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The Price of Fame

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Fame doesn’t change who you are it just change how people view you. A lot of people are feeling like they aren’t good enough because they don’t have the clicks, the likes, and the views because society has written off people who are regular. I mean those people who are content with working a regular 9-5, buying a house, and their first achievement is buying a car. I mean those are milestones that can be appreciated but because society acts like were supposed to jump off the porch and be successful is weird.

Because you see people doing anything to become famous while risking their sanity to please people who wouldn’t give a damn if you croaked out today or tomorrow. TRUE STORY. I mean because you have the old heads who in the game and maintained their fame these socialites think that shit is easy when it ain’t. Social media has shortened the attention span of people. Got artists pushing past creativity, good content, and artistry just to satisfy fans.

I mean greatness takes time, it ain’t some shit that can be pushed out in a night. I mean I be over here working hard to push out blogs meanwhile folks be like where is the content. I be wanting to body slam some folks because these messages be channeled and that takes a lot of energy. People don’t be knowing what the hell you have to go through to keep the people coming back for more. This shit like drugs and you the plug and you have learn how to step up your game. I mean start selling all the drugs and catering to more than just the desired market.

Social media don’t teach you that when go you viral once and don’t know how to capitalize off that moment that it can be the death of a brand or your career. I mean we seen how that played out with people head being put on torches because people were mad because those people didn’t want to see the real them. Folks be attracted to the personality you portray online because that actually helps them get through their day. So, folks don’t be caring about what you are going through with your mama, cousin, sister, daddy, and father.

They just want content I mean you have a couple solids who understand but because the mind of the people is being taking over by social media, people feel as if, if you not present in the moment you basically none existence. Social media creates a distance between people and their fans, so people don’t necessarily get to see them. I mean its some socialites that do this but not all. Those old head seen people, dealt with annoying things, smiled and grinned when they wanted to cry because life was hard.

But they knew the lifestyle they created had to be managed because going back home and hearing about how you feel off or you broke because you don’t want to be famous no more ain’t gone cut it. Yall better get yall some love in life whether it be friends, boos, baes, or passion project because that fame is a killer. I mean fame don’t mean you gone be successGil or you’re goI get to accumulate those resources you need when you trying to build a legacy.

Touching elbows with people who differ from you builds resources even if you don’t like them. You don’t even know how many times I been around people who have said some fucked up things to me, but I knew I was destined for greatness, so I bit down and I close my mouth. Other people where doing it in antagonist way but at the same time it created great lessons I needed.

My goal is to be wealthy I don’t care about being unknown you know how many people who are rich but don’t even utilize social media. I mean these niggas loaded. I mean securing the bag with out a profitable dream is just securing the bag. If you don’t know what you want to do with the money all you gone do is mess up the money. Whether it be drugs, bitches, niggas, cars, clothes, shoes, and family baby I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Because COVID taught a lot of people who was doing shit based on the needs of others and not creating something long lasting that, pushing out shit for fun will dry up really quick when life gets real. When you don’t know who you are you will accept whatever meaning society will place on you. So however, society views you on this come up with fame or dealing with social media you kinda don’t get a chance to change who you want to be. Until you create something thats is a part of your identity.

So, all I have to say is learn, to define your principles within yourself so you can learn to not waiver on your integrity. And learn sometimes your integrity is something that can bring in a lot of things when you know who you are and what you have to offer. Rome wasn’t built in a night but it sholl didn’t come together without a plan.


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