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The Spirit Of Envy

We sped past the spirit of Levithan like it was nothing and I thought it was gone awaken some of y’all to go and research it. I didn’t know y’all was waiting on the response from me it seems like ever since I have dropped that blog spirit has been exposing a lot of people's hearts and intentions. It may seem crazy but friends, family, and lovers have been going at from outside forces. #PYA In the spiritual community the spirit of the snake isn't always #PYA bad but what people fail to understand the snake is still a snake. It can be a serpent and the messages can be true but at times that serpent can also lead you into some muddy waters to learn some lessons that may or may not benefit you. In certain cultures, it can be deemed as evil, for some it is healing, and for others it can be the treacherous trickster it is.

I mean the energy has been here for the longest ever since social media has dropped and now that spirituality has become trending it has hit its #PYA peak again. You have people dying to be something they are not which may seem as if they are calm, cool, and healed to allure people into to traps. It's like this false paradigm of the step ford wives from the 1920 –1960's eras. #PYA Women pretending to be perfect, have ever they seen a soul mirror before? Ooh and don’t leave men out of this too I was just using the analogy of women #PYA because of the reading I just did. Which I'll explain below but let me back on track. I mean isn't that the purpose of doing the work to elevate our soul's trauma so the ones who come after us won’t have to work as hard in lifetime on thethings we couldve already done?

But no, you have those who live in the ego that tend to forget you can't pretend to be something you aren't it is only so long before people decide to catch onto your false teachings. And these people have been playing mind games out of this world. Pretending to be light workers and doing the dark workers job leaving the collective of people with false hope, losing faith in life, their god, the universe, or themselves. #PYA! It’s like they're the plague and the workings of the Anti-Christ and outside of people thinking the Anti-Christ is someone/something who is against just Christians alone you are out of your mind. Its goal is to attack the whole #PYA matrix to leave us in fear and to go against the grain of nature. Like natural order, natural causes, and life. I'm all for hedonism but when hedonism has no source, no sight, or goal in mind then what is the purpose.

It causes total ruin to leave humanity with no hope of existence only to obtain a new leader which would be the dark. And let me tell you if you have been around someone who is just downright a negative nancy, you can’t please, #PYA they like a vampire, they a kill joy, you can never be happy around them, and they always have to revert the attention back onto them. Baby that is the spirit of the Levithan to get you to lose control of your mind, body, and spirit and to succumb to its influence. Which will later cause you some form of destruction which could lead you to spiritual decay, health issues, financial blocks, karmic debts, soul tying, and #PYA trauma bonding. It's like earning your soul back from the Devil and this nigga don’t plan on paying you back.

It's like working for some financial reward only to find out all the pain you went through was worth nothing because this person didn’t value you. When you could've put that work into yourself to become a better you, cop, parent, child, teacher, specialist, doctor, lawyer, or even an influencer. Even the darkness knows the impact the #PYA light has this why the try to gather as many as people to bring doubt and emotional dismay to keep the light hidden. #PYA Because once you uncover your true potential you #PYA then you become a threat to what use to keep you bound such as; sex, drugs, greed, and over indulgence. These things can no longer influence you so now you are the problem.

When it comes to those friends who want you to stay out till 5 in the morning, smoke all night, drink all day, steal, and basically ruin other people lives. You serve no purpose to them so they find ways for you to serve them such as bringing in doubt, fear, emotional dishonesty, and mind games. And keep in mind these people can be anybody in your life. Sometimes you never notice this because you are too far gone or too deep in before you know it, that you are one of them. TRUE STORY!


The three witches came out in a download about these older women or alleged mature women at heart who had been dabbling in the occult. Spirit showed me them that way because they were going around attacking people who didn’t deserve their spiritual attacks. Now these women could've been kin, friends, or spiritually bonded together I.e., made a pack. They were doing some nasty work or using these particular beings to do work upon someone else. As I reflected on the download these women didn’t even know the reason why they were doing things. They felt as if they had become judge and jury of someone else’s life. I mean I seen mothers and daughters into it to where it bleeds into the actions of these women right now.

The toxic ties they have with men, women, friends, and their coven. Which reminded me of the story of Boaz who married Ruth where she had token up a false name and moved out of the city because of family history they had with men. Me on the other hand looking at it, her family probably would've cursed her love life not intentionally, but a group of women who only had been widows for generations as well as her let's just say it may not have been so good. Now, I see why the Most High be moving #PYA people out the way and nudging them in the certain directions because some people don’t be right for you. This doesn’t make her family bad people but I believe if she would have been around them, they could’ve put a lot of doubt into her relationship choices.

She probably never would've received the loved she desired or even accumulated some form of wealth by being around them. Because no matter the title a person has in your life they still are human. Some people don’t know how to process their emotions so, they allow these spirits or beings to overtake them. And for some that is genuinely who they are heart and it just takes the right moment for it to be exposed. #PYA I know the ending may not make sense but I truly don’t feel like opening that door to dissect those messages until I'm out this house. Bare with a nigga. AND TO MY SOUL MATE CAN YOU PLEASE BUY ME A DOG BY TOMORROW. I NEED IT.


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