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The Purge

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

The purge is an overwhelming amount of emotions that consumes the body and mind that limits access to you and your human existence. Most human that live in today's society live to exist vs live to enjoy their life they have created. As humans we have created the standard thinking that if I'm not doing nothing I'm not doing enough. We don't know how to relax our minds because our bodies are always busy with working, kids, life, relationships, careers, life, drama, family, trauma, and lower vibrations on a day to basis. I called it the purge because I some days wanted to be to burden free from things that weren't mind. Yearning for a piece of mind in the middle of the chaos that was very consuming.

The definition of purge is to rid yourself of an unwanted quality, the removal of wasteful, feelings, thoughts, and actions. The purge can be a brutal force that ask or calls you to a sudden change. Sometimes we get so comfortable in our day to day to experience that we don't pay attention to things, people, and places that wreak havoc on our lives. This day and age most people rely on the metaphysical, spiritual practices, and deities that sometimes we miss the small messages that really hit home. In all honesty I did and sometimes I still do purposely because sometimes I just want to be free of choices and live the moment. So, I created ways and broke down things that worked for me that I would like to share with others on day to basis or weekly.

Having a servitude attitude kept me bound in place that was no longer serving my purpose. Staying in places especially in bad emotional places had me suppress my wings to completely forgetting I could actually fly. Having an unconscious state of mind can be dangerous and I'm not talking to be awaken in "WOKE PEOPLE TERMS". Just being unaware of your own presence and power.


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