing this to, you got your mama, daddy, sister, cousin, and kinfolk doing magic too. It's like damn y’all niggas don’t want to work for nothing no more. Let's just put it on the altar and we will get something even if it is nothing. Child, I guess but let's get into this message.

For my folks that is doing unbinding rituals, cord removals, soul retrievals, hex removals, and cleansings baby you gone be tired and that is completely normal. Your energy has been taking and depending on how much was token it varies with your healing experience. If a protection ritual wasn’t done and you are dealing with a relentless little fuck that pick me up can easily go down. Because if you don’t know who was casting against you and the person didn’t reveal this to you, then it’s a 50/50 chance you maybe coming back in contact with the individuals or individual who has been doing it. Pay attention to your mood and how it shifts after you do these cleansing rituals.

A quote I heard a long time ago was do a cord removal and watch who pops back in your life trying to get back in your good grace. Now, this doesn’t have to mean someone putting roots on you but sometimes some people can hold up an energetic space so big that you can forget to live in your own light. There isn't no harm in protecting yourself from someone who constantly attacks you spiritually, verbally, emotionally, or mentally. It’s just don’t get too shadowy with it because then you become the one who hurt you and start taking matters into your own hands. Hoodoo works good for some things but when you got people justifying their behavior because they don’t want to grow up and change then get out of, they life. #NOTED! Because baby that’s a walking target for karma even if they don't think so.

A lot of people get mad at protection work on one individual, that is why you see them going to odd end lengths to get some reaction from you so they can get a charge. Because they can't get around that barrier that was placed there for them because either you deem them a threat, your body did, or guides did. The body is powerful tool that can used for many things outside of sex if you pay attention. If you noticed that you get uneasy around certain things or people, your body maybe warning you. As humans we aren’t programmed to be bodily intuitive or to use our senses because we think it’s always supposed to be someone who is supposed to tell us, or we’re supposed to just have some miraculous gifts to know. You know you enough. Stop letting people tell you who you are.

Teachers, healers, and shamans are only guides who help you unlock the versions of you that is unknown to help you get to the next phase in life. And some of these people can’t always be of service to you all of the time because you have to apply what you know somewhere else. Spirituality isn't just for the spirit it is so the spirit can be at peace in a vessel on this earthly plain. I am not in control of your destiny, only you are even if somebody tries to control it, they can only do so much. If a spirit can possess the mind, control the heart, and speak by using the tongue then why aren’t you using yours. You don’t have to be this newfound spiritual glitter that is pandered down our timeline. You can be a normal worker and feel the spirit of source anywhere, anytime, or any place.

These drastic measures people have been pulling is the old saying I used to say don’t let nobody trick you out your religion. Because if you let them, they will and let them tell it baby you will ever come back or make it out on top again. Shit, tell them to keep lying, everybody gets tired of their own shit eventually. Remember spiritualty can come in many forms, so stop letting people trick you with drugs and magic. Life is more than that when you learn to see the true beauty of it, then you’ll start to embrace life. You’ll see why it isn’t a curse to live in your own existence. #PYA

Oh, and that spell work someone been using it’s to steal from your sacral and solar plexus energy it was used to make you feel low or lack in confidence. It gives off depression vibes especially if you don’t suffer with it or do suffer with it. It was to get you to stop doing what you love the most. So, if you have been doing something and you were great at it and feel the urge to stop its this person that’s in competition with you. That feels like they need all eyes on them, don’t worry they’ll find a new victim to hop on and drain the life out of them. Cut that cord spiritually, metaphysically, emotionally, and psychically. You may find yourself in therapy sessions, talk sessions, or wanting to avoid the real issue at hand. Get that shit out the way develop some boundaries work on your 7th house and start telling motherfuckers “PEACE”. It may seem childish, but it is what it is!


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