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The Spirit of Judas

I said in this season you can find a lover quicker than you can find a friend. It’s a lot of people out here with ill intention that don’t want to see you see you shine. And it’s becoming way more known because of social media has its way of hiding it behind memes and sarcasm. TRUE STORY! Baby the other day when I was doing a spread and I seen, some shit come across my table and I was like damn. It blew me black because spirit had already given me the 411 before the incident came up so, when everybody else was shocked I was more in disgust.

COIVD got people so bored and ready to do anything with people they wouldn’t normally trust on a good day. Child, I done had my fair share of ups and downs with friends and dealing with betrayal. I mean betrayal never really come from an enemy. Well sometimes depending on if they know your weakness and uses them against you but we don’t ever talk about those hating friends who hate to see you shine. Yall remember because I keep reminding yall about the lady doing the spread on the dying of the narcissist.

Well, honey to see that shit play out in an untampered way is like eww, much. Because people pretend well, and that mask slowly reveals itself after a while. A lot of people are just naturally ungrounded, so they have to always be on the go, doing too much, or basically finding ways to mingle with people because that’s their character. Honey not in this season because those narcissistic individuals and that inner narcissism we will eat your ass alive. That’s why a lot of people can’t be they ass still and sit down so Divine is like yep let me gone show this hardheaded ass child of mind to stop fucking with me.

We all know the story of Judas on how he betrayed Jesus and the cool part about it is Jesus called that shit all the way out. I don’t know if it was the kiss or the way that them, niggas was looking at the dinner table but baby to be called out on your crimes and still apologize and want to be cool you got to be bold h** to do something like that. I mean I had people in my human experience do vile things and be like we good ain’t it. Chile, I be looking like are your out of your freaking mind?

But any who lets get back on the spirit of Judas see a lot of people will doubt your success so much that when they see you about to thrive in a position that they worked so hard for they’ll try anything to stop your shine. You better start looking people in the eyes when you talk to them and listen when they speak so you want end up hurt. People get that Jezebel and Judas spirit mixed up a lot because in this day and age of social media it’s a lot of women who flaunt their body with no regards of another person.

One because they want all the attention and they know that people will flatter them but what happens when you meet someone who gives off the illusion of a Jezebel and actually is Judas. That is literally half of social media, women talking to each other raunchy and hating them because of the way society flocks to them baby. You’ll be amazed at how ignorant women can get when you don’t want to submit to them because you’re, your own boss chick.

Honestly, I don’t think men are necessarily having issue with friendships maybe with some guy friends who move in their feminine energy a lot but not as much as women. Majority of my issues have been with women and that’s all a part of my journey to heal my feminine energy it sucks I know and it is taking some tedious time but I recognized that I am not the only one.

But because social media has so many people brainwashed and succumb to the antics of what goes on in it, they fail to recognize that they do have a whole life outside of it. I mean it is people out here like me that can do with or without it because I like to connect with humans only on when its genuine. I’m over the whole Scorpio vetting bullshit but baby I still clock they ass before I even play games with certain people. I can’t change all my ways, but I can evolve them.

Be wary of those people who give you flattery when you have done nothing to deserve it especially when you don’t know them. Be more cautious of the people who constantly like to violate your boundaries and never let you reprimand them because they know you’ll cut them off. Be more aware of your needs so you can communicate them properly and not feel weird for saying no I’m not interested or that doesn’t interest me at the time.

See people know who they can walk all over on it’s because they never had nobody call them out on their bullshit. In the olden days if you wanted to call somebody out you sent an elder, when that didn’t work you sent the people close people to them and the elders, and last but least you called them out in front of the community because it was to help them. Because some people have to be shamed to correct their ways now, I don’t believe in going to the whole social media aspect but shunning somebody that’s some shit I’m good at.

Social media has invited so much disrespect into people lives because it has desensitized the masses because they feel entitled to you more than you are. The only people who fall from grace on social media is the people who get on their high horse and pretend to be something they are not. I do believe in personas and roles we all play in society and the bed you lie in ain’t mind so that’s the decisions you have to live with not me.

But I also wanted to say just make sure you really taking care of you and to not let the hurt drive you back into your old ways. Having meaningless sex, connecting with fake friends, laughing at things that genuinely hurt you, hurting others because you don’t want to fix you. That’s a dangerous game when you are playing with your own life. And I also wanted to remind you that you can’t evade the things you put out in the universe and if you have been asking for pardon, just get ready to go the ride of your life for forgiveness.

Trust me I know, God Mortal Kombat my ass so much it was ridiculous I think I got shaky baby syndrome from constantly getting in trouble. But any who be sober and alert because the enemy is roaring loud on the prowl.

I may not follow all of Christianity rules but I ain’t gone doubt it some good ass jewels in that bible.

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