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The Power of The Crown

The Power of The Crown:

The power of a hairstyle is amazing it can make a man/woman feel like the best person even on they worst day. From how we style it, cut, curl it, or mismanage it. Your hair has power. Why, do you think root worker and black magicians are always after your hair to rootwork you. The evil that lies in those poor torture souls will never cease to amaze me and if your anything like me just send it back to they ass. Child, we through transmuting negative energy over here that shit is draining who said I want to light all the time sometimes I want to be dark. Have you not seen the black I wear all the time and by being dark I’m not talking about doing hoodoo spells on people. Relax, personally that shit take too much time and I’m not losing no sleep behind someone.

To hell with that witching hour, I need my sleep and ain’t nothing up at time but legs and ass in those hours anyway. Yes, I wrote that properly before you go back reread on that for fourth time, just say it like I said it and you’ll be alright. But, lets get back on subject when I first seen this picture it spoke to me and it said that heavy is the head that wears the crown. For some its just a saying but when you’re walking and trying to live in your purpose you see how hard it is to keep your head up and stay in mission. Because those days when life is just life and everything around you is crumbling down you need some sound clarity in your mind even if its smiling in the mirror after your cried. A bitch like me gone make a joke out my fucked experienced because life ain’t fina get me like that.

I been there and let me tell you it’s fucking hell worrying about what everybody thinks, putting you last, trying to chase goals society has placed on you, trying to be in competition with yourself is tiring. My motto is life still is going to life I can’t beat something that’s designed to stand even after I’m long gone. You call it lazy I call it energy selective it saves you bunch of money on your car insurance too. That’s neither here nor there but those moments were we just want to feel good; the first thing we get is our hair done and when life is bad, we cut it all off and start over again. Then we complain about how we hate we cut our hair off right when life is picking back up. Especially when you start to smile more, start seeing the changes in your life, and then you get back down because your hair ain’t growing fast enough. Baby you black and your shit coarse just let it catch up and leave it alone.

Cause child constantly doing length checks on them broken dead ends isn’t going grow back over night. Let’s just stop lying to ourselves in this moment AMEN because if you told me tomorrow I ain’t got no booty I might side eye you because one day I’m getting my booty done. I just ain’t met a nigga that’s gone say you better make sure Marshae come back the same way she came in with all her limbs and alive. But on a more serious note, I thought to myself how we as women don’t cover our heads up like men do with caps, skullies, and beanies. For you wig wearers you good it’s us I want to wear my real hair or us braids wearing and don’t cover up the top of our head. I had a whole hissy fit about my damn hair because dating someone who isn’t spiritually aware will have you fucked off in these streets.

Baby I don’t need nobody channeling off my energy or trying to speak over my head to have me throwed off. Baby you don’t get access to this energy so easy I just learned how to stabilize this shit in 2017 I just got here my damn self. I find that to be quite selfish ass hell but the power in covering up your head is very important for those of you that have hyper crown activity. For people who don’t know how to ground their psychic activity this can help you stop siphoning off other people energy or allowing them to suck off yours. If you are intune with your body, then parts of your head will let you know what you need to cover. Say for instance if you’re suffering with psychic blocks maybe try getting a bang or a heavy swoop on the side where you don’t have that activity going on in your brain.

You find your self stuck in old practices and unable to open up to other methods of learning pulled back ponytails or an upward ponytail can help with that. I prefer to get under the dry so my hair can harden and have that crunch and shine because having to gel, slick, and tighten my hair every day would be annoying. And plus depending on where you work or if you sweat in your head this would help you a lot because you have to reseal your hair. I know most people aren’t fund on people who aren’t crowned using Orishas in their workings but when I’m doing my hair and trying to look good for me that Oshun energy is called all over my head. Because it’s my pep in my step to help me conquer my day. Outside of my other protection methods to start my day it’s just one on my techniques.

But there are so many forces of evil running rampant in the world and your mind will be the first to go if you don’t have it attached to you. Some people don’t always fall for temptation in a way of sex, drugs, or money sometimes it’s being manipulated into things. And when you aren’t safe in your own mind you allow other people and things to run it for you. You allow them to control you as if you are the puppet and they are the puppeteer, TRUE STORY!

But I wrote all this to say don’t let everybody play in your head and stop touching BLACK WOMEN HAIR! I am my hair whether I want to cut it, loc it, braid it, color it, or put weave in it. I am allowed to do what I feel is best for me at point in time in my life. I am the crown that is radiating a light that is trying to transcend it to my head. I am my crown. Welp, that it is all. GOOD DAY!


Artist, Twitter Handler: @thequalitynamed

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