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The Undo Process

It’s only so much pain you can push onto a person until they decide to give it back. In a day age where spiritual narcissism is at all times high and the spirit of Lucifer is running around it has people doing more and thinking less. It’s funny how astrology is now used to steal destiny and cause blocks in people paths that they fail to recognize you take on that karma of their path too. We have people dying to know more of who was before us instead of who we are today.

It’s funny how ancestor work got the collective justifying the mishaps of our forefathers while we find reasoning in doing so. Now for those of you that are sleep just read this as the negro spiritual hymn that is soothing your spirit. But I said all this to say how long will it be before you fight back. The fight doesn’t have to be external it could internal, by removing the power someone thinks they have over you. How will you spiritually fortify yourself in these trying time?

While COVID is still at play we have people all across the world giving up on the person whose been trying to fight the good fight. Because in the words of wise man to kill the spirit of a man is to kill his will to live and that’s what happening in America. It’s like our lifeline is being disconnected right from under us because the prayers have stop and the lack of faith without receiving rewards has slowed down. Our God’s have been ascended and unable to reach us without the help of us.

We have all these people worshipping and idolizing the ground of humans. While the humans that are assigned to do their mission jobs, are giving up on the things they can do. Our inner child has been crying to be liberated and not in an external way to be in a place to have fun. But to live in a state of peace to be free from the energetic vampires, those negative nancies, and controlling patties. We seek to be understood and being understood requires us to understand someone else.

In the beginning of the quarantine process, I said it was a time to get the blueprints rolling. Overlooking plans, scheduling meetings, and tackling minor issues that affect the world or others globally. For those who had businesses to rethink how they could reach people more efficiently. For those who struggled with creative time for their projects to dive into the madness of what they can create. And this year I said we were to tap into the resources that was at our dispense. Not sitting around forming alliances about who dislike who and then turning around needing them.

No, we were to cocreate and exist with other beings only for a short period of time because while being in a number 5-year things are forever changing. So, trying to stay the same only creates a hinderance in the plans of change that benefits you and those around you. That’s why I labeled this blog the undo process because so many people who are doing without thinking always find themselves trying to redo or fix a wrong. When the way the planetary alignment is set up, we don’t have time to address every little boo boo someone gets along the way.

If we where all pushing our missions i.e., such as; doctors, lawyers, teachers, fireman/firewomen, priest, shamans, healers, psychiatrist, chefs, mothers, fathers, and many more the minor problems could be handled more sufficiently. Instead of us all stopping and being in a frenzy every time something goes wrong, we could tackle and nip a lot of behavior at once. And notice the bad seeds that’s rotting out the collective.

Because some people just reincarnated in this lifetime to cause problems and to be lovers of themselves. So, they end up being a distraction to those that really need to stay focus. I get it the world going mad, life is literally falling, while at the time staying input with the duct tape that’s weatherproof for so long. But what is your plan that you have established to be a better you to help the world see the light while also lighting the light in them.

How have you decided to become a better you by helping those around you? Are you going to stay down in the pits or are you going to fight the good fight? What plans have you put off because of the naysayers? What benefits have you decided to add to your life that is also going to decrease the traffic you have going on in your life? ME TO ME! What are your goals for this year and the next year that doesn’t involve lower vibrational behavior?

We are tired of people creating victims we need more heroes and not The Boys. Them niggas was assholes and martyrs only did a lot of things for the attention. They caused more problems than they actually did more good. Have y’all seen the TV show? I used to be so pissed because I was like them niggas could’ve just been in a circus or something? Like the hell, just go watch it.

Any who I wrote all this to say what are you doing that’s actually doing a lot of harm that has been caused in your life and others. If you say nothing I’m perfectly fine with that but don’t get mad when you see us vibing high on some Goku sh**. Other than that, let me scramble my brain for some old shit I had stored away, but it’s going to be new to the collective. Sighs, a nigga that’s wanting to be in 5 bd room house sliding across hard wood in a white tee. With an upstairs downstairs two car garage until I get my dream house built. Also I would like to add in my child and dog too.

If my future boo reading this, I love you come get me! I hate it here!


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