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The Sex Worker Vs. The Clout F***ker

If you are over the age of 18 don’t bring yo tale on here acting like these conversations don’t be talked about or held in your life. In a day and age where social media highlights everything I’m telling you; this topic always comes up. The difference between the two is what we fina find out today. And yes, I wrote all that grammatically wrong.

What initiated this conversation is because I was watching a video that stated straight women get away with so much when it comes down to outing males who pay them for sexual intercourses. It was highlighted from a perspective that if a trans woman was to do it she would be killed because in a day age where we expect the LGTBQIA to be accepted fully is when racism itself will be removed. TRUE STORY!

People always have to find a way to hate things. I was with the topic because a lot people fail to recognize why most women and men result to prostitution. And when we get into the different sex workers and highlight some particular reasoning on why some are drawn to this particular lifestyle. If you don’t learn one thing in America, you’re going to learn that sex is always going to sale. Whether it’s a little coochie or booty that is going to sale.

But prostitution was a way to create a fair trade or nor trade in most situations for survival hood. Like many who got thrusted into prostitution it was some man or woman who made them feel as if they had nothing to offer, but sex for a means of living. Sex is the most valuable thing in life it creates, it destroys, and also it can block your life. So, a woman or man putting themselves in a way of danger for sex was a no, no that many wasn’t willing to risk. To be looked at and shunned upon by society was a secret that many was going to take their grave.

Because men feel like they run the world but it’s really a woman that’s calling the shots. Patriarchy has allowed men for so long to dictate the value of a woman by how many bodies she has, the men she speaks to, and the men she entertains. That the narrative of a hoe is only reflected back upon a woman instead of a man. In the words of me stop treating me like the hoe you really are. -Bonnie-

Now I’m not glorifying any type of behavior especially this day and age because the game has changed for many women and men. People are literally trying to find a way to hurt, defeminize, and emasculate the collective of individuals who are in the sex community because they have lost touch with true intimacy. That it leaves more people with more wounding than they already had. Chile, the land of free seems to cost you more than money.

But lets get into the damn blog because this intro sound like I fye beat and I got blunt rolled up like I’m fina start rapping or something.


Sex is a consensual agreement between two people post and during sexual intercourse. Boundaries are to be respected and sexual desires are to be fulfilled, but if not, we are a human everybody has bad days. Sex work could fall in the many categories such as porn and prostitution. It’s that porn has a more decisive catalog when it comes down to certain things you are interested in. Prostitution is not always decisive because like many some people are just looking for the human experience not everybody is looking to have sex.

Some people just want the company of a person who society deems unlovable because it’s a way they get to truly connect with a real person. But their always some form of discretion because everybody wants to still be able to live their life and have their secrets to themselves. But child when you have folks that don’t want to work and like too fuck, they could give a damn about the game.

Child they just need the money and moving onto the next, it’s a cold world but it’s a reality for some. And for those who navigate in between the lifestyle of wanting to leave it alone and stay in the game, find themselves confused about life. Because when you get so used to being everything for everyone you forget who you truly are. I say all the time hoes make the best housewives; it’s just getting over their past.

Now I know for some sex work wasn’t your choice, maybe a parent sold you at an early age to a pimp, maybe if was a relationship that led you down a path of darkness, or maybe it was a friend that put you on to something that you didn’t know would take so much from you. See the life of sex work is different for many because nobody never knows the initial story that pushed you onto a beaten path. Because those that was forced and thrusted into particular lifestyle choices for a way of survival without no means of living, telling your story don’t come so easy.

We now live in a day age where you can gladly post all your flaws and the corrections you made to them on the internet without telling your story because a picture is worth more than a thousand words. But let a sex worker says she/he is an escort or sleeps with men for money, society turns a blind eye real quick. To the asses they subscribe to on social media, the porn they secretly indulge in, the strip clubs that arouse them in times of loneliness, and sex toys they own are oblivious to what they do in the dark right.

But the sex workers that are hired or seek to be financially pleased through sexual obligations is where the line is drawn. The way men and woman get away with sexually abusing who they deem unlovable whether or not they are in sex work is weird to me. Because who am I to judge when I don’t even want to be on the jury. I say all the time you don’t need no pimp. These niggas is lazy and be trying to entrap folks in lifestyles that they know they ain’t comfortable with.

This is why drug addiction is at an all-time high right now. Do, you know how many h*** that is down to screw and make some money, that won’t give you no problems? Because it seems like the new age pimps and madams be people who project they trauma on to you because they feel they can. Have y’all ever paid attention to that?

Baby onlyfans was created for a reason, OKAY! Shit it limits the connection you have with people but a safe hoe ain’t a worried hoe at that. I digress, but the stories of shame and pain that many women carry on with them is something these new girls know nothing about. I say all the time that men have to adhere to their own karma they once put out as a collective. So, the women shaming the men because of the sexual choices is a consequence of actions that’s been aligned by karma.

That most men who do buy sex or seek some form affection don’t even recognize why and when they do it. Girl to be continued.


The girls and guys who just a want a name for having sex with someone that is famous i.e., on and popping, a celebrity, socialite, or a nigga or b**** with a lot of likes. Yep, these hoes be getting paid and be out here telling they whole operation. Boy if I was a nigga, I would be nun by now a b**** wouldn’t be able to get my meat hard. It’s a cold world you better bundle up.

These new girls just want the lifestyle another nigga giving another female. Child they be wanting to play side chick instead of the mistress. Baby they be wanting babies by these niggas, money, a shoutout, and to be put on all because of a photo. Child, lets just say if I was a cheating ass nigga I’ll be a smooth one at that because sweetie you gone have tell your story. Because I would still be paid while you trying to extort and blackmail some money out of me.

Do people believe in NDA’s anymore? Have y’all read 50 shades of grey? How he used to keep the girls on monthly to yearly cycles in contracts, but they was well compensated. And when the contract was up they couldn’t bring him up and he couldn’t bring them up. And I’m not talking about some weird freaky shit, the nigga just had money and used to want to spend his time with women. It wasn’t always about sex, sometimes he just wanted to show them a whole new whole.

And what these young niggas and old niggas don’t know it’s cold world and these people will do any for clicks, likes, affiliation, and notary. While some people ain’t too kindly of certain things they just find themselves going on along with the flow. Y’all better start asking questions, bringing back consent, and communication. Just because my home girl/guy is into somethings don’t mean that I am.


It’s 1 in the morning and I am hungry as hell.

Lord be a Lay’s potato chip, AMEN!


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