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The Season of Love

While we are in this dreary season of cold weather our shadows are still out to play. The things we seek, desire, want, need, crave, and speak do exist in a world that is hidden behind our greatest fears. While some are getting engaged, buying homes, or making babies some of the collective is rattle. Because retrograde is bringing in some of the old and the new to reignite old flames or finally turning down opportunities you thought was too good to be true.

It really depends on where you are in your life to answer this question but again, I ask what it is that you are longer for in the deep distance that seems to be out of your touch. It is love such as person, passion, life, co creating, friends, or money. It’s funny when the holidays roll around because you see all the couples in relationships struggling to find the perfect gift for a lover while the lonely only think about is love. And for those of you who aren’t looking for love you find ways to love yourself in different ways as well.

Even if that means going on a trip, a shopping spree, getting a fresh cut, or getting your hair did. You find ways to love yourself out loud and don’t give me that it’s just another day going by bull crap. It’s nice to know that someone is willing to love you out loud no matter how corny it may seem. Even if it’s linking up with your friends who are in a relationship and you’re not. Hey love is love and that is something we have to remember.

Because in those times when you think you don’t need love that is when you need it the most. I say all the time people who are difficult to get along with needs love the most even if it’s a challenge. It may not be in the way you love other people but it’s still a love that somebody needs. Have you not heard of the term love language? Love to me is a verb and an adjective within itself because it’s meaning can be described in many ways while the actions still remain the same.

Hey it’s a couple that’s arguing right now about who does what and how they aren’t respected, acknowledged, or even understood. Y’all know how I feel about emotional gaps in relationships because when you don’t fix that with the right intention the wrong things start to feel up that emotional space. Even if that means bad habits, toxic friendships, infidelity, codependent relationship, and trauma bonding.

That is the worse for woman like linking up with other women who haven’t healed from their pain but, emotionally they are relatable so we stay in those friendships or relationships that are pretty unrealistic. Why you think the collective of people are outgrowing the old friendships dynamics they had because some didn’t grow up. And I’m not talking about financially but emotionally.

That can be a bit of Debbie Downer when your friend chooses to act like a toddler on constant basis. Sometime you’ll find yourself saying do you have child or an adult friend.

And the same thing goes for guys too your day one maybe be the reason you still allow certain things in your life. Not saying they are bad people but when we put limitations on someone else’s life and how they heal because it can affect us. It is pretty darn selfish because as humans we rarely want the ones, we love to change but if they love you and the love is reciprocated their change shouldn’t affect the way they love you.

That’s like a lover saying they want to lose weight and you’re telling them that if they get skinny, they gone start acting funny.

That’s kind of crazy because if it takes a weight loss for them to start acting brand new then you skipped over the signs seeing that your partner was attention starved or likes the emotional response, they get from people. And by people, I mean being recognized for what they do or for what they are. If you reading this it was one point in your life where you ironed all your clothes the night before school to go shit on b**** just to go the pencil sharpener.

Come on now boss if you didn’t do that with your gelled down baby hairs with the Ampro black gel and used a toothbrush. Then you don’t understand especially if you always wore a durag to keep your waves in check maybe even put a perm in your head to keep your hair layed down. You were trying to be the best person you could be baby, black people love a good style and swag. And they won’t stop until they get that you see me because I see me.

But let’s get back on subject now I know for some people that story isn’t as simple as that but I had to throw in some humor in because it was getting to mushy gushy in here. Y’all know I have my moments of where I act like I’m ten and boys got the cooties and all you want to be is that bad b**** on the playground.

I been telling y’all my shadow is out to play and she’s a bit sassy and sarcastic so taming that wild beast is like trying to comb a tender headed child hair.

I know Valentines is around the corner and love is in the air I just wanted to come on here and spread some love. I know I been missing in action because a h** done finally got a job and child I be tired because I ain’t done this in a long time. If you know anybody taking sugar baby applications tell him to call me and we can set up a contract or some. No, like seriously though.

But I just wanted to remind you that love is all around you and that emotional freedom is an intimacy that no man/woman can take from you. When you are one with your emotions you are one with your mind, body, and spirit. Emotional freedom is the ability to love whoever, whenever, or however without the baggage and worries of what anyone else think. It’s a feeling that is so intoxifying that sex couldn’t even match.

I’m not saying that sex isn’t important but when you are sure on your love before you go off giving it away to other people it feels good to know they can’t take who you are away from you.



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