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The Power of Energy

Hello, hello, hello! How have you guys been? As for me in my skin hiding from y’all, but no seriously I said I had to get back to working.

As you see in the title the name of this blog is called Energy Transfer now for those who are in experienced in magic or aware of magic this won’t be that typical blog. It will hint on smidge bit of it but not as in-depth. Lately I have found myself navigating through energy and it is not mines, but others emotions. A lot of people don’t understand how powerful the emotions can be.

I mean think about it from a metaphysical aspect your thoughts can speak life or destroy the life you’re trying to create. The mind can be a beautiful thing when it is given the freedom to experience it depths and to see life from the lens of oneself and others. In most cases some people don’t get to experience how powerful the mind can be due to mental illness, emotional trauma, mental blocks, psychic blocks, and downright fascist mind concepts.

Because of the lack of peace that goes on in the mind it can be hard to appreciate the beauty in having your own thoughts and emotional concepts that actually fulfill you. But enough about that though lets get into the blog.

The Power of Energy:

The Power of Energy is real and what you give of can create life and destroy one as well. The emotional lovers meaning those people who wear their heart on their sleeves fail to recognize that their emotions can affect others all the time. It can change moods, kill the mood, and change the way others perceive certain things.

Ex. You suffer from some form of mental illness and your realm of mania or manic episode! Can cause hostility or your inability to be able to speak or say what is bothering you can also affect others around you. Now in this mania you may be crying, hysterical, angry, or downright destructive to those around you by your chose of actions. In that moment a lapse of clarity and understanding causes you to create an environment that is now unstable.

Now I do know the realms of mental illness, triggers, side affects to drugs, paranoia, drug abuse, and environmental factors can affect certain people to react in a certain way. I am not in no shape form or fashion excusing this and saying that these things certain can’t happen without some cause. But when mental illness isn’t treated or cared for and those around you are not aware of the situation it can cause a dent in the relationship on how they treat or react towards you.

The same can be said for people who are emotional manipulative, moody, or have destructive personalities. The thrill that that they have for their own satisfaction can cause a heap of blow back onto other people and it can change their reality in a split of a second.

Lets just say for an example that you hang around a hot headed individual who seeks to bully or antagonize other people for fun. If that’s your thing to do then that’s cool, but on the flipside you cant also get mad when other people distance themselves from you. After while your antics will only be needed to make a fool of you or place in situations where you are not valued as a person.

Sometimes people forget that they aren’t the only ones that are living in the world it may seem that way because of social media and how we were taught that this is how life supposed to be. Social media has its way of showing a one-sided lens to people true character. I mean honestly we don’t know who people are behind the scenes. Is it for us to find out I don’t know depending on how their lives affect you.

But in most cases we are raised through our own environmental turmoil, strife, and emotional biases that we sometimes forget that there is people out there like us. I may not seem that way because of distance and the lack of things we say but sometimes the energy we give off can be read without even saying anything. But let me get back on track though!

There was a moment in my life when I was seeking love from people who didn’t love me, couldn’t love, or wouldn’t even if they could. This was new to me because heartbreak, finances, and death can be the top triggers for depression or depression like symptoms. At the time I didn’t know this so, all those relationships I built with people whether it was platonic, or business it wasn’t genuine. At a point in my life in 2014 I recognize there was not a soul I could turn to.

I mean and to top it off Divine always used to have this song going on in the background Ain’t It Fun by Paramore. And that s*** used to eat me up because I was so hurt and that song used to get me through my darkest times and at that moment all the lyrics just hit me. She was like ain’t no crying to your mama when your all alone in the real world.

Keep in mind I have had some struggle of toxic relationship with my mom sense the womb and when my feet hit the ground. It has been a whirlwind of a relationship, but I had hit a point where I felt I needed that feminine touch that I gave out to others. Not a sexual commitment, but a emotional understanding like that grandma that always had the food in the house no matter the time or day you came by.

You just knew that you would be automatically accepted and all your cares of the world would be depleted by the time you walked in and walked out. But at that moment Divine showed me how precious, valuable, and how selfish I had been to my elders. And in that moment of weakness I seen how quickly I falsely lived in certain relationships with people in life.

I had enough and I decided some people’s gotta go, things have to change, and I wouldn’t remain the same. As I worked through my evolution of me I found myself standing in line one day while I was yearning for a love outside of me. I mean who created this dynamic that love lives outside of you when we find them tell them I just want to talk. With a squinting eye.

I wanted to feel like myself old self but that didn’t work anymore and the new I just couldn’t adjust too so, while I’m in line waiting to check out the lady who ringing up our stuff was getting a hard time from a customer. For one I’m annoyed at this point because I didn’t come out for this s*** I wanted to just get my things and go home.

In that moment Divine showed me something totally different so by the time I walked up to the register she had her attitude on and was ready to be rude and snide. I politely said hey, kept silent while she rung up my things and walked out. Each time I encountered beings I decided that day forward I wanted to be love I seek outside of me.

O, I had to understand other peoples moral compass, the way think, the way they live, and what had meaning to them. One because everybody isn’t deserving of your love no matter how hard you try and two everybody don’t understand your love. Its not your job to make them to.

But I wrote all this to say that you never know how you can impact somebody else’s life whether it is negative or positive there is still some sort of outcome even if you don’t like it. That life shows us the seeds we create can create of life of its own when your garden is left unattended.

Part 1

How does your energy affect life around you? -Marsha Brady

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